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  1. Just looking at the Alto - what are the “AVDC” inserts? Is this damping material? ’troll
  2. Only the Linn room to look at closely, then… Just in case they sneakily use it. ‘troll
  3. Quite possibly an element of that, it does seem to be selling very well, although I doubt any manufacturer would say say demand was too high. However, the pandemic isn’t helping at all in terms of staffing and supply chains. ’troll
  4. I see three other names mentioned in this thread, two already have theirs and mine will be with me next week. There are also owners mentioned in other threads. I doubt we’ll ever hear production volumes, but could speculate. I’ve seen two comments, elsewhere, from Gordon Inch suggesting that each complete case takes eight hours of machining, so even with 24 hour shifts that’s only three per day, unless they have the workload spread over multiple CNCs. Obviously, if delivery of the aluminium ingots (from Germany, I’m told) is sporadic, then that number won’t be consistent. Linn have advised dealers that new orders will take 14-16 weeks for delivery - order now for early November delivery. ’troll
  5. I haven’t seen any issues with the Linn app beta, so far. And, this thread has prompted me to check for and apply firmware updates to my routers. ’troll
  6. Cool. I do like the idea of matching LP12 to speakers with some of the RAL colours. ’troll
  7. The monogram is only available on the Keel, actually the wording on the website implies it is only available on a Klimax deck - *available for Klimax LP12 / Keel purchases only I’ve seen some of the coloured plinths at my dealer and the colours they have chosen have been very attractive. ’troll
  8. What’s the benefit in using Multicast? The help button on my KDS advises to switch to Unicast is the network does not support Multicast. Being none the wiser, I switched to Unicast (indeed, it’s the default setting) and can still sync with other DS units on the network. I’m sure I’ve read that Multicast is necessary if you have more than six DS on a network. I may be completely wrong, of course. ’troll
  9. Ah, did you mean to write “half a metre” and not “half a centimeter”? Half a centimetre is only one fifth of an inch. ’troll
  10. Yesterday I decided to try out some of what must be the least sophisticated recordings in my collection - Round the Horne Series 2. For those of you unfamiliar with 60s British comedy these shows were recorded in mono by the BBC for radio. Series 2 dates from 1966 and the copies I have are 128bit MP3s. Yes, even these are more intelligible and nuanced. However, the real surprise came with the musical interludes by the Fraser Hayes Four accompanied by Eddie Braden and the Hornblowers - these were a revelation and could have been recorded last week. So, if you need a new MP3 player, consider Linn Organik ‘troll
  11. Just read your post - did you mean to post in the Linn Owners Club? I suspect you’ll get more response in the general WigWam 2 Channel forum - https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/forum/8-2-channel/ ‘troll
  12. My Organik upgrades arrived at the end of last week and my dealer fitted them on Wednesday. @akamatsu asked me if I would be reporting my findings - my initial response was something like, “sure, but I’m not sure what I can say other than, “much better, no contest”” To be honest, I’m useless at describing things in Hifi terms, so don’t ask. Out of the box, they sounded so much better than Katalyst (well, they did once we realised that the 350s still appeared to think they were running Katalyst firmware as reported by Konfig. A quick “restore” of both speakers cured this and confirmed Organik Firmware (and Organik Klimax 350 Filter 1.0) As a restore switches off SO, when the music, I was playing, resumed the bass was thunderous. SO back on, then. Didn’t feel any need to tweak SO. What followed was about 4 hours of playing various CD quality albums, mostly of the “Americana” genre, until my puppy insisted that she be taken for a walk. You think you know a piece of music. When you get “goosebumps” you know it’s special. The goosebump moments come frequently and in unexpected places. When you settle in, the little things like the phrasing of how a familiar guitar line is now played and its interplay with the (suddenly far more accomplished) bass player make you laugh out loud. I’m listening to Joni Mitchell’s “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter” as I write this. I’ve always been impressed by Jaco Pastorious’ bass playing on this album - now, I’m in awe. And I suddenly feel like a better “air drummer” I also find that I’m wanting to listen to the whole album, rather than just the equivalent of the first side. The system goes louder than before with ease, but is also more intelligible at low gain. Internet radio is much clearer and more realistic. When I first heard the Organik demo using the NGKDSM in a passive system, I was most impressed that it made me want to continue listening to tracks that I couldn’t listen to for long on the 2016 KDSM. Until my hub arrives, I’m going to stick to listening to things that I know. If earlier reports that the Hub contributes more than the Organik are anything like close to reality, then this system is going to be staggering. So, in summary, Organik is well named and Linn have really produced something special. TL:DR? - much, much better - no contest. If you haven’t heard it yet, what are waiting for? Even if the cost is prohibitive, it still deserves to be heard. ’troll
  13. Seriously, no competition. More human, if that makes sense. Katalyst to Organik is a much bigger step than pre-Kat to Kat. I’m genuinely finding it hard to drag myself away from it and am really looking forward to the hub arriving. Yes, it’s an expensive upgrade, but it’s a damn good one and I don’t think Linn are overselling it. ’troll
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