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  1. Prefer something with proper buttons and knobs rather than scrolling through menus but otherwise the Marantz 611 fits the bill. The App seems to be panned in reviews which I can see being frustrating. How good is the app or remote for playing FM, DAB, and selecting favorites from a selection of 128GB USB 3 flash drives? Does it take ages to build a library if I insert the USB stick for example and how easy is it to control through the app? Other all in one's that look super versatile also seem let down by poor apps eg new Pioneer X-hm76d with the more sorted app being the yamaha musicast one.Oh, also if the manufacturers app is poor is there a good general app that I could try instead? Thanks M
  2. Anyone know what these are like? Internet research suggests 2005 and Peerless India drivers. M
  3. Yes wires are a pain with hoists. Even the essential bed and mattress ones get caught in hoist and bed wheels Looks like its OK to wall mount some speakers so going to initially mount some behind her though in vicinity of mains for light switches.The 220's don't look particularly appropriate for wall mounting so will go with whatever is readily available via internet. Not sure about headphones as she is unable herself to take off or alter if uncomfortable though would be good for giving her peace from general noise. In many ways the UE rolls have been really good as can be put either side of her head. I would recommend anyone visiting or in hospital to have some. Wouldn't want to rely on care workers to do anything tricky though. . Want to get things sorted this weekend. Liking the look of that Yamaha R-N402 if I could position out of reach of meddling and operate via Musicast app or remote. Would prefer class D type cool running as I,m sure someone will find a way to leave a pillow of bedding etc on top of it. Maybe I will just get things going with the Melody 611 or similar and trade in /sell as soon something better comes along. Mark
  4. Just got back from spending the evening with her. From being a morning person up at dawn and whacked by 6pm before the stroke she isnow a night owl at her sharpest just as I need to leave to get some sleep ready for work tomorrow. Tonight we had a favorite of ours Lee Scratch Perry Time Boom x De Devil Dead which has been played in our house for nearly 30 years and still sounds fresh, then as the internet was acceptable 6 Music Gideon Coe. The Boom Box takes up surface space without getting the speakers near enough to her. The Roberts I tried a while back and its not really immersive enough when I want to for example surround her with a recording of a dawn chorus. Its only a matter of time before a care worker leaves a pillow or bedding over an amp etc so need to guard against that. Because of her brain damage she gets fixated on some objects she can see. If the speakers are in front of her they will probably have to be white and not be able to be anthropomorphized into eyes etc. I am thinking of stand or wall mounting them about 1m behind her and 1m left and right. This is a good position for not getting in the way of hoists etc. There is a double mains socket near there used for the dynamic mattress and profile bed so maybe active speakers could run off this also . I don't know if there are regulations for extension sockets but I don't want any chance of the mattress deflating as it has a weedy alarm. Generally I have the bed up high and her ears are 1.3m from the ground as it is kinder on my back if I stand next to her for feeding, reading and talking. In many ways a laptop for internet and favorites on the hard drive, an FM,DAB radio/tuner, through an amp or receiver to speakers or to active speakers would be a solution if I can do it cheap enough. Mark
  5. My dear old mum had a massive stroke December last year and despite continued pessimism from medical professionals is still very slowly regaining mental faculties. Unfortunately she is currently in a Nursing home because she has only limited use of an arm, and a thumb and forefinger on that hand. She has bursts of very intelligent conversation. Her eyesight is deteriorating. Generally a cheerful person I have been doing physio on her limbs and providing as much stimulous as possible in the 2 or 3 visits a day I can manage around work. I have looked after her a while before she had the stroke and come 5pm when it was time for me to cook dinner we would put on some music outputted through ESI Unik 08 active speakers. She loved almost anything except female opera. So a typical evening could be Melt Banana, Beefheart, Mingus Laura cantrell, Black keys etc. She would fall asleep come bed time to music. I have been playing music during visits or listening to Radio 4 and 6 from my phone through a pair of UE Roll rechargeable Bluetooth speakers. Just recently I have been playing Birdsong, Dawn Chorus, wildlife, sounds of the ocean type recordings a bit New Age but its extra stimulus for her. Wifi is poor and constant fiddling and reconnecting is eating into valuable time with her and the bluetooth pairing of the UE rolls is sometimes hit or miss. So I need a permanent system that has FM radio for Radio 4, Dab if 6 radio is on that. Otherwise when wifi is working then Internet radio. USB for flash drive sample of favorites from my my own collection ( I have 150,000 tracks on Synology nas at home). If I use an app to control through my phone I need it to work well.. Room is 11ft by 12 ft with stud partition walls with no soundproofing. Even the outside wall seems to be plasterboard on battons. Floor and surface space is limited but I could find space for slim floormount or standmount or wallmount. Initial thinking Wharfedale 220 diamond for ease of placement, Melody 611 or the new Yamaha R-N402 though looks like will only be out end Sept. Melody app generally gets poor reviews. Money is tight as 8 months off work to make sure she survived has been crippling. Absolute limit £600 Better in this instance to get new or newer stuff due to safety regs in the Care home though speakers age less important. Steering clear of active speakers as one of likely speaker positions is near a washbasin.. All in one like Raurk R2 are limiting in positioning. More details and spelling correction later, just wanted to get the ball rolling as time generally is running out for her. CD not so important but it would be nice to put on the English birdsong CDs I have just received though easy enough to rip. Cd quite nice as no tedious playlists,scrolling through a zillion files on a poor app. Ultimate aim is to have interesting background sounds playing continuously when I am work that take her focus away frmo the multiple loud carp TVs or resident yelling or care workers banging hoists into door frames or shouting down corridors. Any suggestions welcome as I don't really have too much time to research or much energy left at end of each day. Thanks Mark