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  1. In theory, they're not super sensitive to positioning, but I did find them on the edge of too bassy with some heavy rock in my room, even at ~ 45cm from the front wall and bow window. That might, however, be the result of the bow window. Dunno. They're a great value speaker, however, IF you can get hold of a pair.
  2. During both dealer and home auditions, I found the bass in D18s to be a bit separated from the rest of the frequency spectrum. I also found their overall sound to be a bit cold. To be honest, the cheaper Studio 148s beat them hands down IMO. Far better integration, energy and emotional communication; and far more musical.
  3. If piano doesn't sound right on my system then I blame the recording.
  4. I think it means "At risk of warping".
  5. I was going to say "The Strain" by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, but then I read the opening post, so I won't.
  6. Having 8,500 singles and 1,000 LPs I'm reasonably invested in vinyl. The number of unique single mixes that I have is probably rather large, and I also have a number of mono Tamla Motown LPs that are irreplaceable. I also have over 2,000 CDs, all ripped to my Bluesound Vault 2, but they're going nowhere either. Some of them, even a few various artists compilations are quite rare now. Moreover, rips don't have sleevenotes. Furthermore, not every rip is perfect. Metadata can be wildly incorrect. Furtherfurthermore, those CDs are the final back-up for the Vault 2.
  7. (Reverse parenting comes to us all eventually, and it makes life a bit harder for everyone involved. We have to do an 80-mile trip twice every week to support my mother-in-law who needs help getting into bed.) Regarding the music that you don't get to listen to very much these days, I don't have a dedicated listening room either, but I just have my wife living with me. And she likes music, so that helps a lot. I've also found that the amount that I listen to music depends upon how good it sounds. Hence I found more joy when firstly I replaced my NAD/Rotel amp combo with Croft kit and then my Monitor Audio speakers with my current Russell K speakers with their paper cones and far greater musicality. Replacing the NAD/Rotel combo also rendered my own MC1 phono stage redundant since the phono stage built into my Croft Micro 25 preamp is way better (and the MC1 is no slouch). I also bought an Audio Note DAC to feed my Bluesound Vault 2 into, and that improved things further. And rather than dumping my TT, I replaced it with a rather nice Nottingham Analogue deck. So, bit by bit, I've made changes that have brought back the joy of listening that I originally had back when I was 18 and got my first stereo. You don't have to throw money at this, however. The second system in our conservatory with TEAC amplification and cheap Q Acoustics speakers and a total cost of around £500 also has that magic which makes me want to listen to more.
  8. If you're not sure then you're not ready. How does your vinyl set-up sound, by the way?
  9. I run two 11M lengths of 3mm copper speaker cable and it sounds great. Mine runs in a plastic pipe sunk into the concrete floor. So it disappears beneath the carpet next to the skirting behind my rack and reappears across the lounge next to the skirting behind the TV.
  10. I've never considered the matter of Croft-friendly speakers before. I've just considered Sotosound-friendly speakers since the Croft kit is open and neutral-sounding and will therefore go with lots of different speakers. 45W/channel mightn't properly drive low efficiency speakers such as Dynaudio, however, so you'll need to keep an eye on sensitivity. I got around this by having Glenn Croft double the power of my Series 7 to around 90W/channel 4 years ago for less than £200. With this configuration, I now run a really nice pair of Russell K Red 150s with my Croft amps. They'd blow your budget, however, and might not sound great too close to a wall. (Mine stand 17" out from a shallow wall and bow window.) To be honest, £1000 might also be slightly limiting since you'll probably not get the best out of your Croft combo at that price unless you get a really good pair of used speakers. Upping the budget for illustration purposes, when I was auditioning a while back, I found that the Proac Studio 148 sounded great with the Croft kit, so it might be worth checking out the current Proac DT8, which replaced it or waiting (possibly forever) for a used pair of 148s to go on sale. I found that Dynaudio Excite X38 floorstanders speakers sounded good, with loads of bottom end, but I also found that Spendor D7s were a bit harsh and that Proac SM100s were a bit shout-y. It might be worth speaking to a dealer such as Deco Audio in Aylesbury to see what they say. Deco is my local dealer and they sell Croft kit. They're also proper sound experts instead of just salespeople. They design and build speakers under the Heretic brand and help another brand to voice their speakers.
  11. I also have all of my vinyl, some dating back to 1961, and all of my cassettes as well as all of my CDs. My son would like to inherit my record collection, although he’d have nowhere to store it.
  12. A Goldring G850 cartridge from my Marconiphone 4451 system and an Acos GP91 SC cartridge from my first disco console. And I still have the Ronette 105 stereo cartridge from mother's Philco stereogram. That's all, however.
  13. Both the Croft Micro 25 and the Series 7 invert phase. This means that you’ll be invertIng the phase of your loudspeakers right now unless you swap polarity on them. Whether or not this is audible, I’m not sure. A Croft pre-power combo would correct that. The Croft combo also sounds great and, as has already been indicated, there’s an excellent upgrade path wherein big improvements can be had for much less than you might expect. As ever, however, do some home auditions and see what works for you.
  14. What distance is “quite close”? Also, how far are you sat from the speakers?