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  1. I'll have another go. I might be able to pick them up when we are over for Christmas. Arthur is focussed elsewhere, "the new Funk", and travelling to distant lofts to recover DAC filters isn't high on his priorities, although since he wants my help with accounts again, I'll give him another nudge
  2. Oh thank goodness. I was wondering how to deal with the issue of the AC motor being inferior, without dampening your enthusiasm for your PT. Problem solved. Enjoy the spaces
  3. Obviously unlock the transit bolt before fitting the platter , bearing and belt. put a record on the platter and adjust rear and 2 side adjusters until platter is level and belt is tracking the middle of the pulley
  4. Remove the platter and bearing, and there should be a transit bolt which will lock the sub-chassis in place. I used to travel mine back and forth to uni on the back seat of the car like that. Clean and put a tiny bit of lube on the bearing when you get home and are ready to set up and welcome to the world of pink string You need about 30 cm of thin thread to loop round the belt so you can pull the belt over the motor pulley
  5. Thanks for your thoughts Peter. Whilst the quads have as low as 3 ohm impedance at low frequencies, the Benchmark is unfazed by that. We're fairly sure from the fault codes and pattern of behaviour that it's the crowbar tripping because of high volume very low frequency signals that would be filtered by a quad amp. Will be interesting to try 30hz and 15hz cut-off frequencies when I get some more caps. (and when I have a better day for tremors)
  6. I haven't powered the system up for over a couple of months - other than occasionally in its roll as part of our TV / AV system. During the summer we are outside in the evenings - and so the HiFi gets a rest. But I had friends round one night, whilst we were outside, and they asked me to put a record on. To hear it on the terrace it was quite loud - not seriously loud, but maybe one notch of the volume control more than Sue likes. Half way through "The chain" from Fleetwood Mac Rumours, the amp trips out. I wasn't in the mood for fiddling with kit - so went back to Alexa on the decking I had this problem before the speakers were refurbed - when playing blue rays. Batman , I remember tripped the AHB2. The amp has comprehensive fault reporting, and it was an over current on one channel. Crowbar! I fixed the AV problem by changing the settings for the Quads from big speaker to small speaker. Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away - I was MD of Pink Triangle and boy in charge of the stand at Heathrow Penta. We had the newly launched Ventricals, and had a power amp JW had designed - known as "Pop" (All Pink Triangle power amp designs started life called "Pop".) This was class A, hot enough to fry eggs, unstable to set up, and had no high pass filter but sounded really good. "Would you play this special Hotel California CD?" the punter asked. Shortly after, I was driving back to Camberwell to pick up a replacement for the bass driver which had burst... Now - I never had this problem with the 405-2. But the 405-2 rolls off the bass at 30Hz, is 6db down at 10Hz. The AHB2 is ruler flat to DC. It would seem that (fairly) high current very low frequency signals push the ESL spark detector and crow bar protection kicks in. And the AHB2 powers down and demands a 10 second reset. I've just built a 60 Hz high pass filter and that's fixed it - even several notches higher on the volume control. I'll order another couple of 470n capacitors and try a 30Hz filter (to match the 405-2) and if that works build a proper one with better cap's And then hopefully get back to listening to music
  7. I thought only 3 were ever sold. I have borrowed Arthurs one a few years back and used it effectively as a power amp with my Pip - and it was seriously good.
  8. The sl600 was the version which worked, with a case made of nextel finished aerolam. The chipboard sl6 was lack lustre. I think the speaker you are thinking of is the TSR 102.2. I've just sold a pair
  9. Yes. I think Arthur does too. Westlake clearly thinks HDCD was better, and Tuga was impressed with the chip - albeit not in a DaCapo. Arthur thinks he has both filters in a friends loft - and will lend them to me one day. One day can be a very distant point in the future. Anyway, now is not a good time following the loss of Neal. If it happens , I'll report back
  10. I'm still waiting to hear 24 bit in a DaCapo. Arthur thinks he has one in the loft somewhere. And an HDCD - which is said to be even better. If I can get my grubby paws on them I plan to get CageyH over for a listen with the Benchmark, and see if I can make progress deciding what to do about a DAC It's odd. I haven't seen Neal in 10 years - he was always on the "next time" list. It's a real shock he's gone and I've left it too late.
  11. Neal Jackson, who founded PT along with Arthur, passed away on Sunday. He made a huge contribution to PT, including the name and iconic gay badge, and was a good friend for many years. RIP
  12. It's 28 degrees here in GRANES. At 4am. It's 38 degrees in the afternoon. No heat stress
  13. I have a quad 405-2 with maybe 100 hours on it since a comprehensive service and tweak sitting in the loft as backup in case my AHB2 fails. I need to grow up and sell it. Its a lovely amp. Great performance for the money. And readily serviceable (although probably fails your hot capacitor test with C5) But the ahb2 is not going to fail. Its designed for the studio market where things are expected to just keep working properly forever. There is no romance in trips to the bearded local repairer. And anyway, its designer has promised to fix it if it breaks and he's never let me down yet. And it's all smd's. But he built it with em and he could repair it with them. Competent modern engineers are not fazed by surface mount technology
  14. Wow. 59 pages for a cable thread. Does anyone know what the record is?
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