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  1. That’s just made me think of Ivor the Engine with Ivor Tiefenbrun’s voice ‘troll
  2. Or just the nice box to hold all the associated paraphernalia. I’m just looking at what I have in the cupboard - AT vibrating stylus cleaner, pieces of green stuff, small pot of Silly Putty, Lyra SPT and brush, other stylus brushes, loupe and £7 Chinese stylus scales, Hunt EDA carbon fibre brush and Kandid stylus guard. A biscuit tin would do, I suppose, if biscuits still come in tins… ’troll
  3. I wouldn’t consider it to be deprecated - it’s still in many current products and is still listed as an upgrade to pre2016 Klimax DS(M)s and Akurates in the March ‘21 Price List. ‘troll
  4. If you’re swapping bits out, it’s not worth ordering the Majik package (which is a slightly discounted price over the kit of parts, IIRC) as you’ll then lose out on trading in the PSU/motor, baseboard and sub chassis/arm board if you go for Kore. Personally, I’d go for the Kore all day long, especially if you compromised on the cartridge rather than the Adikt. I’ve never had the chance to A/B the Majik/Kore, but would always go best spec within budget. ’troll
  5. As a slight diversion, the various “tools” are a bit of a hotch-potch. In addition to what you say above, as far as I can see, you can only register devices in your Linn Account via Kazoo, but not the Linn IOS app - and I’m still puzzled as to why we have that app at all, as forcing people into an IOS ecosystem is hardly very “open”. And now, back to your regular topic… ’troll
  6. Thanks for that @berni I didn’t have have any prior knowledge - I was just thinking through the problem. I’m glad that my new Hub is on order. ‘troll
  7. I can’t help thinking that if Linn are moving towards Class D power amps, there could be plenty of room in the slim line cases. ‘troll
  8. That’s excellent @Willem. Do you know if the Linn Control Points use this data if the tag is populated? ’troll
  9. Yes, the stainless steel “skeets” - OK what on earth is Moomintroll talking about? The QX7s are each made of two steel parts. The smaller, inner, section which holds the speaker spike is isolated from the outer section by a neoprene (or similar) disc at the bottom and an o-ring around its circumference. I’ve been using QX7s since 2008. After several years, I noticed that the o-rings had dried out completely and were breaking apart. I asked my dealer about replacing them and they got Quadraspire to send me some replacements. These came with replacement discs too, but on examination these p
  10. Yes @OldLinn I’d have a pair of those. I’m sure my Rega 3 back in the late 70s had hinges that weren’t sprung and allowed the lid to be lifted off easily. What did you attempt to do with them that didn’t work? I would have thought that cutting the spring would have done the trick? ’troll
  11. I’ve just had a quick look using the Linn app and Minimserver. The information is available at Track level and is listed under “Weight”. The Control Point (Kazoo etc) would have to interpret what was returned in order to work out whether it was MP3, CD or HD. ’troll
  12. That information would have to be available in the metadata returned by the music server to Kazoo, I believe. It is a nice idea, though. ’troll
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