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  1. Thanks my friend, these are a very classy product indeed, in Europe these still fetch alot more so as you infer, these are a real bargain 😉
  2. Resisted due to buyer not being able to raise the funds. Awesome monobloc amplifiers that are not only stunning to look at but sound quality is true high end. Originally these cost £13,000 a pair new so this is a real bargain. Stunning, stunning sound and real sorry to see these go but I am emigrating to the USA. What makes these amps very special is that they have just been serviced by Highview Audio (Choice Hifi of Richmond engineer) so the buyer will have the very best peace of mind. Bias has been checked and perfect (engineers report provided). Here is a review from Stereophile; Buyer must be aware that the manufacturers recommended user instructions MUST be adhered to that includes; mains power cables should not be earthed for best sound quality, amps should always be last component in system to be powered up and first to be shut down and at no time should speaker or interconnect cables be changed with amps switched on. Amplifiers are supplied in their original MDF shipping crates and each one is VERY heavy and I would recommend a two man lift per crate. I will also include a pair of my reference power cables correctly terminated especially for YBA amps with heavy duty IEC plug and Clipsal 56P313 UK mains plug (as used by Kimber Cable), few hundred Pound value there alone. These can be heard either at my home address in Olney, Buckinghamshire or at Choice Hi-Fi in Richmond, personally I would recommend Choice as he has some very nice Avalon and Wilson Audio loudspeakers. I may ship but only at buyers expense which is not going to be cheap due to size and weight. £4350 ono (previously sold for £5000)
  3. Thanks Marko but I have had a change of plan and will not be going down the passive pre route but thank you for sending pictures etc. Regards, Craig
  4. Hi Marko, Any chance you can post on here or send me pictures please?
  5. Hi Rick, Will message you in the morning as I am about to head home from London but I will be taking the sub. Craig
  6. Don't suppose there is any chance you are coming south at all and can bring sub?
  7. Bought this excellent amplifier on a whim but I am relocating to the USA so am going to offer it for sale. Amp is as new in original packaging with manuals. Supplied with original valves. RRP is £1100 asking £500. I also have a solid wood custom made platform specially made for this amp, this can be had for an additional £150.
  8. BUMP! Price lowered with free UK shipping.