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  1. Lovely system, always admired the MCD1100 and the MA800 was one of their finest integrated amps. You should post the pics on the ‘bits and bobs’ thread.
  2. Beautiful system Steve. The TAD’s are stunning.
  3. I believe in cable diversity. For the very little that it’s worth, I've sourced my cables from my regular retailer these last twenty years and I’ve always been able to live with them a month or so before committing to a purchase, almost all ex-demo or previously owned. I am in no doubt that the ‘daft’ 14 foot lengths of RCA JPS Aluminata acquired at one tenth of their original price and improving on every balanced cable I ever tried, are the icing on my playback cake A purely subjective observation I hasten to add.
  4. Hi Jamie, actually I noticed this beautiful machine in your kit list a few weeks ago. I imagine it sounds every bit as wonderful as it looks. I’ve always admired the Luxman aesthetic. I traded in the Mac for a Burmester about 2 years past after my regular supplier allowed me to audition it alongside the Mac for a month. The burmester almost made the Mac SACD player sound course by comparison when playing Red Book CD’s. It also scored strongly in its overall engineering. I was never wholly impressed with the Mac CD tray.
  5. Aside from the addition of a headphone amp the system has remained unchanged for several years now.
  6. Brought back some very happy memories......owned a cottage in St Johns Chapel many moons past.
  7. Not a fan of the genre myself with one notable exception, Bernstein’s score for ‘Candide’. It contains some very memorable music and in its finale (the number, ‘Make our Garden Grow’) he makes his best effort to emulate Mahler.
  8. Springbeg

    Newbie Intro's

    Hello all. Renewing my membership after a lengthy absence. Regards.
  9. I agree with Jelly Tussle, the best 3D Television sets out there are capable of stunning 3D entertainment. I purchased one of Panasonic's last Plasma generation sets with 'Active' 3D capability, the TX-P65VT65B. It's used almost exclusively for blu ray opera/concert playback but also permits guilty indulgence in the burgeoning 3D film release market. Friends with access to IMAX cinema on the mainland (I've never visited one) tell me that the 3D experience on our Panasonic set is superior. I went to the trouble of using the Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark disc to calibrate for viewing in darkened conditions......worth the effort and investment.
  10. The opening bars of Respighi's 'Il Cucu' from his suite Gli Uccelli (The Birds) are like a shaft of sunlight following a storm. There are many fine recordings to be had. Two I favour are Dorati on Mercury Living Presence and a stunning modern recording on sacd by Henry Raudales and the Munich Radio Orchestra (CPO label).
  11. Share your enthusiasm for Pluhar and L'Arpeggiata Malcolm. Not always convinced of some of her slightly 'jazzed' arrangements but always produces beautiful recorded results. She and Jordi Savall have carried a torch for a more exotic approach. 'Via Crucis', 'Teatro d'Amore' and the recent Cavalli disc are stunning releases.
  12. Beautiful. Very tasteful presentation. Not dissimilar to that London architects set up in his Barbican apartment.
  13. No idea if this helps Rick. Atacama Evoque ECO Natural Bamboo. They were a custom made size (55 cm deep x 60 cm width) to accommodate my Mac MA8000. I added two sets of 300 mm leg extensions. In its current configuration it stands 99cm high. Less than a year of service before I acquired my dream rack....basso continuo. Swap is no use to me but the real difficulty would be getting them to you. The Marantz UD7007 is added for scale.