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  1. Thank You, wise words! Is there anything in particular to look out for? Sounds like it's best to buy one from another enthusiast who's actually been using it, not one that's lain dormant for a long time
  2. What do I want from a TT, an exciting expressive presentation with powerful solid bass Without being too forward at least. I already have a good condition Technics EPC-205mk3 cart that I'm keen to try on one of these, with original boron cantilever etc. The P mount version sounds great on my Technics SL7 Linear Tracker, I'd like to compare and see what this cart can really do. Not that I'm ruling out other cartridges btw.
  3. Looking at both of these options for my next TT. I've seen a 401 Motor unit advertised for £700 locally, although I can't help but wonder about a nice SP10 instead Prices and condition of the unit seem a bit all over the place for both. The only downside for me could be that i want to mount it on a shelf that is only 370mm deep, some of these plinths for both decks look huge!!!
  4. Bother and blast, I missed a good deal there. Pleased you managed to find a buyer
  5. This is tempting, I recently missed out on the 1200G that was listed for £1900 on here after dithering a bit. I currently have an SL7 with P205CMK3 cart that sounds good. I like DD turntables and I'm looking into Timestep EVO Upgrades and the like..... Seems like a huge power supply? where does this sit performance wise now in your opinion? I could change the arm and really supercharge it?
  6. Thanks guys, so it's a long way from unanimous then!! Just like most things in Audio! I think I need to try one first, or perhaps go for another upgrade at a later date. It's a small room and I'm a little restricted for space so i wondered if this neat unit could be tucked away. At the moment I have a basic surge protected mains block albeit not an audiophile one, with various upgraded mains cables.
  7. Thanks, are there ways of measuring the quality of my mains supply? Or are you talking about just by ear/time of day?
  8. I'm thinking of buying one of these for circa £2k https://www.psaudio.com/products/stellar-power-plant-3/ My system is as follows: NAD M12 Pre Amp With Blu OS streaming card NAD M22 v2 Amplifier (class D 300w into 8 ohms) Technics Sl-7 Turntable with p205cmk3 cartridge (most would be amazed how good this sounds and it suits space restrictions) Totem Signature One Speakers. I'm pleased with my system but fancy giving it a bit of a lift. I emailed PS audio and apparently this unit would be OK running my Class D amp on regen.... Reviews well, but do people think it is worth the outlay? Tempting to get an new turntable instead but I'm loving the technics but at the moment a shortage of space and it's convenience are handy. Could buy this regenerator and give the whole system a lift? then go for a better TT later on?
  9. Bump. I would probably accept £500 plus postage or collected: it's a good deck and cart
  10. Also stumbled upon this ad: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2565153220374252/