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  1. Hi Norman I have a Klimax Katalyst Exaktbox that is surplus to requirements, if that's any good for you. Regards Neil
  2. Connect the DSM HDMI OUT to your TV via its HDMI Arc input. ARC is a wonderful invention - enabling your HDMI cable to work in both directions. If you have other sources plugged in to your DSM (Bluray etc) it will send the video to your TV. But if you want to watch Netflix directly from your TV, it well send the audio back to your DSM for audio processing.
  3. I dabbled with Roon for the last couple of weeks. I really like how all of my music from various sources is lumped together in one space. So everything on my Melco, and Kstor hard drives, plus my Qobuz account, and Radio Paradise. I love how the interface presents itself, with suggestions, or genres. I love how Roon Radio will pick up from where my stored playlist finishes, and carry on playing similar tunes. But my Roon Core is on my laptop and I don't like having to keep my laptop open. If I wake up in the morning and reach for my ipad, I can't get Roon to work unless I go and fire up the laptop. Does anyone know if we can run Roon Core from the Melco, which is always on? That would solve my issue.