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  1. Are we sure that the power amp in the Copland is a valve amp? I think they used to make amps with a sort of valve buffer for some reason, a single valve to give a whiff of tubiness. The only one I have heard sounded fine except for a bright treble - this may have partly the way it worked with my speakers, you can never tell.
  2. I don’t think it would have soft start or DC protection unless someone put them in - I’m not sure about that. And if the fans are really that quiet, they may have been replaced. It’ll be interesting to see the innards because someone may have serviced the amp, which would make it very attractive indeed (I’ve decided not for me though, though I’m tempted, I think having two Krells would be a bit self indulgent . . . )
  3. Possibly a good deal here for someone who wants one and who can rebuild it themselves, even though there’s probably £500 or more of materials Does it have a (pair of) fans? How noisy is the transformer? I assume that it has no soft start or DC protection.
  4. Some more images. The case is in better condition than the photos suggest. The amp is working fine -- Rotel build quality seems good to me.
  5. Recently bought by me but just unneeded so I'm offering it for £150 plus delivery costs from Wimbledon. No offers please. More photos in next post. There's a review of it here.
  6. Yes please report back, if it’s good I’ll follow suit! By the way, why not have them side by side, with the drivers at the same level. From a timing point of view wouldn’t that be better?
  7. That’s strange because a couple of months ago they were responding to phone callers immediately and giving helpful advice - I was buying stuff for refurbishing JR149s. (By the way, I’m very tempted to buy a second pair of 149s and try them stacked! Jerome - could you post a photo to show how you’ve done it physically?)
  8. Thanks. I shall investigate this cooling system.
  9. Sorry about this post, a lot of questions. I guess that means I’m serious! I won’t be offended if you ignore. 60W class A is hot! Is there a fan? Or a pump? How noisy is the cooling system? Who can service this cooling system in the UK? Is there any inbuilt DC protection? Is there soft start? Are there any UK Avance agents who can service it? It’s light given the power at 20kg. When you say 60W class A do you mean that 60W of power is pure class A - I don’t mean to be offensive but the world of class A is a consumer booby trap, and some things are sold as class A while in reality it’s just the first few watts, or less! Is there any transformer hum?
  10. I maybe interested in the p100 Hugh.
  11. I’m keen to try one of these with my Spendor SP 1s, as I’ve been told they work very well together. If you have one which you’d like to sell, please let me know.
  12. Oh do comment on how you find them. I believe they were voiced to sound like Quad ESL 63s.