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  1. Thanks, it's a very special amp, wish it worked better at low volume with my speakers....
  2. Great starting point, they need a bit of space to sound their best but the owners I've spoken too have all said how good the kit is.... Or 😉 I can supply you with a flat packed kit for an open baffle design with sealed subwoofer (Club 27 Jimi) or it can be modified to the Amy a 12" bottom firing horn arrangement
  3. I'm going to give it a go, the reviewer uses speakers with similar drivers to mine so it should work well. Also seems to generate enough interest should I not like the sound of it. I'll pm you later when I'm home from work.
  4. Missed the bit about a new one. Must have impressed you right from the start then, what speakers do you use if you don't mind me asking.
  5. Could I ask the reason for sale and does it have a remote control, the one in the review mentions a remote but the advert doesn't. I'm very interested by the way not just tyre kicking.
  6. Trilogy Vti integrated valve amp of any interest?
  7. Worksop would make life a lot easier. I'll PM you to discuss things further
  8. I'd like to buy it but the 260 mile round trip is a bit off-putting. You don't ever come near to Sheffield do you?
  9. Bit of a rare one, runs on 2 EL34's for each channel, claimed 50W per channel but reports suggest that's probably pessimistic. It gels brilliantly with my speakers at higher volume but not so well at lower volume (which since a change of room is much the greater portion of my listening), mainly down to my speakers not the amp. I'm looking for a lower power SE valve amp or First Watt clone (Aleph J) and would consider swaps. The amp spent some time with Amp Regen and had work done and was given a clean bill of health (sounds even better now). Comes with some spare valves and fuses but no box. Collection, with demo, from Sheffield much preferred and price is £800.
  10. I built and used it in my system for quite a while, quite a few people will have heard this at bakeoff and Scalford.
  11. I seem to be struggling to send pm's, if you want to come on and I'll reply with address and phone number