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  1. Thanks Jupiter4. I feel my system in on the lean side too. I have no cartridge strategy - it's my first turntable - but I might need one as I think (but I could be completely wrong) that valves are more suited to MM and need a step-up transformer. I'm probably talking rubbish ... I had to Google "Dynavector VD20" to realise it was a typo and it should have been DV20!
  2. Thanks very much. This is exactly what I was after. Lots of food for thought. I like the Trilogy as rack space could quite possibly be a determining factor.
  3. Hi folks, I'd like a bit of advice please. I managed to grab (what I think is) a bargain on a second hand turntable and need some help on the choice of phono stage. My set-up is: SME Model 10 turntable with Model 10 tone arm and Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge Bryston BP-25 and 4BSST amplification PMC fact8 speakers I'm looking for something that gets my foot tapping maybe at the expense of 100% tonal accuracy. Any suggestions? The dealer I bought the turntable from suggests either a Tom Evans microgroove or an iFi iPhono - these are just the only two items they sell in the price range. I've also heard good things about the Moon 310LP and I can get one of those from another local dealer. Any other suggestions? Maybe something with valves .... Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Hello everyone My name's Raja. I went to the National Audio Show in Whittlebury last weekend. I met a nice guy called James, aka MUJI, on the bus from Milton Keynes station. He recommended this forum to me. Being at the show made me think I should sell my CD player and buy a turntable. The physical aspect of vinyl appeals to me and the sound seems more natural to me. I need some advice on what turntable set-up would best suit my system but I'm not sure where to post it. It's all a bit confusing. Any tips? - - - Updated - - - Hi Dom, this happened to me. Try going via the "Settings" screen rather than "My Profile".