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  1. Are they a sealed box and what kind of sensitivity and bass extension do they have?
  2. Sorry just seen this, will sort pics later today.....
  3. Excellent little amp/streamer unit with two dual optical/analogue inputs and sub out. Sounded pretty decent with my speakers, which are fairly ruthless on amp and source so should drive many speakers and sound good. The software is by far the best I've used being reliable, speedy and intuitive to use. Price for this boxed little wonder is £325 posted or £300 collected from Sheffield.
  4. Things have changed for me, do you still have it? Would you be able to convert it to 2 power supplies? Would you accept £150 posted?
  5. Sorry it's not going to happen any time soon. Good luck with the sale
  6. Can you give me 24 hours to confirm purchase of a new amp? If I get the new amp I'll have this off you. What power supplies does it need, 5v by 2A for the Pi? What about the other two?
  7. I can always build something similar from the bits I have in a box
  8. If you've got a class A or low powered valve amp and want something easy to place, very sensitive and fabulous sounding then you should give these a listen. They sound good powered by the Bluesound Powernode 2 but are capable of so much more and deserve to be used and listened too rather than playing music in the background. For the right money I'd build new cabinets and finish them off well (I always promised myself I would but they sound so good as is and I don't care too much about the odd cosmetic scruffiness). The cost for new cabinets would be around £500 including my time and would include a sanded and waxed finish. That would be on top of the current asking price.
  9. Hi Willie, Sorry for not replying sooner, been struggling a bit this week. Would you meet me at £340? I can get it boxed and posted tomorrow, Cheers Des
  10. I'll hang on a bit longer, that's not enough for it.
  11. I'm selling my Cambridge Audio CXN v1, it's silver, with remote and in excellent condition. I've been seriously impressed with it and the new app is much better. Tidal integration included in it, Spotify through its own app, digital radio and it picked my NAS straight away. Plenty of digital inputs, both balanced XLR and rca (plus digital) outs and a digital pre-amp as one of the options. As a bonus it sounds good as well and wasn't disgraced in my setup. No original packaging but I can pack it well for posting, price is £350 including postage or £330 collected from Sheffield. If you want a demo you'll have to bring an amp with you!
  12. I've bought a secondhand Bluesound Powernode 2 which I'm going to try with the Bastanis. If someone offers me the right money they can go and I'll pick up a set of something reasonable to use for background music (which is pretty much all I do now). If no one offers the right amount I'll keep them and use them as I have been doing but with the Powernode rather than valve amps and CXN streamer. I'm sure the Powernode will be good enough for the job off providing decent quality background music that I can turn up if something really catches my attention.
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