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  1. If you’re lucky. It will depend on the size of the header used on the board, but measuring the gap between pins will identify the size of link required. ’troll
  2. Chris, watch this video of Gordon Inch from Linn on LP12 care - https://business.facebook.com/linnproducts/videos/959445941183945/ ‘troll
  3. Don’t go listening for more or less anything - the correct value will give you more coherent music. In simple terms, it will just sound correct - compared to a wrong value. ’troll
  4. What “hardboard” Trampolin are you referring to? I got one of the first Trampolins out of the factory and certainly pre-release and that was the melamine one. Are you confusing baseboards with Trampolins? The early baseboard certainly was hardboard. ’troll
  5. The big difference, that I see, is that Organik, being implemented on a FPGA is completely defined in code, unlike the Katalyst where the functions are implemented in hardware, on the chip, and optimised by Linn. The way the DAC is implemented and runs on the FPGA could be completely changed by a firmware update, in future. In addition, the functional elements of the KDSM have been implemented on separate boards, meaning any single one could be upgraded in future, without having to redesign the whole layout. So, new HDMI format, or new clock - no problem. They’ve also given themselves more space to work within. ’troll
  6. I agree with this and it’s why I would never describe myself as an audiophile. ’troll
  7. Absolutely, and just as it should be. Linn seem to be much better at keeping secrets these days. There have been rumours of new range topping speakers and power amps for years and I’m sure that prototypes have come and gone. However, this doesn’t align with their “source first” approach, in that more revealing amps and speakers may first need better source products to really excel in the way Klimax products should. We’ve already seen Karousel and Organik improve things greatly, perhaps there’s more to come. I’m sure we’ll be very surprised and, hopefully, delighted by whatever and whenever the next development turns up. ’troll
  8. Tom and I had a chat about static lifting the mat, earlier this year. I have to agree that I find room humidity being the major factor with my LPs. I have a digital hygrometer in my room and it was really dry for a long time early this year - I was regularly seeing figures below 35%RH. Recently, it’s been extremely humid, around 65%RH and above. I rarely see the mat being lifted at the moment. ’troll
  9. You have a listen to both sides, with the same piece of music, and see which side you prefer. ’troll
  10. The Facebook sessions, led by Clive Gidney, have been pretty good so far and Gilad seems pleased to continue doing them. I thought the Karousel one was equally informative, once the engineers are allowed to talk. It’ll be very interesting to see what they can apply what they’ve learned from Organik to in the future. Watch this space… ’troll
  11. Ah, my mistake. Linn have already dabbled with Class D - Majik DSM/4 and Selekt - and it is widely assumed that their direction beyond Chakra (and Solo) could be to further develop Class D into a high performance product. https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Amplifier_classes ‘troll
  12. Oh, those ones… Anywhere that services computers etc, there’s usually quite a few on a motherboard. Or if anyone has an old hard disk lying around, they are used for the Master/Slave setting pins. ’troll
  13. Do you mean the ones for RCA sockets, to link pre and power amp sections? Like this: Linn dealers may have some, but try an electronics supplier like Mouser or Farnell. Or, use some short RCA leads. ’troll
  14. No harm in trying, as you have the kit on hand. It will add another source of bass from another position, so should improve the way SO addresses the room modes (I forget the technicalities). However, it may not be as tuneful as the 126 might not be as accurate as the isobarik systems. I used a Sizmik 10.25 with aktiv Kabers, which worked well, but I think I would have tried a Melodik with the Keltiks. I don’t think you’ll get any “deeper” bass. From memory, the sub rolls off from 19Hz. Be interesting to hear how you get on. ’troll
  15. Not necessarily the case, if memory serves correctly. My first Ittok had the larger pillar, but pretty sure it came with the two-piece counterweight. ’troll
  16. No, the Majik sub chassis takes a standard Linn armboard, which is available for various fittings or can be supplied blank for cutting/drilling to requirements. (At least that always used to be the case) ’troll
  17. Studio Monitors, also 318A. More info in this thread - ‘troll
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