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  1. I bet it was a nice sound, I was quite happy with the XS when I had Harbeth P3ESR and the Leak ST20 sounded lovely with my Falcons too. The 600 would give plenty of power for the Falcons to give their full output capability though, and the 600 also allows the use of the 6L6 valve which is often said to be the best match for LS3/5a speakers. I’ll see what turns up.
  2. @Rockchild I rather like the look of that from your photo. Looks more like the eucalyptus finish. I suppose wood as a natural material will patina somewhat with age. But as you’re not happy with it, I hope they can do something for it. Maybe some wood polish to bring out the normal grain more.
  3. I usually use a Roon Nucleus to upsample all files to DSD128 for output via USB to a Marantz SA8005. Or sometimes I do DSD256 to my Pro-Ject DAC. It works faultlessly and I do think the DSD output sounds better than PCM. As for your concern about software having an effect on sound quality, I just don’t go there these days.
  4. I’ve been amassing a few amps lately with a view to getting the right sound for the SPU/Falcon alliance. I’d like to try out Leben integrateds again and also the phono stage. PM if you have any of these for sale: CS300 CS300XS CS300F CS600/X RS30EQ Cheers
  5. I’ve got a 3009 Series 2 Improved with original box and arm cable, if you’re interested.
  6. ‘Listening’ to the dCS Bartòk through YouTube and a laptop is like tasting a fine wine from a plastic beaker smeared with marmite . Is this guy serious, or just seriously deluded?
  7. @syep2001 I agree, the P3ESR is my favourite speaker too and I owned them for most of the previous decade. But for whatever reason, I’ve settled down with the Falcon LS3/5a as there’s just something about them I can’t replace.
  8. The differences are a matter of degree rather than nature though. Hyperbolic phrases like “totally different” are disproportionate here - eg. if you were to compare a Cessaro Liszt to a Harbeth P3ESR then your choice of words might be more appropriate.
  9. I’ve had both too, and also heard both at Ian’s house. He’s aware of the differences, as am I, but they aren’t chalk and cheese differences, clear though they are.
  10. That’s a bargain - I use one with my Accession M phono stage.
  11. Yes, I bunged them too. Btw the Kensingtons are ported too, so I was trying to suggest a good cheaper small speaker option if the OP really liked the Tannoys. Think he’s bought the Stirlings now anyway. I had a pair of those in the past too.
  12. I used to have the Tannoy Kensington SE in a smaller room than the OP. I’m in a different house now and use the Falcon LS3/5a. I’d get a pair of KEF LS50 as a cheaper stopgap instead of LS3/5a as the bass depth and power handling are superior to the Falcons - I have a pair in my movies system. I could fit much larger speakers in my main room but I’m happy with the Falcons. For people who like to play music loudly something more like the Tannoys would be good.
  13. Talking of Zorn and Eye, this clip is really good: https://youtu.be/sO2k5HMYIno
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