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  1. I own a pair of D&D 8c in my main and love them. Since owning them I have had zero urge to even think about another set of speakers.,. They do everything I could possibly want from a speaker. Havung become a complete active convert I’ve just installed A pair of genelec 8030a Nearfield monitors along with a 5040a sub in my workshop. They are superb too. actives make so much sense
  2. The Wilsons images great but were very boomy and needed more room at the rear than I could give them. I think they need at least 1m to have a chance of working properly. the D&D’s integrate so seamlessly into your room and remove those sound damaging reflections and nodes. The 20hz bass they produce is staggering, clear controlled and fully integrated. contact lee @ strictly stereo for a home demo to hear for yourself, he’s a top chap and not at all pushy. He is a demon with room measurements and filter creation Which really helps dial them in.
  3. I know someone selling a vitus ri-100 if you are interested?
  4. I could make you a set, pm me if your interested
  5. yosi hirikawa - bubbles most amazing bit of recording to test out sound positioning
  6. Not sure where my Dutch & Dutch 8c actives are made 😜
  7. Just keep in touch as it’s for sale currently but as yet no buyer found
  8. I’ve got a very low hours hana SH (hugh output) for sale currently. Only asking £375 Rrp £598
  9. I’ve had a G1 for 12months or so and I’m very happy with it. Speak to lee at strictly stereo as he has a home demo unit to try plus he’s a great guy to deal with. its functionality is much better than the Aries femto it replaces. I now have a great screen, you programme any remote to use for a stack of features, it’s even got DSP built in although I’ve already got that in my speakers. £2k is a lot of money but mines not skipped a beat, works great on WiFi, tidal/qobuz/roon and plus their own app lightening DS is actually very good.
  10. Hi are you the gentleman making matching wood stands for Boenicke w5’s

  11. I’ve always been a trend setter, I’d better get cracking hiking up my prices 😬
  12. I’d be careful if you choose a Chinese reproduction eames chair. I owned one for a while but the build quality wasn’t very good and as the chair sits on a single swivel they need to be well made. You could always buy a genuine Herman Miller Vitra but you’d be looking closer to £4k for a genuine one😳 Ive nearly finished building a neutra boomerang chair, they retail at £1600 so I decided to build one.
  13. Peter/mods I think you have made the right decision given the rapidly changing and at times unclear nature of this virus. Let’s take it upon all ourselves as a forum community to support Peter and the team to make sure this is merely a postponement. it’s going to be a rubbish weekend given how much I was looking forward to the show.