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  1. If for some reason Wizmax pulls out I would like to be considered next please.
  2. If you like the sound of Audiovector speakers in general then take a look at my X3 Super's in the classifieds, no trouble filling large rooms with sound.
  3. I am really surprised to hear this, I have a pair of SF Toy Towers & for such a small floorstander the bass they produce is amazing.
  4. I could really do with the house room now so these fantastic speakers are on offer at the incredible price of £475. You shouldn't be able to get what these are capable of for what I am asking, they really are incredible for the money.
  5. John brought his BB3 over to mine earlier this week for a try in my system & I have to say I am very impressed with it. I was previously using a Aurorasound Vida which I loved, but am currently using the MM stage in the Mastersound Pre & a Townshend battery powered head amp, perhaps an unusual combination but a very good one, if not quite Vida good. The thing that struck me most was the BB3 didn't change the sound signature, but allowed individual components to shine, so it enhanced the sound I already had & enabled me to hear more of what was going on in the groove. I think I will be making contact with Ollie soon!
  6. Just in case someone is on the cusp with these I could be interested in a decent SUT or cartridge as a p/x with cash adjustment either way if it helps.
  7. A price drop to £545 for these stunning speakers. They are in fantastic condition & are very very capable, don't let the relatively low price fool you, they more than hold their own against higher priced rivals.
  8. I would say that this is one of those rare times when we can all answer the same to this, that we listen for the content of course, but the enjoyment of it rises the better the recording.
  9. Although not part of this experiment I feel able to comment as I have been to Jack's old place any times & am very familiar with his system. On my first visit to his new pad the first thing that struck me was the extra dynamics, & I can't help but think his theory about giving the system more room to breathe was the most likely suspect. Although we have similar tastes & share quite a few " hi fi" views, I do prefer music at a higher volume than Jack usually plays at, & for me his system really benefits from this, it was good to hear it go through the gears so to speak, & whatever the cause the end result is that it sounds the best I have ever heard it.
  10. This ad is for my fabulous Audiovector X3 Super floor standing loudspeakers. They sound wonderful, are detailed, have a full bodied bottom end & imaging & soundstaging is very precise. Despite being a rear ported design I found having them close to a back wall caused no issues at all. They don't favour any type of music over any other either so these are no one trick ponies. These are the second rung in the Audiovector X3 range, & can be upgraded by the factory another 2 rungs to the top spec should you wish to do so. Sensitivity is rated at 90dB, & have 4 Ohm taps, although strangely I found they sounded a little better using the 8 Ohm taps on my amp. They are in super condition, I always look after my kit & I can't find a mark on them apart from one tiny mark on the back corner of one of them, & I mean tiny. Despite the high gloss finish there are no swirl marks as I polish them with car polish & wax them for protection. Even the grills are in close to new condition. I have the spikes, & the original boxes, so they could be posted at a push, Wam taxi is also possible depending on where you are too. I believe these retailed around £1,500, I am asking SOLD for these stunning examples. Dimensions are H 1,000mm x W 200mm x D 335mm.
  11. Who took the pictures mate, obvs not you! Nice one on the deck you lucky sod.
  12. When I had my 401 the best to my ears was an old GA Audio Soundisc glass platter mat, & I tried a few. They come up fairly often & are pretty cheap at around £25, well worth a try IMO.