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  1. Of course not but in digital devices such as streamers or the Mscaler where in theory all they are doing is number crunching then I would say that noise is perhaps the dominant factor. In DACs such as Dave which also have analogue circuits and amplifiers then I agree that there are other aspects of power supplies which come into play.
  2. I told you to watch out for him. Put him on ignore and you will not waste time on him.
  3. I am happy take on trust that you are correct because I only see what he says when he is quoted.
  4. Haha, you are the most hilarious thing about this forum. I only saw your post because someone quoted you but I admit I am almost tempted to take you off 'ignore' for the comedy value of your posts. I would be interested to know your list of the "small minority of DAC designs whose filtration/regulation is so poor that power supply noise makes it through to the DACs output". Which ones do you have in mind? So far EVERY dac I have heard has benefited from better power supplies. Try it yourself one day. In fact I think you sell the RME so you could try that one. I have posted how I tried three different power supplies with it and they all improved the sound. I am sorry but only a person who has not heard the easily audible improvements due to better power supplies could possibly fool themselves into thinking that these differences are merely imaginations on the part of the listener. I have loaned a power supply recently to someone to do a review of a DAC with and without the power supply upgrade. He will be very disappointed to learn that what he was hearing was only in his imagination. You presumably would say you can hear the difference between a Kii 3 with and without the BXT on the basis that it is clearly audible? If not then why bother selling them? Well the improvement due to the DC4 power supply with the Dave is of the same order. Anyway, don't worry, you are still on ignore even though it is tempting to view the comedy posts.
  5. Yep, you are right and of course I am mostly interested in my own system and hence why I concentrate on that. I am well aware that I am taking things to something of an extreme.
  6. There is an argument that the quality of the power supply is becoming more important rather than less important. Witness the success of streamers such as the Innuos Statement where a great amount of attention is given to the power supply. Modern electronics can indeed function in low power, higher noise environments but that does not mean that it is extracting the best possible sound quality. So perhaps the discussion of power supplies is more new school thinking rather than old school thinking? Perhaps hear just how much a really good (as opposed to 'adequate') power supply can improve the sound and you might change your mind. We are not talking marginally better.
  7. I had WE845 from Grant Fidelity and loved them. I tried the Shuguang WE845 and every one I had arrived with cracked glass due to that stupid internal glass support tube which touches the outer glass. It is not impossible that I might have some Psvane WE845 stashed away because when I sold my amps I put the stock 845B valves back in. I will look in my cave . . . .
  8. I have used them several times for 845 valves and others. For some valves they ship direct from Canada and for others they have their own warehouse in China and ship from there. I think they have an Amplitrex AT1000 valve tester for testing valves prior to shipping and valve testers don't get any better than that. Rachel took over the business a few years ago after her husband died unexpectedly and she has made a success of it. They are not cheap but I have always been well looked after even if there were issues but some have other experiences.
  9. Ah, interesting. I see they make great play of the size of the capacitors. I am currently making a diy 5v supply for my own use for the Node 2i (and Qutest DAC) which has three 360F supercapacitors . . . .
  10. Just as an aside here, the interesting thing for me is not really how much a particular substitute power supply costs but whether the total cost of the DAC plus the power supply takes the combination to an area of sound quality which outperforms other DACs of much higher cost. I have been discussing this recently with a reviewer who has been surprised by how adding a power supply to a relatively modest DAC can take it to an area of sound quality where it is competing with the sound of another favoured DAC of his that is 10x the cost of the DAC under review.
  11. The dac does have properly designed mains regulation. That is NOT incompatible with saying that it can also be improved. Can you name another manufacturer's DAC which you know is properly designed and which cannot be improved by a substitute power supply?
  12. Sean provides a plate connector and umbilical to the power supply as well as the wiring and connector to connect to the pc board within the Dave. The only difference to the photo you quoted is that he uses a single 5 pin connector on the plate but I made my own connector plate because I wanted the flexibility to mix and match different power supplies by having two inputs. For instance one combination I tried was a Sean Jacobs DC3 for the 5v and a DC4 for the15v. That convinced me to go with the DC4 for both. The photos show what Sean provides with his power supplies for the Dave.
