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  1. So we’ve had the “best system you owned” thread (which appears to be the current one 99% of the time!) but let’s open it up more. Best system might be your friend’s, from a bake-off, a show or a dealer demo. I’ve heard some brilliant systems but the Wilson Alexias+D’Agostino monos are way over the £30k mark so let’s limit the value to keep it more attainable for us ordinary folk. best I heard and one which still sticks in my mind is from the Heathrow show in 1993. Jeff Rowland model 8s powering Audiostatic ES-100. Incredible scale and openness in a big room. However, during the time since then maybe I have become harder to please so who knows if I’d still hold that system with such reverence.
  2. Very interested to read the result with the D&D 8cs. I may audition some. What were the differences between them and the Wilsons?
  3. Guys, I've unintentionally been leading you up the garden path. Martin's question above made me doublecheck what was connected to what. Whereas I thought I had left the CD transport connecting to the DSPeaker antimode connecting to the was in fact bypassing the Antimode and going straight into the DAC. Whilst the SBT was going into the Antimode then into the DAC. Hence the significant difference in sound I was hearing! Since I set up the Antimode I added a Rel sub to the system, so after running the room correction again, and plugging the CD transport back through the Antimode, it's all sounding aligned again. After re-running the room correction it's now sounding better (more detailed, more separation, more transparent etc. etc.) than with the CD going straight into the DAC. In summary, I am a bozo. Having said that, a friend has sent me two files of the same track. One was ripped from a Melco D100 and one from CD using EAC. He can hear a difference, let's see if I can. So now I am back to the point in wondering what to do to improve things further...the opinion seems to be not to bother trying a more highly engineered streamer/server for the limited amount of music I have? And also not to bother purchasing some of my music on hi-res (24 bit+) to replace my ripped FLAC/WAV library?
  4. So here's my problem, I have a CD players and a SBT. I ripped some CDs using EAC to WAV format and played them back to back with the CD tracks expecting the WAV to sound higher resolution and altogether "better". It didn't. All the tracks on the CDs sounded better....more realisic, vocalists more 3D, details the same, bass way more defined. They were played into the same DAC (CD player acting as a transport, SBT via optical cable and no PSU). So now I'm really confused...ideally I want to scrap all CD playback and upgrade to a hi-res music files 16bit and 32bit for both sound quality improvement and convenience. Why are my files not sounding as good through the SBT? Is the optical cable? Is it lack of PSU? Should I replace the SBT with something better? Please advise me. This is my system: Meridian G08 CD player SBT (unmodded) Both feeding into a Wadia 321 DAC and DSPeaker Antimode Jeff Rowland Concentra integrated amp Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1 speakers This is all I need to do: Move to a more modern music file system, aiming for better than CD quality Play music files (not from PC) via a device with a screen if possible, and also internet radio Not interested in streaming services such as Tidal etc. Most of the music I listen to is quite obscure Right now I can easily fit all my music on a USB thumb drive stuck in the back of the SBT - so I don't need masses of storage I may replace the Jeff Rowland amp with a Vitus or Pass Labs at the same time as upgrading the streamer. Budget is about 10K for amp+streaming, second hand items would be perfect, but if anything unmissable is new on the market, that'd do nicely. Carl
  5. True high end player. What is the reason for sale after just 4 weeks ownership can I ask?
  6. Hi Crom, you have a great memory! I'm very happy to read that paragraph - I was kind of expecting the opposite opinion. Thanks for the link...I may begin my journey to get one. I may switch over to streaming as a single source so would like to look into an all-Vitus system and be done with it for a few years.
  7. Hi all, I'm thinking about getting involved with Vitus and swapping out my Jeff Rowland for one to drive my Wilson 5.1s. Just for the hell of it. And hoping there'd be an improvement of course. Can someone describe the differences between the SIA-025 and the RI-101 for me please? I only like to buy second hand and seems there'd be about 4K difference. How much better is the SIA-025? Would I even notice it? My musical taste is vocals/guitar and electronica. All well recorded stuff with basslines. I do love a tight, fast, accurate, punchy sound. If you tell me Vitus is only good for classical I'll close the door on my way out, naturally.
  8. Carlbkk1

    JBL K2 9800

    Have you experimented with different amps driving them? Which were your favorites?
  9. Must be good, already sold.
  10. If I had 11K burning a hole in my pocket there's no way I'd spend it all on the front end. Go with the tried and tested apportions: majority of your budget spent on the speakers where the greatest improvements can be heard. If you're happy with the 2.5K speakers, the dealer has misdirected you.
  11. I'm not sure how much better then 5200s are than the 5000, but I liked the 5200s. I connected them to a Meridian CD player and Squeezebox Touch. Very nice smooth mids and highs but with a superb deep bass. Quite easy to set up and worked well in different rooms. Occasionally one channel would fall silent after I unplugged them (never worked out why) but a bit of fiddling around and it was back on again. Got the rubber replaced on a woofer for 60 quid when I bought them (it was vibrating). I could quite happily live with them for 700 quid. Not miles worse than my Wilsons.
  12. Me too. Kevin was demoing them once in quite a large hotel room. I went in listening with massively high expectations and I was still overwhelmed by the perfection they produced. Faultless. If I was a millionaire and an audiophile I couldn't imagine considering any other speaker.
  13. Carlbkk1

    JBL K2 9800

    If I was in the UK I would probably have bought these. 8 grand right?