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  1. I have Ela mk 1's and place them on spiked stone slabs. This helps tighten up the base - the stone slabs are weighty enough to make sure that the slab spikes penetrate the carpet, and underlay, to make good contact with the concrete floor. It may be different with the mk 2's, but the weight of the speaker alone wasn't enough to get the supplied spikes to get through the carpet/underlay and make good contact with the floor.
  2. I think that my system "comes on song" after it has been turned on for a while (note careful use of "think" ). Could it be that the power supply transformers take time to reach an equilibrium (temperature/coils settling in as the metres of wire expand, whatever). I don't think it is a matter of "burning in" as the effect has been noticeable for several years. Mind you, I am perfectly happy to accept that it is all expectation/my mood. As others have said; enjoy.
  3. Change from ADC XLM cartridge to Linn K9
  4. When you say "education" do you mean just yours or are you intending to use as a teaching aid? If teaching aid, the picoscope is excellent as you can run it through your computer to projector/smartboard.
  5. I don't know the Black, but recently "downgraded" from Dynavector 20x to a 10x5 (Ihad a 10x5 before the 20x) and realised that I had been missing the dynamic/fun aspects of the 10x5. To put in to context, I have previously used Ortofon MC25fl and along with the 20x found the presentation a little too "polite" at times. The 10x5 copes with all my records, regardless of age/previous abuse (many are second hand). It just seems to be very robust and a confident tracker. If you have an old Dynavector lurking somewhere remember that you will be able to use as trade in as Dynavector seem to have increased their prices by a considerable amount over the last few years.
  6. Texas at Ipswich Regent 12th September - brilliant performance last time I saw them
  7. Denon PMA 350 - brilliant amp (but then I am biased )
  8. Hi Abbot, Have you tried swapping connections to your phono stage (just a thought about where the distortion may be coming from).
  9. I have led a sheltered life - what is it?
  10. guy.


    I also have LP12,Ittok "front end", you could try the same mono blocks that I use - and if you don't like them you can return for a refund.
  11. Adds to the cost but you could then buy a new replacement stylus - it is a rather nice cartridge (I have no relationship to/with the seller!)
  12. If you are very quick this could be a good buy: Loved using one in the late 70's? / 80's and if I remember correctly should work well in the Mission arm.