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  1. Hi Aris it comes with the standard psu that was free with the DAC, it's not the dorado psu that can be bought as an upgrade, sorry I don't know if it can be updated to SEG-42 firmware
  2. Hi Aris sorry I don't have any messages from you in my inbox
  3. Sbooster BOTW MK1 15v Linear Power Suppy £50, I owned the PSU for many years powering my Caiman DAC which is also up for sale, 15v-1A, I can email more pictures if required. It's very heavy but I have the orginal box to post Thanks John
  4. Caiman Mkii DAC with SFW3 upgrade for sale for £130 inc. Uk delivery. Reduced to £120 I have owned the DAC from new which I bought direct from Stan, It is in immacualte condition without a mark on it. It's been sat in it's box since I upgraded to a Bel Canto DAC3. Box and all accessories present, I can email lots more pictures. Thanks John
  5. Hi Mike I have a Beresford Caiman mk2 dac with SFW3 chip, it's in perfect condition and I'm the original owner from new, it has it's original box and all accessories, it's surplus to requirements since a got a Bel canto DAC3. I'd be looking for £130 delivered, I'm in work until 10pm tonight so can do pics tomorrow morning
  6. I also recommend the Audiolab 6000cdt, had mine for 6 months now and very happy I bought it
  7. One for sale here
  8. Nice one guys, dbpoweramp is free for 21 days so I'll give it a try tonight
  9. Thanks for advice guys, I'm just looking to rip an exact copy to hard drive to stream via SBT, dbpower is free for 21 days for the full version then you can buy or use the more basic version for free after trial period, is the cost a one off or yearly charge? I think the issue of taking hours to rip via itunes is due to the CD drive on my laptop being on the way out, will probably have to buy an external cd drive