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  1. Good taste, I am a huge fan of Brian myself.
  2. It is on my list to buy, I have her Companions lp & it is wonderful. Mind you I have a version of Brubeck's Take 5 which is on 4 45rpm records & only 1 side of each is cut, now that really is special. Great looking system by the way, I was considering a Transrotor deck, what do you think of yours?
  3. I have managed to put a few listening hours on the clock over the weekend on the BB3 & my word has it responded. The hum problem I had has now totally disappeared, not that it was down to the phono, but still. It is hard to put a descriptive word in that means the same to every listener, but I am hearing improvements everywhere. Records now sound like live performances in the room, so exciting. Now my system, IMO, was very good before so I can't say it is like night & day difference, just that there is more of everything coming out, like having a massive upgrade to my speakers, & I want to play disc after disc after disc. I am super impressed Oliver, thank you.
  4. Correct, he did. After he finished played he trod the usual ex-footballer route & became a pub landlord near to the Weds ground & made a name as a singer songwriter too surprisingly.
  5. Indeed Bazzer, in 1968 I put may feelings about Sheff Wed to one side to go to Hillsborough specifically to watch Best, Law & Charlton, wonderful players that they were, & I was expecting them to flatten the blue & white lot. But after Man U went 2-4 up Weds forward Jack Whitham score 3 goals unbelievably & totally soured my day. About 10 years later I played with Whitham for Hallam & still had the hump on to such an extent I wouldn't talk to him or, if I could possibly avoid it, pass to him either! Well I was still a young 'un.
  6. What is the SQ like Colin? I have rather a lot of his live albums, & even the official ones have variable SQ. David Live is superb, not so much for the SQ but it is remarkable for the excitement & electricity it contains, but for pure quality sound the best are the Hurling Disdain vol 1&2, which are unofficial releases.
  7. Well the ground is in Derbyshire, but only just, by a few hundred yards, as is the pub, which is behind the stand. It is a place called Dronfield Woodhouse, Woodhouse is in Sheffield & Dronfield is basically the next village/town, before Chesterfield. Pretty sure sure most of the players will live in Sheffield though.
  8. They are Barry yes, when I played their long time ground was at Abbeydale Sports Ground in Sheffield, but have in the recent past moved to just outside the city, & play in the Northern Premier League, Div 1 south I think. When I was there Emlyn Hughes played for them.
  9. I didn't mention in my earlier post my own modest football career but as a couple of you have mentioned yours I thought I would. My dad had a schoolboy contract at Chesterfield & was just starting to make a name for himself when he got my mum pregnant with me, & as salaries back then were nothing like they are now it forced him to find other work. I was a house captain in school & played in several positions for the first IX, & started playing for my dad's Sunday League team when I was 13. learned quickly but it still took a couple of years to fill out enough to kick them back! At 14 I was scouted for Newcastle & offered terms but I just didn't have the burning desire or want to leave my mates so I said no. I was more than happy to play for good standard amateur teams, & have in fact played for the two oldest football teams in the world, namely Sheffield FC & Hallam, as well as most of the best sides in the Sheffield area. I was pulled aside a few times over the years by scouts but the answer was always the same, mind you if they were getting the type of wages they command now I dare say that answer would have been different. I was tempted by a couple of non league teams but again didn't enjoy it so dropped back down, but I regret nothing, I have played with some fantastic players, Chris Waddle being one of them, played at a few Premier League & Championship grounds, & scored at the kop end at my beloved Bramall Lane in the process. I played until I was 51 & the body was starting to really grumble at me, so a big part of my life that I really enjoyed, despite not really amounting to much in the scheme of things.
  10. Price is the same yes, I haven't used it since so still has very few hours on it. I don't have a problem shipping to France but I would have to check the price with the post office, could you give me the address details please?
  11. Well I have had my BB3 a couple of days now & totally agree with newlash09, packaging was excellent & the fit & finish of the unit is very high quality, to say I am pleased is an understatement. It sounds fab of course, but I have a small issue in my setup that I must stress is nothing to do with the phono stage whatsoever, & that is I am getting a fair bit of hum. Convinced it is being caused by the pre-amp, & the limited steps I can take have helped confirm that. I can't do anything else until I get some more extra long interconnects, but for now I can listen without it detracting from the music, which is a delight. There will be many more superlative comments to come I am sure.
  12. Well, my family is from Sheffield, & although my mum was shipped out to Lincoln to have me because she & my dad were just 16 & the family were trying to shield them from the "shame" of having a child out of wedlock, but I was back living in Sheffield within months, so class myself as a "Sheffielder" of course. My one & only gripe about that growing up was being upset because I wouldn't be able to play cricket for Yorkshire, as was the rule back then! I guess allegiances can be formed at any time, in your case Jack I could guess that perhaps you were rather ambivalent about football before you went to live in a football mad city, but I don't know obviously. I certainly don't feel any better or more worthy than fans who are from another city/country who support my team. On the subject of tribalism, the levels are well known, my city has two teams, we "hate" the other one & call them pigs, (ironically most of my mates support them but of course I don't hate them), but against Leeds we would unite against them, but again join forces with them against teams from outside Yorkshire, & so on until you get to country & against country. It is what humans do.
  13. Hi, I had forgotten about this actually, but yes it is still for sale.
  14. Hi all, I use a Mastersound PHL5 valve pre that also has a internal mm phono stage, & I am trying to find out if it is safe to remove the valves for the phono as I use an external one. By my logic if the phono is bypassed in this way there is no need to put them in, but as I have about as much technical knowledge as flea I would rather take advice from more knowledgeable folk.
  15. I think it is fair to say that football is very tribal & there are lots of rivalry & bitterness held by supporters stoked by past events, but I think on here it would be advisable to use emoji's to soften comments. On a football forum it is different imo & anything goes, but a little story for context. I am on a Sheffield United forum, we as a group generally hate West Ham, mainly due to the Tevez affair & our subsequent relegation. Yet a Hammer has been on our forum for a couple of years now & is accepted simply because he is a regular guy & doesn't talk crap or try to wind us up, in fact he is liked by all, & that is how it should be. Remember we are hear because of our love of music, sure be opinionated, be anything, but do it with a common respect & all will be well. Apart from "Dirty Leeds" of course!