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  1. Yes they are giving them away. That’s what I meant.
  2. No. Not dismissing. £4K is mind. Guess you have heard all the permutations, by your tone?
  3. Sure, a few reports on audiophile quality switches. Am still smiling at that notion. Try them all. Measure away. Foo is trying to take ip residence in the digital domain. Good luck. Each to etc. fools and... etc. matters not. Tweak everything...
  4. Lacking with Chord? A potentiometer volume control and decent remote for starters. Multiple inputs and ability for sep sub out for seconds . Decipherable interface thirds. £4K cheaper forths. no not heard TT2 into SCMs. Nor had to manage and control sytem with TT2.
  5. I also used to work for HP and sell procurve LAN as well as the FC SAN switches and directors. 1997-2009. Before the once great company went into free fall. That said I am Deffo SOHO switch sq agnostic, I would not dream of using a managed switch on my home network. Been using the Netgear blue unmanned items for a few years now. None has ever failed. Small easily surface mounted, i label each port, fit and forget, beyond vacuuming or blowing dust out every few months. Zero touch. Cheap, reliable, performant. All that is needed for a home switch.
  6. Take a home demo on the Benchmark all in one HGC or Pre-DAC separates, Low key half size solid construction? Check Decent pedigree and engineering history home and studio? Check Suitable Pre amp functionality and inputs/outputs? Check Decent remote control? Check Good with movies great with all genres of music? Check DAC not showy or shouty, just disappears in the music? Check Pairs well with ATC actives? Check Loved by owners who also love Dire Straits? Check Consistently Loved by reviewers over several generations without the need for ‘influencers’ next big thing hype? Check Not latest and greatest Fad but solid long term Company whose customers stick with them? Check Not harsh shrill or fatiguing for long sessions yet still exciting for analytical listening? Check. Owners tend to be ‘keepers’ rather than ‘swappers’ ? Check Residuals tend to be stronger than many come disposal time? Check What are you waiting for? Go get home demo One box of joy, quickly and easily integrated in actives. Or 2 piece Pre and Dac. like DomT I have been running Benchmark HDR Pre dac for a few years, and very happily. Mine paired with (Smooth) Dynaudio Focus 110 actives and a velodyne sub. Benchmark appear to have placed equal focus on pre and dac functions, unlike say Chord whose imho Pre amp functionality and performance is lacking, if an all in one is important. don’t get carried away with the chip gen and field programmable array talk. pits about listening. From what you say, Benchmark might appeal to you as it does to me. Were I going latest n greatest, I would give serious consideration to the RME ADI dac German, studio pedigree epic functionality (OTT maybe). Half size. Extremely good value. Hot enough product to pass on if you pass.
  7. What you describe is not happening in Qobuz, Spotify, or Apple Music. As an avid consumer, i am falling to see what the problem i is With current streaming services. There is no flattening Or loudness incidents, unless anyone has evidence otherwise. MQA. can feck off. Current Qobuz and, to a lesser extent Spotty and Apple catelogues are, IME, no more challenged in ‘loudness’ wars than were their original source recordings.
  8. He knows his stuff. Fascinating to listen to.
  9. Don’t confuse ‘loudness‘, as in optimised mastering compressions for radio airtime, with ‘track gain’, where broadcasts are seeking to keep an output to broadcast (stream) level that is continuous from track to track, genre to genre. In the latter, there is no change to the music mix, only to the output gain levels. I find Radio Paradise, with it’s multi genre and generational FLAC mixes, does a great job with this normalising approach.
  10. The Cars, Candy O and Heartbeat City are special LPs to me also, so I shall be looking out for mofi editions of first and third, singing up for mailer list etc. Actually I should include Panorama. I gave away all my original vinyl many years ago, so a fresh set would be nice.
  11. Wow. Sad to hear that too. Neve sound boards are legendary. A titan in the history of recorded sound and acoustics. The great Sound City Netflix doc (worth watching) bear testament to their legendary status. Dave Grohl bought that desk and Bryan Adams bought the setup from Air Studios and head it shipped back to Canada. Looks like he had good innings. Rupert was born in Newton Abbot in S Devon, 10 miles from where I grew up.
  12. IME. More sonic thrills ascending going from: SBT Streamer into Active Speakers (Class D) Streamer with ancillary Dacmagic into actives Streamer intro Cyrus XP Pre/dac into actives Streamer into Benchmark pre/dac into actives Having a preamp makes so much more sense for benefit of multiple switchable inputs and also for having ‘proper’ vol control. I am in the less boxes camp these days, so a fully functional preamp with well integrated DAC function, is best of both worlds. If Chord made an integrated half sizes DAC/pre (or Pre/DAC) with knobs n switches, it would very much get my attention. I have borrowed Hugos and Mojos, but its all a bit fiddly for me. But there is nothing wrong starting off using the DAC in built volume control to get you going, but it’s not really same as a pukka pre!
  13. Yes, as long as the device drivers are installed. They usually are for Seagate and WD drives btw
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