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  1. Boxed in mint condition, bought to use with a high-gain pre-amp I had a few years back. After that was sold they have been on the shelf ever since. Currently retailing for £38, so asking £20 include P&P
  2. I have a pair of -15db if any use?
  3. According to Cambridge Audio website you can. Sorry not something I have tried. https://techsupport.cambridgeaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/213442389-Will-my-USB-hard-drive-work-with-my-851N-
  4. Cambridge Azur 851n Network Streamer / Digital Pre-amp Good condition unit, bought from ebay for £899 earlier in the year to bypass the pre and try the XLR directly to my ARC Ref 75 amp. I have to say it sounds very very good (at 1/10th the cost of the ARC), but not as good as my NAIM. In very good condition, with remote and original box. it works perfectly with digital, USB and ethernet inputs. Can be used as both a streamer and a digital preamp as it has digital inputs. Please note I cannot get the wifi to work. These streamers come with a seperate Wifi dongle so maybe this is the problem (or maybe a user error) and might be an easy fix. Either way most serious users would I presume go wired for best quality. Reflecting the wifi uncertainty I am asking £675, which would make this a serious bargain for anyone with a wired setup, or more technical savvy than me. Collection from Greenwich London or posted at cost.
  5. Van Den Hul M.C. D 102 MK II balanced interconnect - 80cm Nice vintage interconnect, 80cm end to end. Cable sheath is a little faded, but still in perfect working order. The current version (MK III) is current selling for around £125.So grab yourself a bargain - Asking £25 incl. postage. or Collection from Greenwich London.
  6. Just in case anyone has a pair surplus to requirements.
  7. Wanted - Audio Research BL1 - Balanced Line Driver Hello all, wondering if anyone has one of these little boxes surplus to requirements? Thanks!
  8. price drop for the weekend, this is a lot of amp for little money
  9. mid week bump and price drop.
  10. For Sale: Audio Research VS55 - 50w Valve Power Amp Selling my little VS55, this is a great introduction to Audio Research sound. Complete with 4x Electro Harmonix 6550-EH, and recently upgraded signal tubes to 7DJ8-NATIONAL MATSUSHITA. In very good condition, with original box and packaging. I do not have the manual but this can be easily downloaded. Learn more here: https://www.arcdb.ws/model/VS55 and here: http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/revequip/audioresearch_vs55.htm I enjoyed it so much I am upgrading to an Arc Ref series. I paid £1,950 from Emporium Hifi last year, asking £1,450 £1250 Can be collected from Blackheath, SE London. Or I can post at cost. Any questions drop me a PM. (Please note it is pictured with banana plug adaptors on the screw terminals which are not included in the sale, per EU regulation the original terminals are for spare or bare wire connection only.)
  11. Awesome speakers, had a pair back in the 90s, and serious bargain at this price. GLWS!
  12. Thanks, it would be a beast to ship from US!
  13. A long shot, but wondering if anyone has one to sell. I went completely mad and sold mine a couple of years back, have missed it every day since...
  14. Are you looking for a VS55? I have one I am thinking of upgrading from... PM Sent.
  15. Continuing my tube clear out... PCC88/7DJ8-NATIONAL MATSUSHITA - I have three of these bought to experiment with, little used and still with boxes. Please note they are not a matched set. Currently £15/each at Watford Valves £8 / each or £20 for all three including P&P
  16. Thanks and too late, sold already. I have a feeling the economic VS55 isn't quite up to these.
  17. Here we have a matched quad of Tung Sol KT120 tubes, recently purchased from Watford Valves for £38/tube (£152 total) to experiment with my Audio Research VS55. They have less than 20 hours use, I have decided to go back to the original 6550s, while the KT120 sounds more accurate, they lack soul. Asking £100 including postage to UK.
  18. Tellurium Q Silver Speaker Cable - 4.5m Pair Spade Both Ends Factory Terminated Excellent cable, bought in 2019 for £650, asking £350 including shipping to UK Address. Complete with box. Selling as I just acquired some rather nice Yter cables.
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