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  1. Nagraboy

    Ooh, no

    Seems like mentt is someone who follows the religion of the Hi-Fi Ear God, where naive hi-fi enthusiast followers know that mere science can’t be trusted because music is ‘spiritual’ and only The Ear can know the truth. There is no truth beyond what the ear and mind perceive, therefore anything is possible if the mind is persuaded by the hi-fi journalist/guru and the marketing dept etc. But if there is a difference in perceived sound, it must be in the equipment, never the listener’s mind.
  2. Nagraboy


    Hi, that was my advert from a few years ago. Sold it to MightAnt from this forum IIRC. If someone is using my pictures etc for their advert I think it’s pretty obvious they’ve scammed you. Speak to your bank about charging the money back to him if you can. Tell them it was a criminal scam and they should really sort it out for you. Good luck.
  3. Nagraboy


    I take B12, Omega 3/DHA, zinc, and vit D3. B12 wouldn’t be an issue if we still drank from streams and grew our own veg more. Fortunately for meat-eaters, cattle are injected with large doses of B12 which helps humans get enough. The other ones like zinc and D3 I take are mostly for specific injuries I have which they help with, but D3 in winter months is not a bad idea for anyone. I get most of my Omega 3 from ground flax seed, but the DHA might give an extra bonus.
  4. Nagraboy


    Yes we have grown a large population - because the health issues surrounding meat-eating (cancer, heart disease, erectile disfunction, chronic lower back pain, stroke, vascular dementia etc etc) tend to affect us after the reproductive years of our lives, thus not preventing our population growth.
  5. Nagraboy


    Nah, our teeth are crap compared to true omnivorous animals. They tend to have claws and actual sharp teeth and are anatomically closer to carnivores. Humans are frugivores, and for many reasons including the side-to-side motion of our jaws, our relatively long digestive tract and the fact we can get heart disease which omnivores cannot. Eskimos have not evolved to live well in the Arctic. They frequently die from nosebleeds, strokes and heart disease from all the animal products they eat, contrary to popular myths about their health. .............................. Having been vegan for over 5 years, I find it fairly easy to follow. Buying whole foods rather than processed makes it a lot simpler, although reading an ingredients label isn’t that hard either. I’m not that keen on all the new fast-food vegan options arriving, but it’s good to have the choice now and then.
  6. I used to have both Tidal and Qobuz, now just Qobuz. Lost nearly all my Mark Kozelek albums by doing that! What you state is not entirely true though. Any albums from Tidal or Qobuz that I add to my Library become part of the criteria for what Roon suggests as potential albums that might interest me, so it would still give me new music ideas even without a large ripped CD archive. However, I find most of the albums I add via Roon come from suggestions that play in Roon Radio based on the seed track/album I’ve chosen, I’ve discovered loads of Renaissance and Electronic music I’d never have known about using this. I don’t tend to add many new albums from the New Album Suggestions area now.
  7. In the last year or so I abandoned CD in favour of streaming. First I got a Walkman and ripped some CDs, next I got a Chromecast and a Tidal account. Then I got a Roon Nucleus with a 2TB SSD which I’ve half-filled with CD/SACD rips. I’m using the Nucleus with a Pro-Ject streamer (tarted up Pi for non-IT thickos) and a Pro-Ject DAC is in the post. It’s all very good having control of it all from an iPad. But being a computer, sometimes it crashes or has glitches - vinyl playback seems to be a bit like this too. Both vinyl and streaming can be a real hassle. At these times I do fondly remember the simplicity of the humble CD player - perhaps the best hi-fi source of all time for its ease of use. Roon and streaming has given me access to far more new music than I’ve ever had before and has been worth the investment, but for minimum hassle just a CD player or Tidal streamer would suffice.
  8. Nagraboy

    EU made hifi

    How could you ever know that every component was EU made? Even manufacturers probably wouldn’t know where every part of a resistor or capacitor comes from. Most of my system has somehow ended up coming from UK companies. Rega, Croft, Radford and Harbeth. But I expect plenty of the internal parts were made in China.
  9. Tried the Glenfiddich 12yo last night. Might add a bottle to the small collection.
  10. Some of Nikka’s output is imported from Scotland from a distillery they own there, and then bottled in Japan. They tend to use Scottish whisky production methods in Japan. I tried a Yamazaki once, was excellent stuff.
  11. Give the opened bottles to friends. Or just buy miniatures to try them first before risking a whole bottle purchase. I’ve been buying 3cl bottles to try first lately. Bought Nikka Pure Malt red and black versions, didn’t like the black much but ordered a bottle of red now.
  12. Having seen and heard this pair chez Ian, I can say that the finish is absolutely beautiful and the condition and sound quality are perfect. These won’t hang about for long
  13. Output is stated on Rega’s site as 0.35mV, not 0.5mV. It’s a very good cart, I’ve got one on my Planar 8.