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  1. A Norwegian artists records and runs her own label and the results speak for themselves - Love the title track Liberty Brilliant soundtrack 👍 great soundscapes
  2. Has anyone tried flipping the phase switch in Roon and listening? there’s a thread on the Roon forum of sound changes between 1.7 and 1.8. Appears to be split between sounding better for some, worse for others and a whole bunch of neutrals - I tried flipping the phase switch in Roon and to my ears it sounds like how I remember from 1.7 - I.e. much better boogie
  3. You’re welcome over anytime..... These improvements are just so obvious. I would not have thought you could elevate a Klimax DS higher than its factory spec., but you can. micro details previously hidden or unnoticed now revealed help the whole music landscape meld even more cohesively together. ( don’t know how else to describe the improvement.) The music has an ethereal quality the speakers truly disappear. I have another Laid sheet on order as I will probably cover the remaining sections of the display cut out and the analogue part of the board - it will be revealing to he
  4. Picture as promised 1. Mains and switch cable wrapped in copper foil over wrapped with Kapton tape 2. Cable from PSU to main board and ribbon cable for display - copper foil/Kapton tape. Additionally, the mains cable cut out where the cable sits, I used “Sugru” a pliable mouldable putty, which cures hard after 24 hours - availabile in many colours and is easy to remove if required. This Sugru stuff is brilliant you can mould it to any shape for repairs. 3. Laird sheet cut to shape of existing plastic clamshell cover for the psu and folded around the plastic cover - the b
  5. Used the final piece of the Laird sheet I had left, which fitted neatly into one half of the KDS circuit board the digital section, the sheet extending neatly to butt up to the rear panel and shield the connectors also. The analogue side of the board is ‘sans Laird’ HOLY COW this does sound damn fine..... I thought initially the music lacked bass, but it’s a similar experience to when you first start using SO, adjusting how you listen to the different sound. The bass extension, in fact the whole musical spectrum sounds phenomenal. Clarity and ease in which you can listen into the mu
  6. Im pretty sure Roon applied a hotfix release last night for some of the instability issues. On the whole I am quite impressed with the release - stable across all my devices - Nucleus+ core, Mac, Ipad and Apple phone. The search browsing function is certainly quicker and I do like the look and feel. My only gripe was around an extension I was using for Roo Dial, (controlling the DS volume with a physical volume control) which kept disappearing from discovered extensions - although after the overnight release it does appear more stable today.
  7. If wanting to go further with the Laird sheet - and applying it to individual electronic circuit board components - which are the best components to apply it to?
  8. On my KDS where the mains cable internally comes from the IEC connector the earth cable is attached to an earthing screw which attaches to the aluminium casting. There is also a secondary screw which is used to secure a cable tie that wraps around a ferrite core which is wrapped around the cable that runs from the switch
  9. Interesting that you mention that @Johannes as the foil around the mains/switch cables made the next biggest enhancement after the shielding applied to the SMPS. (although the Earthing bolt torque also makes a big difference to the overall musical energy allowing for quite a range of tuning - I decided high torque +3 Nm was best.) To be honest I couldn't with absolute certainty decide much improvement when the foil was applied to the cable running from the SMPS to the audio board.
  10. Just like to give a big shout out and thanks to @Paulssuround and @Phobic for suggesting these improvement topics. The KDS is really built like a tank, and I genuinely doubted any further performance enhancement could be wrung out of a KDS. but both of your suggestions thoughout this and another thread got me thinking - and how wrong I was. I tried the copper foil tape and a sheet of the Laird EMI absorber inside my KDS. The copper foil tape was used on the power cable which runs between the SMPS and main audio board, and also on the mains in and switch leads which connect to the S
  11. I too doubt you’ve seen real benefits, but I can agree that you have heard real benefits. Did the same with my ethernet cables previously and vocals are much much clearer. I wrapped the copper foil afterwards with a layer of Kapton tape - more for protection than anything else.
  12. Hi Phobic Really interesting project - have you noticed at all? do you find the dynamic range is much greater and your usual volume limit suffers much less compression artefacts the louder you play?
  13. I was a fairly early adopter with Roon in May 2016, so I guess it’s paid for itself now 👍
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