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  1. @MF 1000 uses an AirLink, I use a Plixir. We compared them in my system and the AirLink was equally as good as my much more expensive PliXir. There have been various threads about these in the past are there are some very important safety aspects to be aware of when using the centre tapped variety. Essentially the nature of them is that a traditional fuse will still leave the other side live with a lethal voltage and the only way to safeguard from this is to use double pole circuit breakers rather than fuses. This is specialist stuff and is not for any DIY person to even contemplate. Normally @rabski is along very quickly to reiterate that and to warn of the perils of using such transformers. Many of the transformers sold do not incorporate this basic safety feature and so are not safe in a fault condition. Please treat this whole area of product with circumspection and only buy if they have the requisite double pole circuit breakers.
  2. I think you have rather misinterpreted what was said there and as a consequence will have set various hares running. What was being discussed was the use of balanced mains transformers with no centre tap and which therefore have the secondary winding voltage as a fully floating voltage as a safety feature. What it then went on to say was that only one device should be connected to each of these isolation transformers because “a fault in one item will render all connected equipment live!” The transformers you have seen with multiple outlets are not the isolation transformers being discussed at the end of your linked article.
  3. Other versions are available as they say . . . Fancy (and expensive) version. https://www.plixirpower.com/products/elite-bac-3000v Functional versions, cheaper but less attractive. https://airlinktransformers.com/category/standard-balanced-power-supply A balanced mains transformer has been the only mains conditioner that I have found to have any sound quality benefit on my mains. (As an aside it seemed to benefit my amps more than my source equipment).
  4. I don’t think one is expected to hear the actual sound but rather that they are intended to demonstrate relative differences. That would possibly be a valid exercise. He did the same with Power Cables a while ago.
  5. Whilst not disagreeing with you i think that it might be that a person’s overall carbon footprint is the more important matter to discuss. When I buy food I buy it grown in the uk. I can’t remember the last time I took an airplane to go on holiday or indeed anywhere. I think long and hard about such things and I think it is possible to cut a little slack to a guy who decides to leave his hifi powered up. That guy might have a much smaller carbon footprint than some of the people who are outraged at some active speakers being left powered up whilst they are at the same time booking their next exotic holiday or tucking into their non uk foods. Non of this is aimed at you because I know you take these matters seriously but rather to illustrate a general point.
  6. So, less than 30p a day. And in winter that energy is converted to heat so the heating bill will be reduced accordingly. Some might regard that as being not worth bothering about. How much is Sky TV? About three times that. Also a complete waste of money to me but if people want to spend it. (And that is not including any sports packages) It is all about personal priorities and what we want to spend our money on.
  7. I found the most noticeable difference with the RME powered by the SBooster was that tracks which had previously sounded as if they had a hard edge to the top end now sounded somewhat less ‘grating’ with the sbooster.
  8. There is a possible upside which is that the amp circuits are not subject to frequent start inrushes of current into the amps. This may mean fewer component failures. The bottom line is that if Griff500 wants to leave them on 24/7 I guess he can do just that. I leave my hifi on 24/7 apart from my Pass Labs power amps.
  9. I have never heard any issues. It would be interesting however to have any other wammer’s personal experience of using them with amps and whether they have had any sq issues. One generally needs to have a sensitive circuit to generate the audible IMD such as the analogue stage in a dac and I’m not sure that such a mechanism exists in an amp. When I get the big ATC 150 into a larger room so that I can easily get to the rear power switches I will probably stop using the remote controlled sockets. I only use them now because it is very difficult to reach to the rear located switches.
  10. Two pedants together then.
  11. What is a drummer? A guy who hangs around with musicians!
  12. Go and delete some of your many previously uploaded photos? Worked for me.
  13. Ah, I forgot to say that do not keep my finger on the transmitter remote button!! Silly me!!
  14. I think you are right. My transformer was actually in one of the higher priced Icon Audio amplifiers. It was pair of monoblocs. One buzzed at some times of the day and the other didn’t. Icon Audio were happy to try to rectify but they were realistic in saying that with my ‘high’ voltage the next one might do the same. I found a solution and I was happy to live with it. Some people might not have even noticed the slight buzz but I am rather attuned to hear it.
