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  1. I'm 30 and it's all my dads fault, he's always had mid-high end hifi for as long as I can remember , still has most of it. I started dj'ing at 15 and stopped at about 24, still have one of my technics decks but sold around 2000 of my vinyl collection , still got about 1000 vinyl
  2. It was over 2 years ago I had the 651A, but I would say there isn't much in it. The 651A is a serious amp for not much money. The Naim seems to be amazing at the low frequencies but that might be down to the Micromega , these seem to be well know for the low end. The only reason I got rid of the 651A was because of snobbery tbh :-/ would be good to do a back to back comparison. The Naim definitely punches well above it's claimed 50 WPC
  3. Absolutely excellent amp , miss mine now and then
  4. Just get a phantom In all seriousness I think I will try and keep my current setup for a while now, between October and now I went a bit silly :-/
  5. I take it your JBL's will be up for grabs soon then Tune?
  6. So what you're saying is everyone on this forum should have a phantom as what we have is shite in comparison? Na
  7. Don't they still use valves ? Anyway I just wanted.... No sorry, Longed to be at the receiving end of one of your insulting replies... They do make me chuckle :-)
  8. Weren't you demoing the pro-ject RS stuff the other day :-p
  9. Alcohol may change my feelings towards it, I've taken home a lot worse .. :-/
  10. I am simply saying I personally don't like the looks of it, and I like the look of the ikons but I don't get the PC bit :-)
  11. I'm taking the piss as it looks awful and I don't like the marketing
  12. Craig84

    Gone all itchy.

    Buy a £500 plus power cable, no need to box swap ever again, not only will you hear an imaginary difference , you will feel the difference .... That is the mug feeling :-) on a serious note, ummmmm mess around with some CDP's /DAC's ??
  13. A shopping bag of cables, about 5 or 6 sets of RCA's, some are the standard red/white generics and a couple of pairs of better quality gold plated connectors . Also in the bag is 2 x 1.5m of chord carnival silver screen speaker cable and some other cable accessories that I will chuck in when I empty the "hifi" drawer :-) You are welcome to collect but can send in the new year if someone wants it that bad