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  1. Hi Pete As this was sold a 3 month return to base warranty and in immaculate condition. will you be offering the same cover on purchase. I would also like to know how all the marks have been after the purchase from Lotus.
  2. I'm interested - I live in Sutton Coldfield - Is that close to you.

    1. mghifi2


      How are things going with the sale.. Are you near Sutton?

  3. Hello Mike, Looks a nice amp I could be interested for a test for a time - what would be your best price.

    Dac is going well with my mac.. 

    Kind regards


    1. mike chadwick

      mike chadwick

      Hi Stuart

      good to hear from you. The Luxman is a stunning headphone amp - battleship build. I'm reluctant to drop the price much more - a £100 discount because it's you!



    2. mike chadwick
    3. mghifi2


      Hi Mike sent PM

  4. Interested in testing one of these - if any one has a used one for sale at a sub ebay price please contact.
  5. Nice to see the master of all Dac units is still holding it's price. Good luck with the sale I miss mine. but not in the market for one sorry.