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  1. I’ve understood everything that‘s been posted, it’s not difficult. And I’m not attacking you, I’m attacking your ideas and views ie. that your price protection/loyalty scheme idea (which would mean cheaper prices for some customers - like charity, in effect) is delusional because you’re placing so much importance on your own specific circumstances with regards to how a global business should run. The forex situation, supply chain projections and a dwindling baby-boomer customer base are far more salient points to consider than sneaky Alan and his monetary greed.
  2. Delusional. Harbeth aren’t a charity trying to help poor audiophiles into upgrading speakers they bought less than a year ago but could barely afford at the time. You’re projecting too much of your own situation onto global business matters. A lot of factors go into the setting of a product’s price. It’s frankly naive and solipsistic to knee-jerk assume it’s a ‘money grabbing’ exercise.
  3. ...You must’ve taken that photo after some precision audio-grade ale, Ian! re: my comment, AS was interviewed by HFN in 2006 and mentioned Sam when commenting on the QC regime at Harbeth And well done on the sale!
  4. I note that final inspection was done by Sam Heeler - in Alan Shaw’s words ‘a picky girl‘. Got to be reassuring for the new custodian! GLWTS
  5. Thanks JB, I can’t read it though. Think I need to sign up so I’ll try to decipher it!
  6. Glad to hear people are happy with the records. As I say, there may be a small batch of extra ones coming soon, of similar condition
  7. Looking for a Nagra PL-P preamp. Please PM if you’d like to discuss.
  8. Do you think my prices were too low, Jack? I thought they were good prices for the buyers but I’m glad they’ve gone to people that wanted them. I’ve already spent most of the proceeds on loony-priced Jazz reissues! PS. To the buyers: If there are any issues or disappointments with any discs purchased for any reason, just let me know and I’ll make sure you’re happy
  9. All records now posted.
  10. All now SOLD. Thank to the buyers. May have some more in a few days.
  11. Most of these went earlier in the thread, but you can still have 2x Skrillex, Bombay BC, Apheta Twin Black and Melvins. Thanks.
  12. Sure, I’ll PM you payment details.
  13. More titles added again...
  14. Sure, I’ll PM payment details.