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  1. I’ll take the nima if you decide to break the deck
  2. Thanks, it’s very hard to photograph but in person the design is very dynamic looking yet still retains the craftsmanship of a quality Linn plinth (only harder to make).
  3. Thanks for the kind words. My prism plinth design is very new and I’ve only made a few. This custom example is my own deck so I could really experiment with the finish. The design looks great in solid wood as it cuts across the grain making even a boring piece of wood look cool. The custom prism plinth is finished in a one off black cherry candy automotive finish.
  4. Thank you, I do too. Problem is that I’m trying to innovate a part of the Linn lp12 that essentially hasn’t change for 50years.
  5. Great fun as the choice of colours and finishes is staggering
  6. Thanks, the prism plinth design (all 15 different angles faces looks great in solid wood but I wanted to create a one off custom plinth that tool it’s cues from the hot Rod custom car scene
  7. here you go 👍
  8. I’d love to come down at some point John to hear your latest set up if nothing else but I’m afraid I don’t think it will be this time. She’s yet to travel anywhere but just like most things that are demanding she will not travel without her care kit & entourage.
  9. My latest build. It’s a LP12 but not as you know it. I used the concept of the custom car scene with the use of a rather sexy black cherry candy paint finish one of my prism plinths. audio origami custom black pU7ti arm audio Technica ART9XA cart stack audio alto top plate Stamford audio one piece sub chassis vinyl passion revolution psu
  10. If I didn’t have my quota full at the moment I’d be really tempted, that’s stunning glwts
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