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  1. I’ve had both in the same small room and they’re fine.
  2. I’ll see if I can make it for one of the days.
  3. I always think it’s funny people talking about the sound of different software, when they’re assessing it via an electro-mechanical device with many order of magnitude more distortion in many different forms. Like trying to taste wine from a beaker smeared with peanut butter.
  4. None of that makes your previous statement true though.
  5. Many layers of delusion must’ve been required to make that statement with a straight face.
  6. @tmhaudio They look like SomethingSolid XF stands.
  7. I’ve been using vintage Quad for a while now (33, 34, 303) and have no complaints via my Falcon LS3/5a speakers, which are reissues of the 70s design. In fact, I’ve found the 33/303 to be one of the most enjoyable amplifiers I’ve ever owned. Have to thank @Ian for getting me into this old kit which I had assumed was not up to scratch anymore! How wrong I was.
  8. Looking for either an Accession or Reflex for my MM cartridge. Thanks.
  9. Just borrowed a Glasshouse passive to try out. Let’s see how it goes…
  10. Nagraboy

    One Track

    Yep, that Impulse! album with Johnny Hartman did startle me last year when I heard it for the first time (why did I put it off for so long?!). I bought a really nice Japanese vinyl copy and via my system at the time (1200G/AT MM, old Quads, Harbeth M30.1 quite near-field) it felt like he was right there. Just had a thought, maybe Sinatra - A Very Good Year might get a spin here too.
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