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  1. I am clearly over complicating things in my research, just need an appropriate connector cable! Thanks
  2. I must admit to being underwhelmed by the higher res titles on the streaming services so this may a decent option in the short to medium term Thank you.
  3. I am happy with my current equipment but to say it is dated is an understatement - but I am very happy with the listening experience. Contemplating 'modernising' by having my CD collection ripped and integrate streaming services such as TIDAL or Qobuz. Current set up: - Systemdek+Linn Basik plus+Ortofon - Meridian 596 CD - Levinson NO.36 (only supports 44.1khz) - Audiosynthesis Passion 8M (passive pre-amp) - Chord SPM1200C - power - ProoAc Response 1SC speakers Decent cables throughout Presently can't see a clear way forward that would preserve a sound I like whilst adding the greater convenience, potential of hi-def recordings and expanded library provided by streaming. I am sure moving forward will involve replacing one or several units, but obviously keen to maintain a sound which to my ears is quite natural. The tyranny of options! I am not a box-twitcher and when I like something I stick with it, but I feel I have fallen somewhat behind the curve (dinosaur?). Some advice on a way forward would be appreciated. Cheers
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