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  1. Oh for god's sake man don't mention Crocs, have you seen the sartorial elegance of the average wammer? Well when I say sartorial elegance I actually mean they look like they have been dressed by a 6 year old child. Or their mum, take your pick.
  2. As per title, I have a automatic watch winder for sale. I have had it a couple of years but have only used it briefly due to Mrs Speedracer claiming the noise kept her up at night! Despite this it really isn't loud at all, I can barely hear it. It is a plastic box with clear access windows, & a fake wood veneer , as you can see from the 'photo's there are 4 or 5 small patches where the lacquer has bubbled, not too bad but worth mentioning. It comes with a mains lead, connector cable & a battery box, & with instruction booklet. It can be configured in a number of different ways, to change the rotation pattern, interval, even direction of rotation. There are 2 separate motors, with pillows for 2 watches on each, so 4 in total. It cost me £150, so I am asking for a reasonable £60, plus £8 postage. I have plenty of other pictures if needed, just hit the file size limit with 2.
  3. I really really wish you hadn't said that, I don't think I will be able to sleep now for at least a week you sod!
  4. My listening room is actually the lounge, & it is small but is open plan with kitchen diner, so the room is just over 23 ft long & 10 ft wide, but only 13 ft x 10ft is the listening space. It also has a suspended wooden floor, & I have worked long & hard to settle on a pair of speakers that will work well & not over excite the room. So the bass now is good quality IMO, & deep enough to keep me happy despite having a wooden floor with no rugs & plenty of glass around too. No room treatment either, so it can be done with a little care.
  5. Totally agree, especially about the Nola speakers, fantastic sound, such energy & so much fun, I felt energised after hearing them. In a conversation that included being disappointed by the sound in a lot of the rooms I offered some sympathy & said it must be difficult to get the sound right for many, but it was pointed out by Robin (wizmax) that we managed to get it right at Scalford/Kegworth, as evidenced by many compliments on the day, & of course he was right.
  6. But what is wrong with making an emotional decision if you really want a valve amp? I bought the first valve amp I heard, a Unison Research Simply 4, because it looked better than any amp I had used previously, which made me curious, & also sounded better to my ears in listening sessions. I haven't owned a SS amp since, I am not saying I never would, but I have never heard a SS amp that could do what my valve amp at the time could do. Things may change in the future, I am always willing to put one to the test, but for me they have failed to bring me the joy & emotion from the music that every valve amp I chose to buy could in spades.
  7. I was there with two of my South Coast buddies John (Lurch) & Robin (wizmax), & had a great day. So good to meet new & old wammers, we do seem to be a band of brothers & says an awful lot about our community. I have to echo what Andrew (bencat) said upstream about the choice of music in a lot of the rooms. With the first rooms we visited, Emilen? & Auden Audio (Amphion), we thought our luck was in as the music was right up our street for a change, & the big Amphions sounded lovely, but sadly that wasn't to last. In one room we had a endure a live recording of Jimi Hendrix which consisted of him telling his drummer how to drum over & over playing the first few bars & stopping & starting again! Having said that I enjoyed a few rooms a bit, a couple of rooms a lot, & most not much at all. I really liked the Node speakers until I found out how much they were, but for me personally I enjoyed the V'audio room with Electrocompaniet electronics & Nola speakers the most. I found the sound captivating & very exciting, the closest to being live music, helped by enthusiastic use of the volume knob. Possibly not an every day speaker, but a special one to my ears. Well worth the visit, & many thanks to our driver (Lurch) for not scaring us too much.
  8. Do you know how many pairs were made in white? I doubt any were Lawrence, I would have them spray painted should I get a pair.
  9. Beware the smiling wammer offering a slice of cake, the rest of it might have been stuffed into your phono sockets!
  10. I am going to bring over my Advantage P1 preamp & BB3 for the playroom, be good to see how the P1 does against the SJS.
  11. Look better in white, but I am a patient guy & can wait...
  12. Short flippant answer is yes! But as always it depends. I will hang my hat on MC being better, for me that is, others may well feel differently. I do like some MM's, & feel in many ways I prefer to hear certain music with one, like late '60's or '70's rock. A lot of the bands I liked back then were not know for having fabulously produced records, like Cream, The Faces, Free to name but 3, but for ultimate listening pleasure my number one cart will always be a MC. And that is before delving into phono stages.
  13. If you are finding it hard to move them Chris I can always take them off you, don't want you struggling.
  14. Good quality components help a lot, as does care in siting cables. I only use vinyl, & with a valve power amp & valve phono stage I guess I reluctantly accept a little background hiss/noise, & then to make matters worse my cartridge has a piddly little 0.2mV, but when I put the stylus on the intro grooves all I hear is dead quiet, until the music starts of course.
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