  13. There are a couple of assumptions you have made there. The first is the extent of the improvement it would provide. I’m guessing you have not heard the benefit of the DC4 supply with the Dave but to my and others ears it is a big improvement and well worth the cost compared to the cost and already excellent sound quality of a Dave. The second (albeit implied) assumption is that it could be built diy for a small fraction of the retail price. I know the cost of many of the parts and whilst it could be built diy for less it would still not be a cheap exercise to get the same sound quality. Of course the professionally built version also retains a healthy second hand value.
  14. Ah, sorry I misunderstood. Anyway, that is small beer compared to say a dCS fully fledged system.
  15. I did a moderate amount of mixing and matching different power supplies with the Dave hoping that perhaps I could use a cheaper supply on the 5V digital board and maybe spend the money on the analogue board with its +/- 15V. Unfortunately my ears told me that there were just as many sound quality improvements due to the 5v supply as there were due to the 15v supplies. Sean Jacobs is still due to come to my house after Covid to spend a day playing with power supplies on various bits of kit. That will be fun. I do know that there is quite a demand for his Dave power supplies. Yes they are expensive but in pro rata terms I think they improve the Dave by an amount equal to their cost. I’m not quite sure what conversion rate you are using to get £4400 to equate to 10k US dollars though. ps, I have been trying a few different 5v supplies for the Qutest and I ought to try them on the Dave 5V rail but I’m not sure they are all floating voltages which I would have to check first.
  16. Hi Chordfan. Thanks for your comments which are interesting. I guess you must have taken a EOS LFWLT40-3002 out of your Dave and that is why you mention that model but I have converted two Daves and both had a different supply to that in them. It is interesting that you are using Keces supplies. Can you tell me which models you are using and how do you do the -15V? are the Keces voltages fully floating so that you can just tag the +15v of one of them to the 0v rail of the another and hence create + 15V and - 15V as required by the Dave? Also, do you use the Blu2 or Mscaler with your Dave and if so have you got modified power supplies for them? PS, ignore Keith Purite, he is only interested in trying to trip people up and yet he sells at least one DAC himself that is improved by a better power supply.
  17. I have some Psvane WE300B on their way to me . . . . .
  18. Yeah but eventually the bluebottles will fly away and then we can have fun comparing power supplies. sorry, edit to ask again whether you are using the onboard DAC?
  19. So I guess you have tried all the other options and so I can forget about doing my own shoot out? Well, that’s a relief. Out of interest, was that going into your listed Roksan dac and how would you describe the improvement compared to the factory smps?
  20. Like I said, I will not have all the power supplies to hand until the end of this week at the earliest and as it will involve swopping between them there is no merit in starting until all are to hand. On your second point, another streamer might well cost much more than the Node plus a power supply. Also different/better streamer might in any case also benefit from a better power supply . . . . . and so it continues.
  21. Just a suggestion, a few posts on methods of sound quality evaluation is interesting and relevant in a thread discussing differences in sound due to different power supplies. If one has a bee in ones bonnet about this subject and wishes to discourse at length then why not start a thread and discuss it there. My boredom threshold for this subject was reached quite few pages ago and the thought of another dozen pages discussing this is reducing the chances of me staying awake.
  22. Surely you are not suggesting setting up a water trap for the bluebottle?
  23. I can understand that. On another matter, it appears that bluebottles can hear so perhaps they just choose not to hear.
  24. This thread currently has 95 pages which is small beer in the great scheme of things. The Dave DAC thread over on Head-Fi has 989 pages with no sign of running out of stream.
  25. . . . . and I just happen to have a mint pair of S100 as well as a pair of SP100R2. I bought the S100 new from a shop in Newark after a couple of weeks home demo of their shop demo set. The demo speakers had the earlier grille with a horizontal line but my pair have the grille without that.