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  1. @StingRay I find these days that life is too short for audiophile music/listening for sound quality etc. If these singers were in front of me I would’ve like their music as it’s not my thing, so I’m not going to listen to it just to be impressed with how much resolution my stereo has (or has not). Have you seen some of those Asian YouTube channels with audiophile music? Seems to be a hobby in itself in parts of Asia. They think it’s really good music! It’s all fingers on bass strings and ‘parting of lips’ rubbish!
  2. Famous Blue Raincoat is an old audiophile chestnut, indeed. I don’t own a copy but heard it played it on a £2 million+ hi-fi once. Also heard it on Radio 2. Not for me, but certainly good for showing off your system.
  3. See if you can get on the list for a Radford Revival STA25. I had an original 60s Radford with my P3ESR and it was great.
  4. After a pair of the current production Quad II Classic monoblocks. Champagne or Lancaster grey is fine. Thanks.
  5. ... I think you're rather proving my point. You've had to do a truly staggering amount of exercise to keep the weight down, and despite that you only lost 20% of your weight. Remember, the question was what is more effective for weight loss - dietary changes or exercise. The science - and in particular the meta-studies - say it's diet, but your single data point anecdotal thinking can't accept that because it doesn't suit your ego for some reason.
  6. Think it was March 2011 I joined but my original profile got lost in the server crash in September 2014, so I had to start again. Had some lovely kit back then, Nagra CDC, Nagra PL-P, Nagra MSA and Stirling LS3/5A Cannot remember why I joined specifically. I do remember a thread from early on then about Strider’s adventures with his brother pouring liquified ‘dog eggs’ into a nasty neighbour’s car radiator. Or was it sewing frozen prawns into the top of curtains? Bloody funny, anyway!
  7. There’s loads of information about this online from dozens of highly reputable sources - besides me saying it. You’ve got your head in the sand mate. Here’s a report in the New York Times commenting on a meta-study into the question of diet vs exercise for weight loss. This was a meta-study, so can’t really be ignored: Here’s a video from looking at the results of a study showing the relative importance of diet vs exercise for controlling weight: Ah, you’ve obviously not got your gut microbiome adapted to these foods Ron!
  8. Yes, I tend to eat wholemeal pasta and bread, and brown rice.
  9. Personally, I’ve cut down on the protein and fat a lot and eat about 80% carbs the last 6 years, plus lots of beans and legumes with my vegan diet. At my age (40) there’s no need for large amounts of protein as funnily enough I’m not growing anymore, and fat is the most calorie dense thing so takes more calories to feel full. The fixation you often see with getting protein is mad. Protein is for growth and the time when a human needs the most protein is when they are an infant, yet human breast milk contains about 5% protein! So don’t worry about it. One of the many good things about eating chickpeas, beans other things like that is when eaten at one meal, any food eaten at the next meal causes less of an insulin spike - even if the gap is evening meal to breakfast. Other things like eating berries at the same time as more unhealthy foods leads to less adverse reactions in the body. I always try to eat something healthy with anything unhealthy.
  10. A whole hour of intense exercise for only 5-600 calories burnt. Most people won’t manage that level of exercise in a week. Yet if they just ate slightly less each day (ie one slice of bread a day less!) they’d achieve the same calorie deficit. There’s really no argument here - It’s not my opinion, it’s a well known fact that diet changes lead to more weight loss than exercise. There are other benefits to exercise of course - eg. CV health and mood - but we’re talking about out weight loss here.
  11. If the exercise reduces weight, why do you need to cut food if you put on weight? That’s kind of my point - the diet is more effective than the exercise. Of course exercise has some effect from calorie burning and metabolic changes but it’s much less important than the diet. A case in point is that there was a study that showed that regular marathon runners who ate a relatively poor diet had higher BMI than vegans who did no exercise.
  12. That’s generally not the case. Exercise doesn’t use many calories. Eg. most people’s weekly gym workout session adds up to the same calories as the doughnut they reward themselves afterwards!
  13. One thing to bear in mind is that the body uses more energy to process a meal eaten early in the day than the same one consumed later. So just shifting all your meals a bit early and keeping them closer together results in weight loss, regardless of any other factors. It’s better to eat a good-sized breakfast within an hour of rising, then a moderate-sized lunch a few hours later, then a light meal in the early evening than waiting several hours to start eating later in the day. This ensures at least 15 hours of fasting and is more in tune with our hormones. Studies on the Seventh Day Adventists community in the USA show this is very effective for weight control and has other health benefits. Worth a look.
  14. I’d say that’s a certainty. He’s probably angry with the Hell-wife but can’t summon up the guts to confront her about the years of torment so takes it out on our poor OP!
  15. Any humorous anecdotes about this ‘spouse’ we could hear? Do tell