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  1. Have to say I’m tempted. Lovely amp.
  2. Good point! He was telling me about the visitors he’s had over the years whilst talking about his system. He might’ve been referring to his modified ESL63 speakers. The PL-P must’ve arrived sometime after the two maestre.
  3. And they’ve just arrived: Looking forward to some listening tonight 👍
  4. Trying to reduce the box count here, so here’s my truly mint Sugden A21aP class A power amp. Serviced by Sugden recently with paperwork. All packaging and original box. Condition is perfect, amazing. Sugden are known for their class A sound and this one allows the use of your choice of high end preamp to really make the most of it. Was a great match with my Nagra preamp (also for sale here). £620 inc postage.
  5. Yep. You can use them to match sources and power amps to the preamp. There are also internal attenuators to reduce the source’s voltage before going to the input amplifier. It means that not only can you match your vinyl and digital sources but also can use virtually any power amp with any sensitivity with the PL-P and still get quiet operation. More amps should have these facilities.
  6. Oh yes, some people are more into the novelty of getting new kit than the actual performance. After a while they need to try something else for a change perhaps.
  7. Meghan appears to be a power-hungry, publicity-seeking egotist of monstrous proportions. Harry appears to be a man of below average judgement who’s easily led.
  8. Just moved into my new house in December and had some trouble getting used to the new central heating system at first. It has a portable thermostat (??) so if I move it around the house it affects how hot all the radiators get. Eventually I found that if I put it in the kitchen on a low shelf the living room would be warm enough. When we moved in it was in the living room on a high shelf which meant the kitchen was like a fridge!
  9. I ran this with a Rega Apheta 2 and the basic Croft RIAA and a Leben integrated with Harbeth P3ESR. So good.
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