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  1. That’s good to hear. Think I only played it a couple of times so should sound very good
  2. I don’t think Sturgeon is really like that. Your characterisation describes the old SNP. She’s slotted into the role as SNP leader under mostly the same rhetoric as earlier I times, but really she’s just as enthusiastic for a post-national Europe as Merkel and Macron - centralised power and all. The SNP is merely her vehicle.
  3. The SNP are not nationalists in any traditional sense. The should be called the Global Scotland Party if anything.
  4. Coltrane sold. A few left now.
  5. I thought that before I actually owned a Croft preamp too, but once I got one I become laser-eyed at quickly and accurately lining up the two controls in parallel! It’s superb gear.
  6. Yes - but no charges please. Please PM me your address.
  7. There’s a Croft 25R+S in the Classifieds right now. Now that is stunning.
  8. Surplus to requirements here, so how about a Christmas gift for a little one? This is the smaller size of Kanken and cost around £80 last year from the official website. Barely used, looks mint. £35 inc UK postage.
  9. Simply one of the best high-end preamps available - without the high-end price. Shouldn't hang around long at this price Ian 👍
  10. OK, thank you. Please PM me your address.
  11. Me too, although I can’t really fault my AT.
  12. Put these LPs to one side a while ago but now I’ve moved house, it’s time to move them on. Crescent - John Coltrane VG+/NM - £12 Coltrane - John Coltrane VG+/NM - £12 Chet Is Back! - Chet Baker NM/NM - £12 Forevher - Shura (signed jacket, Rough Trade Exclusive Ltd to 300 copies) NM/NM - £16 This Is All Yours - Alt-J NM/NM - £10 Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones NM/NM - £10 Here And Nowhere Else - Cloud Nothings (turquoise vinyl) NM/NM - £11 Freebird - Lynyrd Synyrd (picture disc) - VG/plastic sleeve - £11 Live at Reading ‘93 - Stone Temple Pilots (picture disc) - VG/VG - £7 Swiss Movement - Les McCann/Eddie Harris (70s pressing) VG/G++ - £10 Postage is £3 per title, maximum of £9. Thanks for looking!
  13. What are you up to Ian? Are you sure this time? ☺
  14. Anything recorded direct-to-disc, just for the hell of it Famous Blue Raincoat by Jennifer Warnes or Harry Belafonte At Carnegie Hall (shudder...) Kodo drum groups or double-bass ensembles Anything being recorded for release on reel-to-reel tape DSD256 (actually make that any DSD or other ‘hi-res’ music)