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  1. This is the one to beat - Ended up with two Porches and an Aston Martin… I folded early in that game… ’troll
  2. Just for a bit of fun, can I suggest Meghan Trainor’s “All About the Bass”? I hadn’t even realised it was an upright bass until I played it on the KDSM/3. ’troll
  3. The improvement you heard may have resulted from switching from CAT8, which you know Linn do not recommend for Exaktlink use, to what @Elad Repooctells us is CAT6/a, which is recommended. Just a thought. ’troll
  4. Yes, I thought it was uncharacteristic and a little uncharitable, especially when claiming to be voicing the opinion of “the rest of us” ’troll
  5. I believe that @Flatcoat effectively did this, as he used to have 350s IIRC and has ended up with a KDSM/3/Hub and 530s and has previously reported that it was the best sounding system he’d owned. ’troll
  6. I did predict we’d all have issues with this. The Next Generation KDSM is the KDSM/3. I assume the A/V variant is the KDSM/3/AV. The Hub is KDSM/3/Hub (IIRC without going into the loft to check the box) Nothing wrong with a little self promotion, Paul, we all do it from time to time, don’t we? ’troll
  7. Yes, the Hub provides the Master clock for all connected Exakt devices, so in your proposed system, the Urika II and the Exaktboxes. While you’re spending money, you should also look at the Radikal 2 upgrade, which, not only, improves the LP12 but also the Urika. ’troll
  8. Yes, that would have helped… In that case, as I said above, the new Hub is much better than the old Hub and also improves the Urika II. A demo will easily answer your question. ’troll
  9. The new Klimax System Hub sounds so much better than its predecessor. Added to that, the new system clock in it improves the Urika II. However, you appear to have a fully analogue system and the Hub(s) do not have any analogue outputs. They are intended for use in an Exakt system, either with Exaktbox crossovers or integrated Exakt speakers. ’troll
  10. It probably still is, Christophe, given all the problems we have with a shortage of HGV drivers. My Radikal 2 was shipped earlier this week. My dealer is 100 miles from the factory. I still don’t think it has been delivered to them. ’troll
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