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  1. Hi all, Just a quick heads up before I list this in case someone on here is interested in a really lovely spec LP12 I’ve just finished building. Details: - One of my brand new solid-sounds fluted maple corner braced plinths. Contemporary light hardwood construction in the classic fluted design. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a maple fluted plinth in any forum so it could well be a first and completely unique. - Hercules 2 speed PSU (33/45) - Solid-sounds rega fit gunmetal grey metallic solid epoxy armboard (uses bolts to attach to sub chassis). I can supply a Linn board at additional cost if the buyer wants a more standard finish, personally why would you as the custom board is superb in appearance and performance. - 2017 Cirkus bearing & bonded sub chassis - Aftermarket clear Lid in great condition with good strong hinges - Top spec Roksan Nima unipivot tonearm installed (£599). The arm is supercharged by the inclusion of the superb tiger paw skale weight (£180) & roksans excellent HDC 03A 1.5m cable (£445). The sale includes the original nima weight, instructions, protractor and cable). This was my own arm up until recently and is in perfect working order. - brand new Collaro mat (£99) - standard base plate with upgraded anodised aluminium isolating feet. - one of my solid-sounds maple stylus cleaner lifters. The player has brand new springs and fresh oil installed so all the buyer needs to do is fit their cartridge of choice and enjoy. I might have secured a Linn box to ship this stunning machine but my preference would be to sell it to a uk buyer where I could personally meet/deliver in person. £1950 Ono located in Leeds
  2. Up for sale is my stunning Hana ML low output Moving coil cartridge. Loads of glowing reviews online for this giant killer of a carrridge easily competing with cartridges I’m costing considerably more. It is both detailed and musical and tracks brilliantly. The groove noise is very low too. It has only had approximately 100-120hrs use from new and is in pristine condition. I have spoken to the Hana dealer who I bought the cartridge from earlier this year and he has kindly offered to transfer the warranty across to the new buyer until feb 21. Comes with box, instructions, stylus guard, stylus brush and 2x bolts. Will be shipped with Royal Mail insured special delivery £800 inc special delivery shipping to UK address welcome to collect in person from Leeds.
  3. I’ve got a pair of brand new and unused copper coloured mark audio Alpair 10.3M drivers that were bought for a project that never happened.
  4. The Hana ML is different to the SL, its loading. Is recommended at 100ohm
  5. I prefer the DV XX2 mkii for the style of music I listen to (electronica plus other stuff). The Hana is excellent and if you like vocals, acoustic sessions, jazz & classical then it’s hard to beat.
  6. I have a nima with a skale and a roksan HD cable for sale. I guess you have the arm already? whole lot £690
  7. Having rationalised my system I’ve dropped my box count dramatically resulting in me being able to build this matching Cabinet to house my streamer & some choice vinyl. The streamer is sat on one of my magnetic levitating shelves. The active speakers do the rest. My TT lives across the room.
  8. I have a low hours Hana ML that I might be parting with in The coming few days. It was supplied by strictly stereo and has less than 100 hours on it. Fully boxed and immaculate. Pm me if you are interested.
  9. I own a pair of D&D 8c in my main and love them. Since owning them I have had zero urge to even think about another set of speakers.,. They do everything I could possibly want from a speaker. Havung become a complete active convert I’ve just installed A pair of genelec 8030a Nearfield monitors along with a 5040a sub in my workshop. They are superb too. actives make so much sense
  10. The Wilsons images great but were very boomy and needed more room at the rear than I could give them. I think they need at least 1m to have a chance of working properly. the D&D’s integrate so seamlessly into your room and remove those sound damaging reflections and nodes. The 20hz bass they produce is staggering, clear controlled and fully integrated. contact lee @ strictly stereo for a home demo to hear for yourself, he’s a top chap and not at all pushy. He is a demon with room measurements and filter creation Which really helps dial them in.
  11. I know someone selling a vitus ri-100 if you are interested?
  12. I could make you a set, pm me if your interested