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  1. Available with Carbon cartridge for £210 or without a cartridge for £200
  2. Lovely bit of kit that I thought would stay for a long time. Unfortunately a couple of accidents involving our cats means it must go. Comes with 5 spare EL509 valves, spare fuses and 2 spare sets of the smaller valves, in good condition and works perfectly. 15W per channel, no valve matching and dc setting knows for each channel. I could find packaging but would much prefer collection from Sheffield. £400 collected with free tea, biscuits and demo.
  3. Late 90s P3 with RB300, Carbon cartridge available for an extra £10. Lid has lots of cleaning marks and a couple of deeper scratches, perfectly functional and may polish up nicely. The deck is in good condition and sounds as you'd expect it to and had a new belt around 10 hours use ago. Original packaging in good condition and can be double boxed. Price is £200 without cartridge collected from Sheffield. I'll post at buyers expense and risk.
  4. I have a late 90's P3 with an Exact cartridge on it for £320, all in great working order and the Exact was recently checked by Moorgate and given a clean bill of health. I bought it to dip a toe back into LP's, I've now got an RP8/RB3000/AT OC9XML as I was so impressed with the P3 (but having had fairly high end TT front ends knew there was more to come if I wanted it).
  5. What type of amp are you looking for? I have a bluesound powernode 2 I'd px for the rega
  6. Sorry I forgot the protocol, we've been in contact via PM
  7. Any room for manoeuvre on the price? Bit beyond my budget.
  8. No way you could post? I need a good amp as a backup (valve power amp giving me grief) and I like class a. I'm in Sheffield so a bit far to travel.
  9. Long interconnects are generally not a good idea with passive pre amps from memory. Not sure if 3m counts as long though
  10. Serial number suggests it's a mid to late 90's one with RB300 arm. New belt fitted 2 weeks ago, sounds great, looks decent (lid is marked but usable) and has chucked me back down the LP rabbit hole . No cartridge but I do have all the original packaging, collection from Sheffield preferred and I'm asking £250.
  11. In good condition, decent little stage and obviously does both mm and mc. No original packaging but I can make it safe for posting. £75 including postage within the UK
  12. Nice bit of kit which I've upgraded with a 20k Alps Blue volume pot. 4 input, 2 variable outputs and a fixed output. £75 including UK postage.
  13. Great streamer/amp combo, also has a single hybrid analogue/digital input. Sounds good, software is brilliant and it'll drive many speakers comfortably. Boxed with all original accessories and in good cosmetic condition. £300 posted in the UK
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