  15. Yes, I’m afraid it was and is pedantic quibbling. The point I was trying to get across was that although the 253V is within the permitted range (just) and also within the previously permitted maximum of 254.4V, I do not regard having 253V day in day out as a normally expected voltage in the UK. Nor would the power company because that gives them little or no margin of error in the case of operational circumstances that might lead to a supply voltage well over 253V. Hence why I called my 253V at home ‘high’. Perhaps I should have said higher than normally expected but still within the permitted maximum. Anyway, I was trying to give some helpful advice based on personal experience about what might cause transformer buzz in addition to dc offset. At least one other person knew exactly what I was trying to get across. I’m not quiet sure where you thought I was suggesting something is not the law nor why you felt the need to give me advice on that. If what you are saying is that if a transformer buzzes when used with 253V mains it is defective and should be returned to the manufacturer then of course that is indeed one approach. In that vein of thinking then logically I guess you would also say that a device such as the Audiolab DC Block is superfluous because if the transformer buzzes then either it is defective because it cannot cope with an allowed amount of dc offset on the mains or alternatively there are other defective devices connected to the mains and which are causing excessive dc offset. In both events is it your advice to simply return the defective devices to the supplier and request that they be rectified or money returned? If so then I suppose that technically you are correct in giving advice.
  16. I use something like these but these actual ones. (Ignore the text which says you need a 12V, 23A battery. It needs either a AA or AAA.) There are plenty on the market. I have not noticed any sound quality issues but the 150Actives are in a small room at the moment until I can convert one of my barns to be a suitable size listening space! Also, I have not done any more on the power cable investigations in my other system never mind thinking about them for the ATCs!
  17. Well my ATC150s use about 48W per speaker (just measured).
  18. Well, we are indulging in pedantic quibbling here. 253V is the upper limit of the tolerance (230V +10%) and most people would regard it as being on the high side of what is expected as normal even if it is technically within the allowed limits. I read somewhere that the older power stations and distribution are mostly on the old 240V nominal voltage but that as new ones come on line they are more likely to be based on the 230V nominal voltage.
  19. Probably best if we leave it there rather than derail this thread but it might just have been coincidence that you heard what you heard.
  20. I never thought the day would come but yes I 100% agree with you on this as being the correct test for whether the DC block is working.
  21. Silver in analogue cables and silver in digital cables has no relationship in terms of the tone or colour of the sound in the way that it is often discussed with analogue cables. It is simply not possible to relate the sound of a copper digital cable compared to a silver digital cable based on ones experience with analogue cables In a digital cable the silver has a higher speed of propagation compared to copper and this often cited as being the advantage of silver in digital cable construction. One company says that is why can construct longer fully functioning USB cables in silver compared to copper. They say this relates to the speed of the signal and return time in the cable. Anyway, I intend to compare the new Supra cable over the next few days.
  22. Once you get up to that sort of money, consider the Sablon 2020 USB which many of us have concluded is the best we have heard. Although at a friends suggestion I have just ordered and received the new Supra Excalibur Sliver Edition USB cable. Another friend has also been suggesting I try the Shunyata USB cables but I am really more than happy with the Sablon 2020 USB so have not gone down that route.
  23. And not every transformer that buzzes is doing it because of dc offset. A few years ago I had a transformer that would occasionally buzz. I leapt to thinking it was dc offset and bought a device to cure it. It made no difference at all. It turned out it was just high mains voltage (253) that was causing it. At that time I bought a mains regenerator which totally cured the problem but also brought some SQ issues of its own. Now I would probably have sorted it with a much cheaper mains balanced transformer made to output the required lower voltage.
  24. Griff, I have my ARC actives pluggged into remote control switched sockets. The 150s are even more of a pain to reach the rear switch than the 40s. Every now and then I still forget to switch them off before walking out of the room but mostly I do now remember to switch them off using the remote control device.
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