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  1. I think in that room the Estelons look perfect. Aesthetically I like TADs, but they do have that classic look and some prefer that. Going further down that road are designs like ATC's which IMO would look completely out of place in your room, but maybe acceptable in a room with more bare wood and older furniture. In terms of sound, I've heard the TADs and they were remarkable...but we're talking min. 15K second hand I think, whereas the Estelon XAs are about 8K. A bit worrying reading that HFN lab report though!
  2. Does anyone own or has anyone had a demo of Estelon speakers? I just recalled hearing them a few years ago with Vitus amps at the Windsor show and my interest has suddenly perked up. They look incredible (IMO) and I remember that system was one of the best of the show. New prices are beyond reach, but now they're appearing occasionally second hand and dealer ex demo. What do they do well? What not so well? Particular interested in the standmount XCs or the floorstanding XBs.
  3. Call me superficial, but I can’t buy a component which is not pleasing to my eye, even if its performance is outstanding. It’s a 50/50 for me. as the market is pretty much full of great gear at different price points, if a component I love the sound of is ugly I’ll keep looking around at another which provides me with more owner satisfaction. I wouldn’t live with a wife who is wonderfully proficient at washing dishes and ironing but looks like the back end of a bus. I’d wait for another to come along who had both qualities. what superb-sounding components or brands couldn’t possibly be out on display in your abode? here’s my list: McIntosh: analogue meters let down by brash looks, oversized logo, shiny black and green facias. Looks retro but cheap. Audio Research: way too industrial and retro looking for me, with the exception of their new reference series. MBL: their smaller items are ok but looks at these monobloc monstrosities. German, but with logos so oversized that even the Americans would blink in disbelief. adcom : totally boring black boxes Cyrus: more totally boring black boxes melco : square boxes with a logo that cheapens a very expensive item Hegel : doing very well with high praise and loads of great reviews, but a 6k amp that looks like a Tandy product? No way. audio Physik: great sound, but any tall thin wooden speakers that look like this are too common, boring, and just don’t look their value. Revel Ultimas: Wilsons are not known for their good looks and are likened to daleks, but these look like their from a 1980s sci-fi B movie. Harbeths: totally boring, DIY looking square boxes. jBLs: ok they are mostly old when design was basic, I know they sound superb, but they look like a mess left over from the 1970s. No visitor would believe they cost over £3k.
  4. Vitus monos too...would love to know what he’ll try next.
  5. Hmmm a Greek company like Pathos is slightly more likely to name it after an Algarve town I think. But even more likely to name it after their own philosophical term (logos).
  6. I've heard Maggies and I've home demoed Apogee Duetta Sigs (reconditioned) as mentioned above. The Apogees had lovely dynamics and midrange, but their highs were just not detailed and lifelike enough to live with. A major test for me is on known tracks when the singer voices "S". It has to sound real and not too sharp (Focal Diablos), not too lispy (Martin Logans). I can't recall if the Apogees were lispy, but I just knew very quickly they didn't sound lifelike or real or even high end with the treble. Maggies on the other hand had all the required realism and detail but lacked the dynamic excitement in the lower mids which the Apogees had. Wish there as something out there which had the best qualities of both and none of their weaknesses!
  7. I’m in two minds thinking about my non audiophile music and if I could live with how the 8cs replay that. The discount is due to ex dem wear and tear and some cosmetic damage.
  8. I auditioned some 8cs last week with an open mind to be possible replacements for my Wilsons. With good recordings they were excellent, probably better than my current system. But with a few WAV files ripped from 1980s albums they were shocking. Way worse than my current system which is already pretty unforgiving. If only every track I liked was superbly recorded... i wonder if they have any filters to make poorer recordings sound more acceptable? I’m still thinking about getting a pair (after a second longer audition in a proper listening room) and I notice one dealer here sells them occasionally at half price (ex demo). On the surface that seems like a stunning deal. What do you guys think in comparison to other £5500 systems on the market?
  9. For me Vox Olympians without a doubt. Faultless.
  10. Hi Paul, I really wish I could answer you but I just can't. I bought the Rowland and 5.1s blind here in Thailand (the 5.1s because so many people said they sounded even more dynamic than the Sophias and the Rowland because...well...I just always wanted to own one!). They are in a room completely different to the one I had in the UK. I think they sound good, but if it was a rectangular room not open plan L shape, if there weren't windows around all but the back wall and if the floor was wood and carpeted instead of tiled then I'm sure I could make a comparison.
  11. Thanks Paul, yes I was happy with the dynamics of that system and it got better when I put the Modwright LS36.5 pre amp in. That Scalford room was brutal though. I'm always tempted to get another KSA300s but given a completely different room now my expectations might get let down.
  12. Good to hear that, I'm demoing the 8c at a dealer here next week. Let's see if they outperform my current system.
  13. That’s it! It was Neats not PMC. Superbly dynamic.
  14. Was the full name system playing in a large room off the main hall? If so I think it was with PMC speakers. Heard it playing Frozen by Madonna....very good indeed.