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  1. My HiFi in car format would be: Ugly as sin, goes pretty well but wont win any wars
  2. How about a lovely Leben CS-300XS Integrated Amplifier. Gold plated Knobs y'know!
  3. For a moment I thought they were Metaxas Sirens: https://www.bestofhighend.com/metaxas-sirens-prelude-reference-monitor-speakers-4/
  4. Hi Phil, yes I have gone over them all and tightened them up with no further issues. I've not seen this before any any other speaker I have owned. That will teach me for buying cheap Audionote rubbish
  5. The right speaker (AN-E Spe) making a slight buzzing on quiet low freq notes. I discovered a loose screw on the mid driver which was working it's way out. looking further I found two more which were finger tight and two more on the left speaker. Strange, I don't run them loud enough to shake them about too much maybe it's a temperature issue as they're set either side of a log burner.
  6. ozzric

    Don't laugh.

    Cant believe you've had all these replies so far and no-ones mentioned Woofers. There ya go.
  7. 'Definitive measurable proof that cables measure different'. I think all he did was demonstrate RF rejection.
  8. Nah, Nah, Nah, 'Forward' means its in-ya-face, not such much lifting a veil, more of a slashing of the veil with sharp edged treble. Another word for your hate list 'Slashing'!. I'm looking forward to using it in my next review: "When I swapped the cables without blind testing, it seemed like a veil had been slashed". Or: "When I swapped the cables without blind testing, it was obvious they were complete slash". Alternatively: "When I swapped the cables without blind testing there was no difference and I had wasted £10k so I slashed my wrists".
  9. To me 'transparency' relates to how 'forward' the kit sounds. I have learned that 'Forward' often means 'Bright', i.e kit which errs towards treble more than mid and low ranges, thinking of kit like Cyrus when I say this. Give me mushy tubes any day, I can focus on the music rather than adjectives ! Two more words for your list, you're welcome
  10. Before Keith chips in, did you do this unsighted? Thought so, you couldn't hear anything because you needed to wear your blindfold back to front!
  11. When I had my OTO, it liked Amperex but prices were silly but then I got hold of some Hammond branded made in the same Amperex factory for about £15 each, I was very happy with the sound and they are still going strong as my friend has the OTO now.
  12. Thats Audionote OTO territory.
  13. Reviews, recommendations and auditions are what leads me to purchases, I never look at the measurements. @tuga posts (page 37) on the '0s & 1s are all the same aren’t they? Is it really worth paying for a “better” Streamer?' thread show the AN 2.1x DAC measures very poor: If I were to judge the DAC by this alone, I perhaps wouldn't have purchased it, however it has synergy with the Meishu its feeding and sounds very musical to my ears. I have tried other DAC's with the Meishu but never quite got the same thrill - less emotive. I imagine the 2.1x could sound dreadful in a more modern (digital) system. So AN and Valve equipment in general measure terribly, so they should really be disregarded in the Hi-Fi community, but its quite the opposite, why is that? 'Best in Show'. After hearing first an OTO then a Meishu at a shows I sold all my previous kit and went the AN route because it sounds fab to me, my ears told me that, not a spec sheet.
  14. ozzric

    Hi All

    Welcome to the worlds greatest cable debate forum.
  15. I was listening a lot to SOMA FM which I believe is based in California. I had been using Tunein but there's been some licensing wrangle and a lot of stations outside the uk report that they are 'no longer available in your country'. SOMA still works fine on the laptop though, just not via Tunein on the TV app or Streamer. It means I just don't listen to radio as much as a result.
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