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  1. I'm in the UK and I can listen to the whole album, including Across the Universe and Let it Be. Here's a weird thing though: There appears to be some extra studio talk at the beginning of Get Back that I don't remember hearing before. I went to listen to the orignal album on my hard drive, but when I try to access it - all I get is the 2021 version from Qobuz. I am using Roon. If you load the deluxe version, there are various random tracks available to listen to.
  2. The new 2021 mix of Let It Be is available for streaming on Qobuz. It's not released for another two weeks. Giles Martin has done a nice job in cleaning it up. It's still the Phil Spector version, with strings etc. Sounds great!
  3. I'm interested in this topic because I'm considering getting a Melco S100. I like how there are separate ports for the network player and the NAS. But the main reason would be for the SFP connections to use with the NGKDSM. And if the optical connection is not as good as traditional ethernet, then you'd have to question why choose a S100 over, say, an English Electric? Grateful for your opinions.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I, too, am a Qobuz user. I also like checking out the new releases on a Friday morning. I get the same excitment and anticipation that I used to get going to Woolies in my lunch hour on a Friday (used to be a Monday didn't it?). But even though we have all the new releases at our fingertips, and even though I pay £250 a year to get the full monty Studio Sublime version - how come I still prefer playing all my old favourites? I've got a NAS with 4000+ albums on there and I never listen to 90% of them! I think I went through a period where I wanted to build a massive library. Initially that was on vinyl & CDs, then when the DS came out I ripped all my CDs and sold them. I'm sure this is a familiar tale to others on the forum. I'd buy cheap 2nd hand CDs, rip them, then give the CDs to charity shops. Then Spotify, then Qobuz. And now I tend to just stream from Qobuz using Roon. I bought a Roon Nucleus, and stuck a SSD drive in there. I don't think I ever use it! I must try and widen my horizons a bit and check out new stuff, but my brain at the moment doesn't seem to have much patience to listen to new music.
  5. I've recently discovered a very interesting site, which discusses many ranges of topics, involving the brain and psychology and all that stuff: waitbutwhy.com I though this was a particularly interesting subject, as to why we prefer to listen to our favourite songs over and over again, whilst we we don't get the same satisfaction from watching a movie (with the notable exceptions, for me, of The Godfather and The Shining): Why do we prefer to watch a film we haven’t watched before but we want to listen to songs that we have heard hundreds of times? – Anastasia S. (Athens, Greece) Many films are the most fun the first time because a part of our brains loses itself in the plot and actually experiences what the characters are experiencing, to an extent. Part of why that’s so fun is the uncertainty, which makes it like a real-life adventure. Once we know what’s going to happen, the experience is less exciting for the same reason an adventure would be less exciting if you already knew how everything was gonna play out. A song works the opposite way. Not knowing where the song is going can be intellectually interesting, but what our brain really wants to do is mentally dance with the song, and it can’t do that if it doesn’t know the “steps.” That’s why a catchy song is only okay the first time but it can quickly become orgasmic after we hear it a few times and our brains get the hang of it. Once our brain memorizes a song, the song has a special pathway carved in our heads and it feels great to light that pathway up by hearing the song (and if we don’t give our brain the chance, it might just start lighting up the pathway itself, and the song gets “stuck in your head”).4 Back to films, the thing is, a film isn’t just a plot. It can also be a piece of art, which is why in some cases, we do like to watch films (or TV shows) repeatedly (I’ve seen The Shawshank Redemption, Back to the Future, Shutter Island, and The Office (UK) like 9 times each). So if it's true that there's a neural pathway that's carved into our brains which lights up when we hear a favourite song, that must explain why we get so excited when we hear that song again with a new improved piece of kit because that old familiar neural pathway suddenly gets a whole load of new information to add to the existing pathway. I guess that goes someway to explain our obession with constant improvement, and getting closer to the music, because it does something to our brains, which makes us feel good.
  6. I've used Songcast to transmit from a DS in one room to a DS in another room, to fill the house with music. But I'm listening to a BBC Sounds programme about the Beatles Anthology (recommended! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000xgrf) and I want to send this to my DS. I'm at a loss as to how to do it. Is it Songcast? Is it Net Aux? I know how to Airplay from my iphone - but how do I do it from my PC?
  7. If it’s true that it’s the Hub that brings 75% of the improvement, then that makes me wonder if it’s better to have an all Linn Exakt system? For example, I have recently acquired a pair of 520s to go with my KDSM/1, and I am the most satisfied I have ever been with the music they make. And that’s not even with Katalyst DACs. But what I am wondering is, how does a new KDSM/AV model compare, if one were to use the internal Organik DACs into external power amps, and your passive speaker of choice? I understand that the 5 series had all new drivers designed in order to work well with Exakt, so they can be enjoyed even without a Katalyst upgrade. But what happens to all the existing Exakt Akubarik users out there? Do they get a Hub, and wait to for Organik DAC upgrades to replace their Katalyst boards? Or will Linn introduce new speakers, for example Exakt Series 6, with new drivers designed to take advantage of the latest developments, possibly incorporating Organik DAC boards? I know that would get me very interested. Oh for a crystal ball!
  8. Hi Norman I have a Klimax Katalyst Exaktbox that is surplus to requirements, if that's any good for you. Regards Neil
  9. Connect the DSM HDMI OUT to your TV via its HDMI Arc input. ARC is a wonderful invention - enabling your HDMI cable to work in both directions. If you have other sources plugged in to your DSM (Bluray etc) it will send the video to your TV. But if you want to watch Netflix directly from your TV, it well send the audio back to your DSM for audio processing.
  10. I dabbled with Roon for the last couple of weeks. I really like how all of my music from various sources is lumped together in one space. So everything on my Melco, and Kstor hard drives, plus my Qobuz account, and Radio Paradise. I love how the interface presents itself, with suggestions, or genres. I love how Roon Radio will pick up from where my stored playlist finishes, and carry on playing similar tunes. But my Roon Core is on my laptop and I don't like having to keep my laptop open. If I wake up in the morning and reach for my ipad, I can't get Roon to work unless I go and fire up the laptop. Does anyone know if we can run Roon Core from the Melco, which is always on? That would solve my issue.
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