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  1. @Crom as @bencat says I only do 1m cables based on my experience which is that having that number of ferrites (20) completely outweighs any other considerations such as length. This experience applies to both spdif BNC cables and also to clock cables. Your best bet is probably to loan one and try it.
  2. @Hertz I would add my recommendation to try Living Voice. I have had various of their range and found all of them to be a good match with valves (tubes) as well as solid state. They have various offerings to match most budgets and can be bought second hand for even better value. They are not a large footprint which also helps, Certainly worth considering and having a listen.
  3. You are not wrong, but do you adopt blind swopping every time you evaluate an amplifier you are trying, a pair of speakers or even one of your own DACs? I doubt it.
  4. Yep, I also find that is the best way. Much better than swopping in and out over a short period of time, even on an unsighted basis.
  5. I guess everything has to be assessed within the context of each persons system. I have owned and used in my system in chronological order 1) the original Hugo, to be honest I have forgotten the exact nature of its sound but it was a huge improvement on my old Audio Alchemy DAC. 2) Mojo, this always sounded warm to me. I have since read that the warm sound signature is deliberate, perhaps for the intended mobile use? 3) Original TT, I remember this being a good step up from the original Hugo with firmer bass and a well rounded sound. I would recommend a second hand TT as being a good buy but be prepared to change the batteries or get them changed as they might be getting tired. This is not difficult or expensive either DIY or at a dealer. 4) Dave, this replaced a Bricasti M1 SE in my system and I found the Dave to be a large step up in sound quality compared to the Bricasti which always seemed to me to be inclined to smear the sound and lose definition in large orchestral works. 5) Adding the Blu Mk2 and then later the Mscaler to the Dave, what I noticed first about this was the better bass and then soon after I noticed the better detailed and more musical top end. 6) TT2, this was a bit of an experiment for me as many people were suggesting that the TT2 + Mscaler was better than solo Dave. Also I wondered whether the rave claims of the TT2 direct driving speakers without any other amp could be true. My initial listening to the TT2 revealed a somewhat overly warm bass / lower mids which at first seemed to give the impression of good bass which after longer listening was more wooly and less detailed bass (and not as deep) as the Dave. Also compared to the Dave I found the TT2 to be somewhat less transparent. Comparing the TT2 + Mscaler I preferred the Dave by itself. I know that many will disagree with me about the TT2 and they love it, indeed some prefer it to Dave. 7) Qutest, this replaced the TT2 in my second system and I preferred it to the TT2 especially when paired with a good power supply. At first I used the Sbooster but then changed to the Farad Super3 which I slightly preferred. In a moment of madness I did try powering the Qutest with a Sean Jacobs DC4 and whilst that is stupidly expensive it also made the Qutest sound just amazing and getting closer to a Dave than it had any right to do. When I was considering the Qutest I compared it to the RME dac but I found the RME to be slightly fatiguing which was only cured by selecting a filter with top end roll off but this was not satisfactory because it removed some top end detail. I sold the RME after a few weeks and kept the Qutest. To the OP I would say that the Qutest is not the only DAC to consider but it is worth putting on a list to try. Second hand it is something of a bargain (I bought mine second hand).
  6. Just to say that what you say is about spot on. I had the qutest for a couple of years and really liked it. I used it by itself rather than with an mscaler (i have an mscaler but use it with my Dave in another system). Before the Qutest i had an RME dac but i found it got a bit course on some tracks and i preferred the qutest.. i used to use an SBooster to power the Qutest but eventually changed that to a Farad Super3 although both were good. I see that whilst i was typing someone has posted a link to a Golden Sound video but i would caution that anything he says needs to be taken with a huge pinch of salt (he is an unreliable witness in my eyes as demonstrated by the recent Bartok review). I bought my Qutest second hand and would suggest anyone thinking of the Qutest to do the same.
  7. Ah, the moral duty argument!! ‘This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you but it is my moral duty to flog you until you cry out in pain and admit that all usb cables sound the same!”
  8. It isn't a matter of us wanting to believe anything. I would have been much happier not to have heard a difference when a friend loaned me his USB cable. All I can say is for people to keep an open mind and do what their ears and wallets dictate is right in their system but I have heard significant enough differences in USB cables to justify me buying them, not always but certainly often.
