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  1. Also your messages anygreg... Didn't see them either. Thank you for the advice and the plug 😊
  2. Apologies to Barry and Peter above, I have only just seen your messages on here
  3. Excellent condition. More info to follow (please bear with me) £1200
  4. Pics to follow (please bear with me). Excellent condition. £700
  5. Thanks Johnny and The Flash. Hi Stuart, Yes you are welcome to come and have a listen. I'm on the east cost of England, not far from Great Yarmouth. PM me when you're ready. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I've just realised you'd posted this on the thread. I saw it in my messages and responded there. Yes the speakers are in excellent condition with no issues. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Yes they are. Please PM me your suggested offer. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. They are indeed very beautiful indeed, and yes the colour is beautiful too
  9. Hi Peter, Thanks for the kind comments. You're right, they definitely are in the end game category. These were always going to be my forever speakers. I had a pair of reference 205s before these, and I thought they were amazing, but these are on another level...! So much presence, and detail. Wonderful extension, attack and decay... and very open and transparent. Beautifully sculptural, visually, also. In my eyes, the perfect speaker.