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  1. No problem, incidently 2 of the ones I bought & that are still working well are ThinkPads.
  2. I have no experience of that particular company but in the recent past I have purchased 3 refurbished laptops via ebay, & all of them under £100 & lasted very well, over 3 years without any problems. I still have a couple of them & they do still work well, but since discovering how good Chromebooks are for what I want from a laptop I will stick with them in future.
  3. Absolutely not Jack, or any other "normal" wammer either, but I would bet there are pro dealers who cruise forums such as this looking to make a killing.
  4. I think the prices were spot on really, you sold all at a price you were happy to accept & buyers were happy to pay. If you had gone too low then I suspect some people would have bought the job lot with a view to selling them on, rather than just asking for titles they were specifically interested in.
  5. The only bit of American equipment I can recall having through the years is a ARC LS26 pre currently in my system. In my opinion it does a great job, bucks the stereotypical view of America/Americans by being understated, & quietly goes about what it does without bringing any attention to itself. Build quality is exemplorary too. I would say that about most of the bits I have come across at bake offs, shows etc over the years as well. I guess the only thing I can think of as being a negative is the disparity in the cost in the USA compared to what we pay here for the same item, although that is hardly the manufactures fault.
  6. This is exactly what I would have written had you not. It is so important that first & foremost you should make art that you personally enjoy or feel proud of, you are the only arbiter of wether your work is good or not, because without that pride you are almost certain to jack it in at some point. I went straight to art college from school & trained to be a graphic designer, which I did for a few years after picking up 2 "A" levels in college, art & photography. I converted a built in wardrobe at my parents house into a black & white developing room & produced a fair bit of work I look back on with pride, most of it lives on the walls of my relatives & friends now. I remember getting a summer job at Stanley Tools & literally all I did was draw nudes for the various foremen around the building, at their insistence by the way. Various health problems along the way have seriously curtailed my abilities sadly, amongst them carpel tunnel syndrome which makes holding tools, pencils, brushes etc difficult. I do hope to do some more work in the future, I have in the past made lots of things from driftwood, of which I have a boat load in the garage collected over years when I moved down here to Dorset, mirrors, garden sculptures, tea light holders, wall hangings, that kind of thing. I did sell some, mainly through word of mouth & people approaching me when I used to take the finished items down to the beach to photograph, but making money from it is not the purpose, I just love doing it when I can.
  7. Can I take the two Miles Davis lp's please?
  8. Looking at the date the ad was posted I would guess not.
  9. Well collection is a valid method, all you need to do is take a photograph of him with the item & make him sign a receipt.
  10. If you have put collection as an option in your listing then yes by all means do that, don't forget to apply social distancing though. I would urge caution with regards to paypal friends & family, ebay are pretty hot now on spotting this sort of thing & will charge their fee regardless of what payment method you choose, after all whatever you think of their charges you did agree to them by listing your item.
  11. I think I might have some lengths of QED in the garage somewhere John, you can have it if you want it?
  12. Speedracer


    Hi Patrick, I can't seem to put my hand on his phone number for the moment but his email address is andrew.blakey21@btinternet.com Just for clarity ARB is not a company name it is Andy's initials.
  13. I was going to say that ebay's fee on a final price of £600 would be £60, or 10%, & normally they bill you for it & just take it from your paypal account, or bank account if it is linked, when it is due. However the above post moves the goal posts somewhat, so you definitely need to speak to someone from ebay about this. Incidently, as a private seller anything you sell has a maximum fixed fee of £250 no matter what the final value of the item, other than motors, which is another ball game altogether.
  14. That was my first thought too.