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  1. UPS have been good for me so far. I will bear the comments above in mind though when next picking a courier. In my own experience the least reliable service by far is Royal Mail First Class. Completely broke down over Christmas. Items went missing altogether at great cost and if they did make it you could count delivery time in weeks rather than days.
  2. Pallet deliveries tend to use trucks with a tail lift. In my experience items delivered on pallets are far less likely to be damaged. Can't be dropped etc.
  3. .......and useful to at least show which finish this particular pair are.
  4. wainwj

    Wanted DAC

    If you would like to try one post reading then please get in touch. I have one going spare that I haven’t got round to putting up for sale yet. Less than a year old but only been out of it’s box for about a week in total. I found it to be at least as good as the reviews say. Only reason it isn’t a keeper for me is that I ended up needing an optical input.
  5. Thanks for the link SMEagol. Here she is Dan: http://minkara.carview.co.jp/en/userid/445085/car/361992/profile.aspx Approx 550Kgs, 220hp, 9k redline and variable V-tec dial in the dash so as I can choose where it steps on to the second cam. I was a real F1/Schumacher nut and this was the closest I could get to a simulator. Open wheels, mid-engined, similar weight. Just the matter of 4x the power, huge downforce and tyres that only last 50 miles or so that I couldn't quite replicate. Definitely my favourite toy ever and will be the hardest thing to part with, but times change and it just doen't get enough use anymore.
  6. Thanks Chaps, and for your kind words earlier in the thread SMEagol. Truth is I'm not really one for these forum chat things, keep myself to myself in general, but you seem a nice bunch This may earn me a slap on the wrist, not sure how disgraceful this is, I imagine quite alot, but I have been using all of this audio exotica to just play ripped CD's from itunes through USB from a normal PC. I had the sense to do them losslessly but that's as far as I went. I am not sure of what playback settings to use so have left it at 16/44.1 in the options. I am a complete buffon when it comes to technology. I don't own a phone or TV, yes despite the AV gear. I know that these bits of kit I have are probably capable of a whole lot more and that my source is a serious weak link. So if any of you are able to do a very short and simple, complete idiots guide to improving it that would be very much appreciated. I have tried to do reading on Jriver and NAS etc but just got confused. I don't mind reripping all CD's if no other option.
  7. Right you ‘orrible lot. In the words of Mr Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Joe, these are my speakers, and yes your deductions are correct, I am a nightmare. By way of explanation. I am one of those who has to have the best, depite being fully aware that I do not need it. For example, once I had discovered what was officially the worlds warmest coat (Canada Goose Snow Mantra). Even though it cost well in to 4 figures and you look like an absolute twonk in any situation other than being pulled along by a pack of huskies within a 10 mile radius of the North pole, I had to have it. It was probably worn for less than an hour during my 5 years or so of ownership. The sheer weight of it renders you immobile and it is a little warm in there to tell the truth, but I had to try it. I use a 3000 Lumen torch to walk the dog round the block! The carpetless house happens to be a good size, in a very nice area of a town that is in an expensive corner of this land. However, as it was built in the 70’s it really does need a thorough refresh as you can see. Until now though it simply hasn’t been a priority for me. Instead I have used it as a boys toys storage area. Hard to believe but HiFi ranks as only my third interest and only really lasted for one month. My first interest was an obvious one, sports cars. I currently have 5, despite working 1 mile across town and getting about on my bike or in a van. They are all highly unusual, low mileage, rarities that range from a lightweight Brooke ME190, uniquely with a Type-R lump (look it up if you have the time). To the comfy heavyweight cruiser that is a lurid yellow AMG SL F1 pace car replica that was on display in the museum at Donnington racetrack museum. I also have imported motorbikes etc.. Then came along my second obsession, Downhill mountain biking. I think that I probably caught this one the worst as somehow one of my rooms now contains around 15 or so of these state of the art, and very expensive, carbon fibre projectiles. Despite only being able to ride one at a time. Some, I’m ashamed to say, will end up being sold having never even made it out of their boxes. This led to me meeting a fellow downhiller in the Alps a couple of years back and we got married last summer. She is now expecting our first child and finally something