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  1. Our elderly neighbour died of Covid a few weeks ago. Used to run errands for her and look in to make sure she was ok. She was great fun and always very kind. Occasional glass of wine with her. We were unable to attend funeral due to cv rules. Her son knocked on door and asked if we would like small memento. So we have inherited a really nice trad wooden bird table. Out of bitter comes sweet.
  2. British Leyland cars. The Krankies. The Mike Sams Singers. Val Donnican Blue Nun wine. Black and White menstrual Show Come Dancing
  3. Chumpchops

    Topping E30

    Are you using yours in DAC or Pre mode? I did read and can now confirm that it sounds better in DAC mode. Pre mode seems to close it in a bit and suck some air out of the music. DACs always sound better after Merlot.
  4. Chumpchops

    Topping E30

    Listening to it now. In kitchen. Messing with the filters. Playing Radio Paradise FLAC. Can’t decide which filter I prefer, but it’s sounding really good. A deffo improvement over the FiiO or the SBT internal DAC. the iLouds monitors are quite a neutral speaker with some DSP low end built in. Female vocals very nice. Acoustic guitar and strings sweet. All hangs together well. E30 brings something to the party Bargain.
  5. Chumpchops

    Topping E30

    I Hvide just acquired an E30. You cannot power it via USB port. I use an iFi unit instead of the stock item. So far so good.
  6. Thank you. I Do hope I get custody of all the twisted pairs. My music won’t sound the same without 40Gbs and 100w PoE with 2000Mhz.
  7. Is SBT AKM chip? For some reason I though they were Burr Browns. Every day a school day....
  8. I don’t know as I have not actually heard any Soncoz products, nor paid any attention to reviews, so am not really qualified to comment. I was making a more general point about not getting too fixated on DAC chips in themselves - ESS vs AK vs Wolfson etc - in choosing yer DAC box.
  9. Yes, because its nearly 5x more expensive than the E30, so not really in same class. A lot of hype around E30 - hot hatch of DACs etc. Well, I like hot hatches, and I like this little DAC. Its deffo a souped up little box, but also cruises through the music and is very easy on the ears, with being too laid back or in any way boring
  10. I just bought one these from another Wammer for my kitchen rig. The E30 is very good for what it costs. Exceptional VFM. Had you bought one of these 5 years ago for £500 you would not be dissatisfied. It is running in DAC mode (using pre-amp section in E30 not so good) via Squeezebox Touch into a pair of active iLoud Micro Monitors. With iFi psu on E30 , I am very impressed. BBC Radio @320kps, Radio Paradise FLACs, Qobuz 24bit, Spotty 320, and my own ripped flacs all sounding noticeably better than same system using: SBT internal DAC FiO Taishan DAC. That’s not just because it has an AK chip in the Topping E30. I have not really had chance to juggle the filters, but the whole lot is bopping along very nicely. Even my 14 year old noticed improvement “Sounds more lively than before, Dad’ My lounge system runs ESS Sabre in the Benchmark HDR>Dyn actives. That still sounds better than the kitchen with the AKM chip. I will slot the E30 into lounge and hook up to Dyns at some point. Will be interesting to hear if the AK pleases my ears more than the ESS Benchmark. Am sceptical, but I guess I shouldn’t be. lest my expectation bias kicks in. Plus of course the Benchmark is an order of magnitude more costly.
  11. Forget Roon. Ott for just a controller. Innos runs LMS as embedded server, therefore controller SW that works Is for Squeezeboxes will also work for you mates box. If you have an iOS iPad, try Squeezepad to control the inuos. Easy to set up and cheap. Very clear and straightforward to operate. Can run Qobuz, spotty, Tidal, etc as well as bbc sounds, Youtube, soma, radio paradise and so on. I also have ipeng which I barely use because the interface is less intuitive. I used to use Squeeze commander on Android, but it was not that good imho. You do have to pay a princely One off sum of £5 for squeezepad, but I have no problem paying for decent sw. it installs to ipad very easily and will automatically find LMS on the Innuos, if they are both on the same network.
  12. Try a Firestick 4K or Chromecast into your TV HDMI, then run sounds app from there. Cheap fix. or check tv sound output setting options. PCM should not be a problem.
  13. Thanks. Hoping it is all they say. Had notification today on app that my car has left factory Aichi in Japan Colour choice is limited. I ordered ‘platinum white pearl.