  9. Thread spoiling is a very juvenile activity and is a particular failing on the Wam.
  10. And to bring it back to the subject of the title of the thread, the reviewer prefers the sound of one of the worst sounding DACs I have ever had in my system. Go figure.
  11. Hmmn, to me it is all about “how it sounds”. I was a USB cable skeptic until I compared a few and realised I preferred the one in your photo. That was my favourite sounding USB cable until last week when I heard the EVO iteration of the Sablon USB cable and realised the sound has changed again and for the better. Titter ye not.
  12. Not in a TT2 though according to Rob Watts who has posted elsewhere the reasons of why not in his DACs. Also, I have never noticed any issues at low volume with my Dave (or TT2 when I had one).
  13. I am not defending anything but no one works on 100% profit based on cost of materials. Not if they want to stay in business. A widely accepted ratio would be more likely in the area of final retail price = 5 x cost of materials. So your £320 cost of materials x 5 = £1600 retail price which is interestingly close to the actual price of the item unless I am mistaken. Be aware also that a retail price of £1600 implies a wholesale price of maybe 40% less than that figure. Like I said, I am not defending the product but in the long term consumers have a habit of deciding whether they think something is worth the price being asked. If they do it sells well and if not it does not sell well. End of really.
  14. Sorry, forgot it is RCA out on the Node 2i and not BNC. You should be good with what you have.
  15. Ah, in which case you are probably better sticking with XLR. My power amps are optimised for a balanced input signal and so I use XLR from the Dave despite the RCA also being better than XLR out on the Dave (it is because the dacs use an extra op amp circuit to create the balanced signal). Well there will be an element of ‘he would say that’ in my answer because I make BNC cables! but I have been retrying optical over the last few days because in theory it should be the perfect noise free way of connecting devices but in my recent listening it came out a very poor third place against USB and BNC. Maybe try BNC?
  16. Having owned a TT2 (and a TT1 prior to that) I doubt that the issue is using the TT2 in preamp mode. Out of interest the TT2 output sound quality is exactly the same in both DAC mode and preamp mode. It is the same signal and circuit for both but one is fixed output and the other is variable. In my experience the TT2 is not at all lacking in bass. Indeed to my ears it has rather too much bass and I prefer the tighter and more detailed bass with the Dave. I note that you are using a Node 2i and I also owned one of those. In stock form they are a good streamer but compared to other streamers some might say that the top end is rather emphasised which can perhaps give an impression of a thinner bass. To my ears modifying the 2i to use an external LPS makes the sound somewhat smoother. It is also possible that the digital cable between the 2i and the TT2 might have an impact on the overall sound. Just ideas, not saying these need to be done. I used my TT2 feeding directly as a preamp to my power amps but they are Class A/B with most of the output in pure Class A. I am not familiar with the sound of Class D power amps but might ask what sort of character they have and whether that is a positive aspect or is not helping your perception of the sound. Also, do they accept RCA inputs? The best sound quality from the TT2 is the RCA output if you can accommodate it. Or is it really that you strive after a slightly boosted bass? A pre amp with the right character might give you what you are looking for.
  17. Wow, how long will 4k cds take to rip? Yes the Innuos add ons are a high cost but they take it to a pretty high state of the game. I also find that BNC/spdif is often a better input than usb but even so I am getting rewards to using the PhoenixUSB prior to the usb to bnc convertor. I do not know however how much of that is down to the quality of the 5V usb output voltage of the PhoenixUSB and which is used to power my convertor.
  18. Your statement is technically accurate in one limited sense but you repeatedly include it in your posts in a way that seems to indicate that you give some credence to the reviewers conclusions that it sounds worse. This is despite your normally stated position that you do not give any credence to reviews which rely on the reviewers personal assessment of the sound. In fact normally you refuse to read them. I have not seen any other reviews that agree with him and what is more his reviews of DACs I have heard do not seem to tie in with how the DACs actually sounded in my system. Maybe he has problems with the rest of his system? Is the rest of your posting this year going to continue in this cantankerous vein?
  19. If the reviewer had obtained the test unit from the manufacturer he could have clarified all this with the manufacturer and indeed would probably have submitted a draft of the review to the manufacturer for fact checking as per normal review practice. This would have given the manufacturer the opportunity to comment on the delta sigma DAC description in the review. This is perhaps the problem of just taking a second hand unit from a mate and reviewing/testing that.
  20. It is not yet established that there are any issues. Just sayin’
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