inside me has clicked and the clear out has started to enable me to finally get the house sorted. The hifi was last in so will be first out along with the big stuff such as gym and aquarium. Then it will be cars, bikes, giant kites, snowboarding gear etc… I accumulated all of the hifi gear within one, intense and very expensive month, last summer, when I was supposed to be concentrating more on getting married. It was initiated by finally putting all of my battered old CD’s on to my computer and went in this order: - For years I had used my dads old sansui / rotel / Kef / mission system that I had inherited. - First I bought some small active Cambridge Audio speakers – great at what they did but were never going to cut it. - After diligently reading the reviews, purchased a Naim DAC-V1, matching NAP100 power amp and NAC A5 cable along with Audiovector speakers – Wow! Unbelievable clarity and precision but where had the full warm sound of the old KEF’s gone? - Large Meridian DSP7000’s active speakers – Gave the massive warm sound at tick over and great detail. Probably hit the sweet spot for price:sound quality. But when I ventured in to my local shop to buy a V-Link to connect them to my PC the mischievous assistant played me the first few seconds of ‘Hey Laura’ by Gregory Porter on some Diablo Utopias. I did not know the song or speakers previously but it was like a red rag to a bull. They sounded incredible. - A week later some Maestro’s arrived – At this point even I conceded that they were a step too far for my room. Khfm865 is quite correct, from the specs they don’t look that much bigger but in the flesh… - Swapped them for the Scala’s and bought the top Devialet a 250 to power them. Sound simply sublime, especially with the SAM. - GATO DIA-250 bought as an alternative to the Devialet but still in the box, unused, as I have since moved on to an AV setup. As I like to do things properly I have also bought all of the expensive cables. TCI, Kondo, Titan and Audioquest currently. For the record I remain unconvinced. So there you go. My only regret in any of this is that, stunning as the Scala’s sound, my room does them a disservice. They are on their castors, on a suspended wooden floor, close to the wall. I have not even tried the spikes. To hear them in appropriate surroundings would be a treat and I imagine their capabilities would be all the more startling. The way I see it is that, rather than base my decisions on reviews and hearsay I spent one month climbing the tree of high end audio, had a rummage around, and liked what I found. My wife bless her has finally sat me down and helpfully explained my priorities so it must all go. As a new seller on ebay they are rightly wary of me wanting to list £30k + worth of stuff in one go so I am having to list one expensive bit at a time. The Naim system sold a while back and I am waiting on payment and collection of the Meridians this week. The rest is available at fair prices but this is no fire sale so I do not need to take silly offers. Please contact me if you require any details of anything in particular. I would welcome any of you to inspect and hear any of these bits. They are all as described, I really do look after my stuff. As for the worrying placed gas fire in the photos, that has not been used for years and will be the first thing to go once the room is emptied. I am not quite out of the woods yet as I have recently replaced it all with the top of the pile Pioneer AV amp and some lovely single driver, oak MJ Acoustic speakers. Of course they cannot do a lot of what the Scala’s can but there is something to be gained by removing crossovers and simplifying the signal path. Oh, and a new sub turned up this week, and I am desperately trying to resist a tempting offer for a full 7.2 THX2 Ultra certified Jamo set up from Ireland…………. I am getting better though. I am J Enjoy your Sundays in the Sun. I’m currently bored at work, in case you hadn’t already guessed.
  8. Evening all, Must say I've had a good chuckle reading this. Some of your comments are very wide of the mark, whilst others are scarily accurate. Whomever stated that my wife must be in another league to put up with these and no carpet was quite right, patience of a saint. I just wanted to thank bencat for pointing out the excessive postage for the V-Link. I hadn't even noticed. The postage will be £2.80 (Royal Mail small parcel). I had it listed correctly but it must have change automatically when I updated my postage policy while listing the Scala's the other night. Now corrected, or at least as close as my options allowed. I will post a bit of detail on my items here in the morning to lay some of your theorising to rest. In the meantime I can assure you all that they are 100% genuine! as described and available for anyone interested to see, hear, if not wearing any jewellery maybe even touch, but I'm afraid kicking is a no no foxwarren, and nobodies getting to see what is in my attic
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