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  1. As per the title, Rogers LS4a speakers with target stands. I know nothing about Rogers speakers, but after some wine I got a bit excited on a live auction and won these speakers for 170 quid. is there anyone around Harrogate who a) wants to collect and buy these from me at cost price? or b) would be happy to collect and listen them at no cost to themselves (just trust) until I sell them on? 21-2-21 11 36 44 PM.png?dl=0
  2. Carlbkk1


    Hey Paul, the more it drops the more I seem to be perking up on this thread.
  3. High end speakers selling within three quarters of an hour of listing?! That’s superb. However, with that lovely photo you could probably sell everything visible within the same timeframe.
  4. Good luck with the sale. I’m interested to hear that you’re swapping the Fact12s and Bryston system for 8cs.
  5. Yeah they did come in fancy colours. The wood finish was discontinued. 18K way OTT but they are indeed a beautiful looking speaker.
  6. My balls have been aching a few days over these too. Just in the wrong country atm. I have my REL sub ready for these too.
  7. Looking forward to seeing more photos. How does the sound compare to the Tannoys? there’s another Wammers who found his end game with these. If I could get these abroad I’d be very serious about them, but import tax makes it prohibitive.
  8. Love that 581. How much do they go for now? Unusual Jeff Rowland below that a DAC?
  9. What’s the difference between this and the RI 101 please?
  10. I think in that room the Estelons look perfect. Aesthetically I like TADs, but they do have that classic look and some prefer that. Going further down that road are designs like ATC's which IMO would look completely out of place in your room, but maybe acceptable in a room with more bare wood and older furniture. In terms of sound, I've heard the TADs and they were remarkable...but we're talking min. 15K second hand I think, whereas the Estelon XAs are about 8K. A bit worrying reading that HFN lab report though!
  11. Does anyone own or has anyone had a demo of Estelon speakers? I just recalled hearing them a few years ago with Vitus amps at the Windsor show and my interest has suddenly perked up. They look incredible (IMO) and I remember that system was one of the best of the show. New prices are beyond reach, but now they're appearing occasionally second hand and dealer ex demo. What do they do well? What not so well? Particular interested in the standmount XCs or the floorstanding XBs.
  12. Call me superficial, but I can’t buy a component which is not pleasing to my eye, even if its performance is outstanding. It’s a 50/50 for me. as the market is pretty much full of great gear at different price points, if a component I love the sound of is ugly I’ll keep looking around at another which provides me with more owner satisfaction. I wouldn’t live with a wife who is wonderfully proficient at washing dishes and ironing but looks like the back end of a bus. I’d wait for another to come along who had both qualities. what superb-sounding components or brands couldn’t possibly be out on display in your abode? here’s my list: McIntosh: analogue meters let down by brash looks, oversized logo, shiny black and green facias. Looks retro but cheap. Audio Research: way too industrial and retro looking for me, with the exception of their new reference series. MBL: their smaller items are ok but looks at these monobloc monstrosities. German, but with logos so oversized that even the Americans would blink in disbelief. adcom : totally boring black boxes Cyrus: more totally boring black boxes melco : square boxes with a logo that cheapens a very expensive item Hegel : doing very well with high praise and loads of great reviews, but a 6k amp that looks like a Tandy product? No way. audio Physik: great sound, but any tall thin wooden speakers that look like this are too common, boring, and just don’t look their value. Revel Ultimas: Wilsons are not known for their good looks and are likened to daleks, but these look like their from a 1980s sci-fi B movie. Harbeths: totally boring, DIY looking square boxes. jBLs: ok they are mostly old when design was basic, I know they sound superb, but they look like a mess left over from the 1970s. No visitor would believe they cost over £3k.
  13. Vitus monos too...would love to know what he’ll try next.