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  1. Offered for sale is what is probably the most complete package available for the Mission 774 tonearm. The 774 is somewhat of a "lost" hero of the tonearm world, with abilities far beyond it's price point. This has the standard 'arm, tower section & base plate, complete with original box, manual & setup templates, plus the original tool box with every spare needed, including all 3 paddles for damping. On top of that there is a new 9 inch arm tube made by XAD, which has been wired internally with Cardas clear 34awg X4 Litz twisted pair, plus the XTC variable mass 72gm/102gm brass counterweight. The original counterweight is also included. If that wasn't enough, I have included a new 1.3 metre length of Black Rhodium Needle tonearm cable, pre-soldered to the underside of the base plate. The XAD arm tube is slightly stiffer & heavier than the standard tube, & together with the 3 different counterweights (and the paddles of course) mean that you have tremendous flexibility & can use pretty much any cartridge you want. I have used, very successfully, a Zyx R50 Bloom, a Coral MC81, a Sumikp Pearwood Celebration II, as well as others. The new arm tube, re-wire, variable counterweight & tonearm cable, all new this year, cost me a combined £437, not including the original 'arm. For the complete package I am asking £450 including UK insured postage. Collect from BH22 near Bournemouth welcome, & happy to deliver within a reasonable distance of Bournemouth. I have lots of photo's I can send by request, & will add more later as I have reached my file size limit for now.
  2. Gentle bump for this RCM, at around the same cost as a Spin Clean or Knosti it cleans as good as Nitty Gritty, VPI or Monk etc.
  3. As per title I am selling my KAB EV-1 record cleaning machine. It is essentially a Nitty Gritty without a motor, works perfectly & comes with a complete set of spares in case of damage, including 2 spare spindles, the correct size drill bit, spare "O" ring, a cleaning brush, glue & instructions on how to do it. The velvet strip on it has cleaned a max of 20 records so has lots of life left, & comes with 3 more new strips. New ones can be ordered from KAB, or alternatively the ones for sale on ebay for various cleaners fit this also. There is a flexi pipe with adaptors so you can use pretty much any vacuum cleaner to provide the suction. I bought one from gumtree for a tenner & it worked great, & more importantly the results were just as good as what I was getting from my VPI cleaner. There is a turning dial on the top with a hollow that you put your finger in & turn the record manually as you operate the vacuum. This is in 2 parts & also acts as protection for the centre label too. It can be used on any surface you choose, but I screwed it down to an off cut piece of worktop, which IMO was better & helps keep it in place, & I will include the heavy duty screws in case you wish to do that yourself. I am asking £75 for this, plus £5 for postage.
  4. I am offering my Block AIM 5.0/2.5 auto transformer for sale. I have been using it with my Chinese built Line Magnetic 845 amp to step up the voltage but I now have a Power Inspired mains regenerator so is no longer needed. It is about a year old & still looks in new condition & of course is in perfect working order. I will include the 2 connecting cables so all you have to do is connect it & plug it in.. These are around £110 new plus carriage, I am asking for £55 plus £10 carriage as it is pretty heavy. Input is 115v/220v/230v/240v Output is 115v/220v/230v/240v Max 1200v Conforms to EN61558
  5. As an owner of one of Andy's decks I agree with this comment. He will make one to your own design too if you ask him, & for the money they are really very good. I have since broken mine down & rebuilt it myself with better quality parts, & it is now so good I kept it & sold my 401.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about test tracks if I were you Jules, in all my years I have never used a test disc & certainly don't think my many set ups have suffered for it. Also, some vocalists do have more sibilance than others, do you have any instrumental tracks to check if the treble is still hot when there is no singing?
  7. Hi Nic, slightly over your top end budget but the Tron Seven that Lurch is selling is a superb MM stage, it really is, I doubt you would ever need to upgrade it. I know John has gone up the Tron chain to an Ultimate, but to be honest there isn't a massive jump in quality.
  8. As per title I am looking for a Power Inspired AG1500 if anyone has one lying about they don't need? Happy to collect within reasonable distance from South Coast. B.
  9. Au contraire, I think you were as it was a direct comment about peoples choices in the WAYLTRN thread, & either way you do know that a generalisation is so called because it makes a general point I assume? Perfectly chill thank you. Mate.
  10. People like what they like & nobody likes a music snob.
  11. Like most here I find these lists impossible & many can change within a short period of time, but for me right now these are mine. 1. Ziggy Stardust - Bowie. Quite simply changed my life forever, the biggest "wow" moment I have ever had. 2. Abbey Road - The Beatles. Simply brilliant stuff from probably the best band ever. 3. Ella & Louis - Ella & Louis. Fantastic unique vocalists backed by fantastic musicians & fabulous songs. 4. Blackstar - Bowie. My mum dies 3 days before Bowie & the pure emotion on this record, never mind the superb song writing & musicianship, means that on every play I soar up & over the clouds into a world I want to stay in forever. 5. 2nd. Honeymoon - Deaf School. A little known band who have a huge following within the music industry & are known as "The second best band to come out of Liverpool", superbly crafted songs, theatrical live performances & loads of fun, brilliant.
  12. Simon, just for further information I tried granite slabs under my 'speakers before the SubDudes, they were better than just having the 'speakers on the floor but at least for me & my application the SubDudes were much better than the granite.