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  1. Okay, well I appreciate the difference in budget, but my Vida phono stage has a subsonic filter & if I use it speaker cone movement is very much reduced, but I don't as what movement I have does not seem excessive to me. So I can well believe that option could work well for you.
  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, when I said "split" I was talking about Ed's decision to leave the program & not his relationship with Mike.
  3. Not really sure why we are getting hung up about who the best band is, in almost every case most popular does NOT mean best, whatever the subject (!) I love The Beatles & I love a lot of the music The Beach Boys produced, but so what, for me Bowie stands far above either of them & I couldn't care less how other people rate him or his music. An individual may think he or she has the best taste & everyone else is wrong, but guess what, every single one of us has an equal right to our choices, no one is right & no one is wrong.
  4. I can't be alone in being frustrated by this thread, I would love to help but to be honest I am not really sure what the OP is asking, & although MartinC is trying I think he is a digital rather than analogue guy. Anyone brave enough to take the challenge on & interpret what the OP is asking so more of us can help him? I am not disrespecting him by the way I just can't get a clear idea of what he wants.
  5. I was never sure just who the target audience was for this "entertainment" show. I used to watch out for when they chose a car I was interested in or had owned before, but I got so frustrated I had to stop watching it. There were just too many occasions when things didn't add up, both in terms of cost price, work needed & sell price. I also thought I would learn from Ed how to do certain jobs but they always cut essential bits out of the process, although that was always better than the setup scenes involving Mike. I was in quite a few car clubs when younger & the occasion Mike "bad mouthed" Ed has been taken out of context slightly, in fact it was Ed who initiated the split by becoming "Billy Big Bolloxs" with regards his attitude & demands as time went on. I remember one time at Bruntingthorpe a group of us were asking Mike all sorts of stuff & he was effusive in his praise of Ed & was very sad that things ended as they did, it was clear he had been very fond of him.
  6. I forgot to mention this earlier but both myself & Robin (wizmax) have heard Nic's (BruceFlea) Project & mighty fine it was too, struck me as being very solidly well built & a quality finish, had great timing & sounded authoritative & beefy in a good way.
  7. Not in my experience, in fact I love unipivots. I think they get their fearsome reputation from people who haven't used one before & because they are a bit wobbly when you first pick one up so it scares them. The worse thing you can do is to be wary, "grasp the nettle" is a very apt description of how to handle a unipivot. They are not going to fall apart in your hand & you can quickly learn the technique required, & those of a slightly nervous disposition can always leave the cartridge guard on while you practise, I keep an old knackered record for the purpose of setting up 'arm geometry, new carts etc & using one should help & save your good stuff for when you master the technique.
  8. Speedracer


    Nowt wrong with Fantastic Day Gaz, a great pop song, it isn't supposed to be taken seriously. On the hair front my mrs is a hairdresser so you would think I was sorted, the slight problem is that I lost my hair way back due to cancer treatment so all I need is a razor to tidy up the wispy bits that appear randomly jn a couple of places.
  9. I use a version of these Richard & find them much better use than purpose made record cleaning brushes as you have more control. They have hog bristles which are much better than synthetic & they are long enough that you can periodically cut them down as the ends fray a bit. They do zero damage & can honestly say my records have never been cleaner or quieter. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GERRATT-4x-Angled-1-FITCH-BRUSH-Slant-Paint-Lining-NATURAL-BRISTLE-Long-Reach/402080669997?hash=item5d9de0212d:g:QoMAAOSwKqNcbQ6Y
  10. Very sad, a legend in Sheffield rightly so.
  11. Hi all, Very sad news that one of our own Clive G passed away a couple of days ago. Those who know him will know he had been battling cancer for some time & this time last year he was looking very good & responding to treatment, but sadly it returned with a dreadful inevitable conclusion. We became friends through a trade of equipment and probably had a bond because I am a cancer survivor myself & understood what he was going through, but he was always outwardly cheerful, a very generous host, his system was impeccable, his knowledge vast and he helped me enormously in my hi fi journey. RIP Clive, you will be sadly missed. Brook.
  12. Hey, a win is a win!
  13. To my mind a RCM of some sort is essential, even new records are dirty, they have some kind of anti mould crap on them & can be covered in dust particles. There are many on the market new or used, even a manual Knosti Anti-stat is a huge improvement over nothing for around £60.
  14. I have the Back to Black 2014 issue of Grace Jones' Nightclubbing & honestly it is superb, although I concede it might be an exception rather than the rule.
  15. Speaking as a confirmed vinyl addict from a boy who doesn't own any digital replay system I would say tread very carefully. I bought my first record at 10 years old 50 odd years ago, & was already competent at using a record player as my mum was a massive Beatles (as well as other artists) fan & they were played over & over. I think it is as much a physical thing too, almost a religious experience in going through what you want to play, putting it on the platter & cueing up the tonearm, then relaxing back into your chair & listening whilst reading the sleeve notes & not forgetting to get up at "half time" to turn the record over. The whole thing is a wonderful experience, but if I were starting out today I am not sure I would feel the same. You can certainly get a lovely turntable/phono stage/cartridge for your budget, but equally if you go at it gung ho you might muck it up! Second hand quality recordings are everywhere these days, mainly thanks to the digital boom by the way, so new remastered & digitally recorded records are just not worth considering for the most part, but I just think if you don't have the love for vinyl, & it has to be vinyl, nurtured over many years, then I think it would turn out to be too much of a faff for people who grew up loving the digital sound in whatever format.