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  1. Add this to the long list of great bake offs John has hosted for quite a while now, always great to meet new faces who I hope will have enjoyed it enough to want to come again, as well as "old" faces who are now more than just forum members, who have become friends. I couldn't stay long as Robin & I had to shoot to Hayling for a private bake off that was a great success of it's own, but there were plenty of nice new toys for the play room, in particular Ian's impressive Simon Yorke turntable & Jamie's Paradise phono stage & John Wood amp, which he should remove from the classifieds immediately, far too good to sell! Have to say that John is having horrendous bad luck at the moment, this time with his newly repaired Quad 989's. They sound fabulous on song but a trip up to Coventry every few weeks is not on & I really hope he can get them sorted for good this time. Roll on the next one.
  2. Do we have an updated kit list for the play room John, for example is the three different types of turntable thing still happening?
  3. To me that moment was the very definition of a "racing incident", & Lewis has clearly enough of Max's bullying tactics, having in the recent past admitting to backing off from another aggressive move by Max. I am a self confessed Lewis fan, but I also like Max, he is clearly a tremendous driver, but so far has shown his favoured method of getting past another car is to push the other car into backing out. He also weaves all over the shop when he is defending, & as mentioned about pushed Lewis so far to the wall he didn't have a chance of making the apex. The pathetic whining from Horner, Max & Helmut Marko was a huge over reaction to the incident, & a form of bullying in it's own way, of course we don't want drivers getting hurt, but this is motor racing & it is dangerous. It will be interesting to see how they reaction during races moving on, but I for one am delighted that Lewis has decided to face him up, his box of tricks is bigger & more nuanced than Max's, cannot wait for the next race.
  4. My rack has solid sides so I have always run my 845 valve amp in conjunction with at least one silent running fan & mostly two in hot weather, one with a rechargeable power bank & one from the USB port on my sofa. Works very well & takes any worry about over heating away.
  5. Just that although speakers impress at the dealers but your room will probably have different properties & so they could react differently, but if you are happy with them it probably isn't an issue.
  6. Your front end is very similar to one I had once upon a time, Orbe/SME 309/Ortofon Rohmann/ Unison Research Simply 4/ Simply Phono/Rothwell head amp/ Audio Physic Spark, sounded lovely & I really enjoyed it for a time. Looking in from afar I know but to me the weak link is your cartridge, or possibly the speakers not working in your room.
  7. You know what Jack, despite having a few misgivings regarding team selection & safety first tactics, I am coming round to the fact we are evolving into a good team. Gut feeling is we should have a bit too much for Denmark, but it won't be easy & I am sure there will be a few heart in mouth moments, it's what we do. I certainly don't see it as free flowing as last nights game, & seeing as I mentioned that, I wasn't as impressed by the game as a lot of people seemed to be. Yes there was excitement & it was end to end, but that was mainly because both teams retention of the ball was shockingly poor & they both made lots of mistakes. IMO of course. So I am optimistic, hopeful & excited, I just hope we show our true selves & don't freeze like that dreadful night against Iceland.
  8. First of all, one persons opinion is not "rubbish" if it is opposite to your own, we all have one & everyone's is as valid as any other. Second, I started my post with my impressions of Southgate as England boss up to the start of this tournament, & then went on to say nothing but positive things I have seen from him, & the team, during this competition, so not negative at all. Third, there will never be any criticism of Sir Alf from me, he has done what no other Englishman, or foreign manager either, has managed to do.
  9. Well I do support England & want them to do well, my view is it is almost in spite of Southgate being the manager rather than because he is. He is a manager that took Middlesborough down to the Championship after a few years in the Premier League, & was sacked the following season as their board had no faith he would take them back up. To me he is little more than a yes man for the FA, who will cause no trouble & is good with the media, & there are so many things I don't like about his managerial decisions I don't know where to start. HOWEVER. Last night was the best game I have seen England play in tournament football for a long time, yes the opposition wasn't top draw but you could see the players confidence rising like a tsunami, not something we are used to seeing. The players obviously buy into him & that is the main thing, we have a great squad of young talented players & keeping them all happy will be difficult, but based on last night I am starting to warm to him, we are at last looking like a team to be feared by others & be proud of for our supporters, long may it continue.
  10. Well it's all going to your blue print so far Jack. I cannot believe the side Southgate has picked, far too defensive in midfield & why he hasn't put our only other striker Calvert-Lewin on the bench with Kane struggling so obviously is baffling beyond belief.
  11. I think this is spot on. It is very difficult when describing how something makes you feel to someone else, even if they recognise the words they don't necessarily mean the same thing to them. Saying that, it really doesn't matter, if you perceive that a certain brand can "inject emotion" then no-one else can say it doesn't. It might not to them, but so what, your speakers your ears.
  12. Okay no worries, yes that is correct all sorted by pm.
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