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  1. Thanks for the kind words. The Pre is the mkII face lift model. It has the same amount of inputs and outputs as the one listed above, it comes boxed with the manual. The pre can be used with zero or 13.5db of gain with the signal still going through the tubes. The only reason it's for sale is I'm moving house and the boss would like a new kitchen ASAP. It compares very favourably to my Border Patrol Pre that I purchased from Jag. As I'm only allowed to keep 1 system this has to go, as a matching set It does look rather special.
  2. Abbass Audio SPDIF to usb £475 still available Graaf Pre and Power £4500 still available I will accept offers (within reason) I'm moving house soon and I'm being told that 1 hifi is enough So a couple of pairs of speakers coming up soon.
  3. That doesn't sound what I'm looking for. :-) I got the chance to listen to a pair of Devon's and the extra couple of inches makes all the difference in the lower frequencies. Bigger would be preferable. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
  4. I'm looking for a pair of 12" or 15" tannoy speakers. I recently delivered a turntable to it's new owner and got to spend an hour listening to some 12' HPD's powered by a pair of Leak TL12.1's run at 6 watts and was mesmerised by the sound so fancy trying a pair for myself. I owned a pair of Tannoy Eatons for 20 years and sold them stupidly 7 years ago. Looks like I'm going full circle. So must be 12's or bigger cash and collection in person no problem(main land UK). I also have a a pair of Intimate Audio DS-108 back loaded horn loudspeaker + subs and amps to trade/ part ex if anyone is interested?
  5. A little short notice and on fathers day but there is a record sale with some hifi I am to believe happening from 10am - 2pm at:- Warmington Village Hall East Northants My local record dealer who runs the post office in the village has 5 other dealers there. A good excuse to get out in the morning?? I have no financial interest in this what so ever. I hope it maybe of some interest. Prev
  6. Sorry written in haste earlier, a remote volume control is exactly that. I will add some photos ASAP probably tomorrow.
  7. FS Graaf GM20 OTL Power Amp, Graaf GM13.5b Pre Amp & Notts Analogue Ace Space deck For sale Graaf GM20 Power amplifier In good cosmetic condition and recently fitted with all new valves less than 10 hours these include a matched quad of 6c33c, a quad of EF184 and a pair of Tesla gold grid E88cc. Recently serviced and upgraded bias trim pots as per John Caswell's recommendation who has spent a lot of time with this power amp. All work done by James at Deco Audio £2650 ono no box Graaf GM13.5b Pre Amp Revised edition flat front will be fitted with Electro Harmonix 6922 x 6 again in tip top order recently upgraded to include a volume control by Deco Audio This is a fully balanced pre amp very neutral it has a gain of 13.5 db and can be run at the touch of a button at 0db with the signal still going through the valve circuit. £1850 supplied with the manual and box Notts Analogue Ace Space deck in tip top order fitted with a Jelco 750d tonearm in black with an easy VTA adjustment collar also comes with a clear perspex dust cover £1500 no box All items can be collected or a meet up somewhere half way should be possible. I'm having a big clear out of hifi hoarding treasures so have 3 decks for sale plus Audio Innovations 2nd audios, L2 Pre AI Phono, Puresound P10 Phono and Abbass Audio SPDIF I'm slimming down to 1 system to restore some kind of harmony
  8. Many thanks too all of you who have posted, I'll do some more research on the vintage radio forum. The one positive is the meter appears to work perfectly. Unfortunately I'm busy with work and moving house so doing anything myself would be along wait. I'll report back with any findings I make. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Please could someone recommend a place for me to get this checked over. I've used to test a couple of valves and it's not letting me test at 2.5 Ia without the reading going off the scale, the warmer it gets the worse the measurements become. I'm in East Northants if anyone knows of someone local that would be great. Ta Chris
  10. Hi I use to have a car detailing business in a previous life. Be careful gloss black will swirl(small scratches looking like cobwebs) badly with any abrasive compound including microfibre cloths. Good advice earlier is if your fingernail clicks as you go over the scratch its probably too deep. You could try the finest cotton cloth you can find, like something you would use on a camera lens e.t.c. It may polish out(moving side to side against the scratch and not with the line of the scratch) if it's in the clear coat. If It's not get a good paint spray shop to advise you better, I'm sure this is the kind of thing that they could do for beer tokens. Good Luck.
  11. i will take the strayhorn, Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus Japan LP7079,Jimmy Smith -Got my Mojo Workin’ - V-8641,John Coltrane– Blue Train,Dexter Gordon - Our Man In Paris 84146 if still available? Thanks Chris

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    2. Tune


      Hello Chris,

      Sorry to say, looking and going through the orders this morn, only the Jimmy Smith Remains. I had to do this in strict order as it was only fair as I hope you can appreciate. You have the right issue but I don't know what you think or if there was anything else

      Best Regards


    3. Tune


      Hello Chris,

      Now I did think that more than that remained so please do give me some time to check for you. I have an illness that's similar to dementia so it IS feasible but I cannot see right now.

      Best Regards


    4. Youngman


      Hi Michael, 

      Good to talk to you today and great news on finding another LP still available,  just to confirm the two as:- 

      Jimmy Smith -Got my Mojo Workin’ 

      Dexter Gordon - Our Man In Paris 84146

      Please send to

      Chris Young 

      11 Monson Way, Oundle. Nr. Peterborough PE8 4QG

      Please send me the total amount owed and where you would like the funds to be deposited. I will let you as soon as I have made the payment.

      Kind regards Chris

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