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  1. Speak for yourself John, remember my part time job keeping certain South Coast Posse members kit clean! Nice looking kit, not heard of or seen that before, care to briefly say what it's strengths are Mike ?
  2. Hi Keith, it's me again! After far too much umming & ahhing over this I will take it after all if still available. It might not be right for my Urushi but I do want a second arm so I can take my time & choose an ideal cart to match it. Cheers, Brook.
  3. They do, Rega do a brace that connects the arm to the spindle motor, & I guess there have been more over the years. Nothing is new these days.
  4. Hi Jamie, as Robin says yes very sadly it is.
  5. No phono stage with this amp, mind you the Kinshaw that Jack has put up would mate really well with the Unisis.
  6. Well it should be no surprise that all decks, no matter their propulsion, can sound great or poor. I have had all three types & don't really have a favourite, although I have had a lot more belt drives than either of the others it was down to lots of things, not just the method of spinning the platter. my own personal criteria includes it having to have no suspension & having a small footprint, which pretty much excludes idlers due to their physical size, & to a point direct drives, although a Denon DP-80 in a round plinth was a possibility for me but in the end was too much of a faff. For the first time in a couple of years I am really happy with my current choice, so have no plans to look elsewhere, although as we all know the temptation of trying something else, just because, is always there.
  7. Yeah, not the best thing I have ever photographed, but you will be pleased to know it sounds a lot better than it looks!
  8. As noted on another ad, these pictures are coming out quite a bit different to how the originals look on my pc, no idea why, maybe Imgurs settings, but I can mail better ones to anyone who wants them.
  9. I am using Imgur to host these pictures & it looks like their default settings for images is a lot darker than on my pc for some reason, sorry about that.
  10. Photo's not great as the room was very dark, sorry.
  11. I was browsing through some old photographs on a memory stick tonight & I came across this photo of Joolz at his home when he had his last bake off. I thought as it captured his mischievous nature it would be fitting to post it here. RIP Joolz.
  12. Not a Plinius @Lurch but something just tipped up in the classifieds that may pique your interest.
  13. A good company will talk to you about what you want from having it re-tipped or re-built in my experience. They should have access to different stylus shapes, & cantilevers made from different materials, & to an extent can be tailored to your requirements. If you want to to sound exactly as before it might prove more difficult for some but not all types. For example I had a Koetsu Black Goldline re-built by Goldring, around the same time I heard two others that were original played in similar systems to my own & the sound signature was exactly the same.
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