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  1. Great headphones - Good luck - Have a great Birthday
  2. Hello - nice image of headband if still free - I would be interested - How much is the postage
  3. Good Luck with sale Lov these headphones
  4. hello is the knob silver, what do you think the cost of shipping would be to Birmingham
  5. hello hope you are well - would like to find out the cost for both the RME and the Gilmore if a deal can be made


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    2. mghifi2


      The price is very good but for now I will just buy the Gilmore - please send bank details when you are ready.

      my details

      Stuart Taylor
      Tel: 07881 824026
    3. bobbybox99


      Thanks Stuart. I've just sent you a Whatsapp message (for security) with my bank details etc. Cheers Rob

    4. mghifi2


      Understand thanks

  6. Hi Pete As this was sold a 3 month return to base warranty and in immaculate condition. will you be offering the same cover on purchase. I would also like to know how all the marks have been after the purchase from Lotus.
  7. I'm interested - I live in Sutton Coldfield - Is that close to you.

    1. mghifi2


      How are things going with the sale.. Are you near Sutton?

  8. Hello Mike, Looks a nice amp I could be interested for a test for a time - what would be your best price.

    Dac is going well with my mac.. 

    Kind regards


    1. mike chadwick

      mike chadwick

      Hi Stuart

      good to hear from you. The Luxman is a stunning headphone amp - battleship build. I'm reluctant to drop the price much more - a £100 discount because it's you!



    2. mike chadwick
    3. mghifi2


      Hi Mike sent PM

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