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  1. OK, Paul, I had no intention of judging your hearing. I promise I’ll desist. 🤐 In fact, having thought about it, I’m just going to spend less of my life on this forum altogether. I wish you all good listening. ’troll
  2. I once bought a Stephen Fearing CD at a gig, with the intention of playing it on the hour or so drive home, only to find my car didn’t have a CD player! and that was a 2016 model. And I’d had it for over a year! Oh how we laughed. 😂 ’troll
  3. I must admit, I rarely stream from my NAS these days - I’ve used Tidal since it was launched. ’troll
  4. I’m going to very predictable and suggest that if such a beast exists, it would be wasted as the turntable/arm is the limiting factor and any “better” cartridge wouldn’t sound much different to the Adikt. The next real upgrade would be to a Lingo 4 - that one you will hear. ’troll
  5. Could be that it is losing its connection to your network. How do you have it connected? Although, if the diva player is on HDMI, that’s unlikely ’troll
  6. Yep, but some people can’t bring themselves to believe what they read - back to “quasi-religion” again ‘troll
  7. Oh, I don’t disagree Billz, I just can’t bear to part with them, in the same way I have LPs I’ll never play again. I have a friend who keeps his LP collection trimmed down and thinks 80 (yes, as many as eighty) is a lot to have. I just think he’s weird. ’troll
  8. Have a look here DS emulation It’s simple enough to do and there are several options, some easier than others. I have two RPi players extending my multiroom setup, one plugs into an old Panasonic mini system with a pair of QAcoustic speakers and the other power a pair of small Tannoys. if you want to be able to sync with an existing DS and Songcast to it as you would another DS, then the only option I’ve found to work is an RPi2 running the OhPlayer. Just remembered - no, that’s not correct, the RPi2 solution is the only way to use the Pi to access Tidal and Tunein directly. My Pi3 will also group with my DS and it also runs OhPlayer, but that can’t directly access Tidal and Tunein, it’s also more complicated to get working as you’ll see from that thread. ’troll
  9. In the U.K., at least, it’s illegal to make a copy and not retain the original. I have all my CDs. ’troll
  10. Good points, SimplyPrefersVinylPaul. It goes to show that, when you listen to something, it needs to meet your minimum threshold (Ivor T used to call this your “minimum level of expectation”.) If it doesn’t do that, it won’t hold your long term attention. I find that I spend most of my time listening to MP3-320 BBC radio since I upgraded to Katalyst. That’s not say higher def isn’t much better, it’s just that replay of MP3 now meets my minimum level of expectation through my system and I don’t feel compelled to switch it off after five minutes. The digital vinyl I was referring to is Ry Cooder’s “Bop Till You Drop” which was the first commercially available, non-classical, digitally recorded LP. ‘troll
  11. Absolutely - “quasi-religion” was the phrase I thought of, too. I’ll also add that I’ve never been impressed with that Klimax room at Linn, although it’s been a while since I was last there, so pre Exakt, Katalyst, Radikal etc. It may have been compounded that it was being played too loud, IMHO, and not by Linn staff either. ’troll
  12. No, it just adds them to your Playlist (now called Queue) you need to go to Queue and click on a track to play from there. Your DSM will switch on then. I’ve just tried Qobuz (I use Tidal with no problem) and get the same problem that you’re seeing. I would take it up with Linn. ’troll