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  1. Hello, Looking for Snell E3 in good condition.
  2. W x L x H - 43 x 35 x 17cm - 17 x 13,5 x 6,5 Thank you for support Ian & Jack. Sorry for. I'm extremely busy because of COVID.
  3. Hi Gents, For sale a high-end pair of Pass Aleph-X Balanced Class-A monoblocks based on the Nelson Pass scheme Please see the photo gallery of the finished amplifiers Pass Aleph X - Final Photos from the process of building the amplifiers Pass Aleph X - Building Both amplifiers have DRV 134 Audio-Balanced Line Drivers that convert a single-ended input into balanced output pair. So You are always using 100% of capabilitys of this amplifiers. - Independet power supply to DRV 134. They have only 0,012mV and 0,008mV on outside. Basic information: - Size xxx mm - Capacitors of each one is 198000uf (105'C temp version) - Toroidal transformer 500VA in Audio Version . - Power outputs is 70W /8ohm (mesured with sinus 200Hz signal input) - 12volts Trigger can be used to power on . - Audio connectors RCA XLR are Neutrik - Silicon wires used to build. - Vitrohm non indictive resistors and Dale RN60D. - 24 power output transistors have been chosen from 100. - DC blocker - independent temp. protection 70'C Each one weight 18kg. Will be shipped in secured, solid wooden boxes. Price 1599 with shipping. ONO Location PE38 or swap Naim SuperNait 2
  4. Hello, I'm looking for some advice from NAIM Owners. I have an offer to buy this union: 2x nap90 1x nac92 z MM 1x nac92R z MC phono 2 x remote 1x flatcap 1x flatcap 2 1x CD 3.5 Everything after service and refresher. Seller asking 2.000. What do you thinking? Thanks for any support.
  5. Hello Dear Friends, Could you look at some photos and telling me about conditions and parameters of this Tannoys, please. Are they original? I’m a little confused about seller 👋👌 Thanks for any help and support.
  6. Jensen Sound Laboratories MODEL 4 Vintage Speakers-RARE-Amazing Sound. Three Way Speaker System. Big and Heavy. Speakers are Stained/Scratched-See Pictures, please. Jensen`s woofers was replaced to Visaton W250 and still sounds amazing. Original easy to find on eBay. Preferring collection but could be posting. Location PE38 9JL Looking for £190. Thank you.
  7. sorry if was wrong place...
  8. MacBook Pro i5 2.7 13” Retina 2015. Only selling due to not using it much anymore. Comes with charger and green cover. Full working order. Offers will be considered. Thank you