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  1. What matters most is all the drivers in a box have the same polarity. Reminds me of a tale told by Andrew Jones about delivering his TAD speakers to install and whilst left alone tested the polarity of the drivers on a$100000 pair of speakers with an AAA battery and discovering one driver in opposite polarity to the rest 🤣
  2. Sorry - trying to install a VPN on the router so Sue could watch Prince Phillips funeral, and , well, you know what they say "Never let anything mechanical know you are in a hurry" Back on air, this is the email that is apparently "about right" - big grin. I'm sure it won't satisfy those with maths and physics qualifications, but it works for me "Arthur The key was passed to him in a kiss The device works best playing Kate Bush Matt and I have been doing a “good cop , bad cop” routine on Wigwam, where he posted your “explanation” Which explains why Houdini w
  3. Not the completely open discussion I'd hoped for. I think Arthur is wary of being copied, and prefers to keep his cards close to his chest rather than spend time, money and energy prosecuting patent infringements. It's where my other "guru" (as another forum owner labelled my chums in the trade) is better organised. His patents are jointly owned with THX - effectively George Lucas. Anybody wondering whether he has the resources and determination to defend his patent is liable to be light-sabred. Arthur has less deep pockets and is in bunker mentality at the moment. "Why should I just
  4. Good questions @trick cyclist. I think I know the answers (in simple lay analogy terms - I don't understand the physics). I'll try for an answer later. I know it will include "You don't need to understand why it works to experience that it does. There is a money back guarantee" which is maddening - but also true. Houdini will match your system. I am sure I can confirm that much this afternoon.
  5. 23gm is way too heavy. In that very Arthurian pdf which Matt posted, Arthur quotes a range of cartridge mass of 8-14gm And whilst, as Matt says, Arthur is stressed and overworked (a permanent state of affairs) he WAS being "evasive or deliberately obtuse" I've known him too long. Last night though, in a brief chat, he marked my homework giving me 9/10 and a merit star His actual words, with that notorious avuncular grin, evident even on the phone, volunteered spontaneously when I was trying to talk about payroll, were "you're really close in that email of yours. You've pretty m
  6. Steady progress boys. I feel this is entering the final straight. The post is in sight. Ladbrokes get ready to pay out 😀
  7. Matt Thanks. I know of Arthur's stress, and the Brexit chaos. I spoke to him Tuesday. He also sent me looking at Youtube videos. But I think I have it. He needs to speak to me tomorrow. Other than his enjoyment of setting a puzzle, and not wanting to be a spoiler, I can see no need for secrecy. K R Richard
  8. Hold the press @matodono1. I had a eureka moment. In the shower ; we don't have a bath. But it will have to do. It's one of his bloody great cryptic crossword clues. It's not a secret - he has provided all the hints necessary to work it out. I'm 90% certain I get it now. And his demonstration will work if I'm right. And to show it has worked he's going to have to give the answer to his crossword clue. But he gave away the answer in that pdf. He's been telling me for months and I couldn't see it. Am I right?
  9. The application has been filed which provides some protection, but the process isn't complete
  10. I've had similar from Arthur every time I ask him about houdini @matodono1. He seems oblivious to the fact that the majority interested on a forum will be more than familiar with arm cartridge system resonance and 10hz is not news. My own conclusion, which he has declined to directly confirm, but as a long time student of his body language I am not yet rejecting, is that regardless of the theoretical complexity of the coupled oscillator maths, based on the compliance chosen for houdini sprung platform, to the nearest half brick, ignore the tonearm mass and the only relevant system resonan
  11. Follow up to the Dad's funeral story, I received my birthday present from my son and daughter today - long delayed by the supplier being unwilling to ship to France direct, post Brexit. I read the eulogy at the funeral, and my section referenced his sense of humour, and I stuck in a line I thought safe in a church - "I appreciate the church having four candles in his honour". My sister did the rehearsal, and the verger or whatever rank he was, as a surprise arranged for there to be 4 lit candles behind me when I read it. I hadn't seen them, the vicar hadnt been told, and looked in wonde
  12. Ah - I think all the wise virgins of this forum are on the ball about blanquette But given Sue's Estate agency ran a magazine feature on her in which they talked about "the famous blanquette de veau de Limoux" , this may be the opportunity for a Nerdy moment Blanquette is actually the original fizzy wine of "methode champenoise" and made in the Aude valley for at least 200 years before the monk Dom Perignan nicked the recipe and buggered off to Reims with it "inventing" Champagne. (France wasn't unified at the time - so it was new in France - old hat in Occitanie It's mainly ma
  13. @matodono1 I think the issue with first posts is still valid. We get the problem on my PD forum periodically. If it includes a web-link its almost certainly SPAM (shilling, whatever the right term is). Usually accompanied by claims that "I've had PD for 8 years and started Superco's miracle multi supplement, and now I've stopped all my medication and am completely symptom free". You have PD and you know that's horseshit. If you're new to PD you just want it to be true So whilst it's legitimate to say "don't tell me, tell everyone you know" - when that is interpreted as "join a forum
  14. Let's not fall out over it Paul. I'm very happy listening to records with the gizmo. You're happy not doing so (which is just as well cos you couldn't fit it in your system if you wanted to) The blanquette will still be chilling in the fridge if you're passing this way. And as a bonus you could have a listen to it here ready fitted 😊
  15. This is a bit academic. Your Ortofon SPU is an integrated headshell cartridge and you can't use a Houdini in that situation. So it can't improve your system at any price. Regardless of how much or how little it cost to make. But since the Houdini debate has swung to differing interpretations of value for money... We make different value judgements. I rate value for money based on how much improvement and enjoyment I get for each pound I spend. Not how much I percecive something cost to make I have a 35 m2 living room, in which Mrs Pinkie and I have to agree some domestic c
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