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  1. After all this, I couldn’t resist listening to CTTE myself - just playing a 24bit rip from the Rhino (?) reissue from a few years ago and can’t help wondering if he’d have had an easier job discerning key changes on a Klimax system. ‘troll
  2. I’ve just listened to it all again on Qobuz - it gets better with each listen. Must have been a great show! ’troll
  3. Mind you, there was always the fun option: when they came in to hear tiny budget speakers like Wharfedale Diamonds - play them on the end of LP12/Lingo/Ekos/Troika/Kairn/Klout or similar and know they’d never get them to sound like that (I’ve also heard tell of someone doing the same with Komponent 104s using a Klimax system with two Solos ) ‘troll
  4. That has always blighted the Hifi retail sector @Nrwatson. The challenge to a good dealer is to show they can offer service and long term relationship that can’t be bought online. ’troll
  5. Perhaps one for @Simon at Grammo ? The third placement option is “My speakers are in their practical location and I’m unable to determine their ideal location” (or words to that effect) I’ve often wondered what SO2 then does with this. It sounds to good to be true that it calculates a “best guess” at the ideal location based on room dimensions. But perhaps it does? Anyone know? ’troll
  6. @Paulssurroundthank you again for taking the time to do this (although I know you love it). You echo my experience with the NGKDSM into a passive system. It simply made the current KDSM sound sluggish and out of tune - an incredible achievement by Linn. I was played tracks that were unfamiliar and that I really didn’t want to listen to on the current model, but found compelling on the new one. We played a couple of tracks by our friend Grayson Capps and both said “that really does sound like him in the flesh” It’s going to be a long 10 weeks, although the 350 DACs should be here this month. I’
  7. I think that a perfectly valid way of assessing a dealer is for you to ask - “play me your best system and your cheapest system” ’troll
  8. Is the corollary of that an increase in RFI could be perceived as a ‘brighter’ sound and ‘fatter’ bass? ’troll
  9. Thanks for that @akamatsu this is probably my favourite piece of Yes music and I’m almost jealous that he was experiencing it for the time given it’s age. As you say, his reaction is delightful and I loved that he was impressed by the sound of Squires’ bass - my favourite too. Love a Rickenbacker. I couldn’t listen to music and be that analytical and found it almost painful when he tried to find meaning in the lyrics. That’s just me, though. Wonder what he would make of Gates of Delirium? ’troll
  10. Yes, I was puzzled by @Nrwatson saying they came fitted. According to the Key Features list on the website - Surround Sound Processing available with upgrade - AV variant only ‘troll
  11. Pretty sure both finishes are anodised, but it may well, indeed, take longer to do black. ’troll
  12. Ring the Linn Helpline and they’ll tell you exactly how old it is, based on serial number. ’troll
  13. Funnily enough, I heard a rumour that Linn expected more blacks to be ordered by dealers, but most went for silver. My dealer said they’d ordered silver and were sent black! ’troll
  14. By sheer coincidence, I’ve just found an article in What HiFi, discussing disc cutting with engineer Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road. I’ll paste the relevant bit, in case it’s regionally restricted: GP: The reason people say, “Oh vinyl is so much warmer”, it’s the cutting system rolling off the top and bringing up the bottom. When you cut a record it doesn’t add any bottom to it, the cutting amplifiers roll off the top. So if you compare the CD at the same level to the vinyl cut, the CD will be brighter because it’s not gone through the cutting system. So when people say, “Oh yeah, oh the anal
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