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  1. I hear both, depends on the word I am looking at and focusing on.
  2. Why on earth do we give our adversaries the riches to buy and develop weapons of destruction so they can point them at us? That's the difference between trading with friendly nations and our adversaries, such as the Chinese Communist Party.
  3. I've tried Chord 2Qute, RME ADI-2 DAC, and Chord Hugo TT (original version). 2Qute was a little bright for my taste. Overall, I much preferred Hugo TT to others. Smooth and natural sound with plenty of detail. A real bargain on the second hand market. I'd put it some distance ahead of 2Qute and RME on sound quality.
  4. Difficult to say as I compared both at different times with different amps. Overall, both their character was not as smooth or natural as original Hugo TT. Hugo TT was simply a more pleasant listening experience. My money would have gone to Ruby over SA-14 but from memory and experience I'd say their overall character were similar.
  5. I've compared SA-14 S1 SE and SA-Ki Ruby with Chord Hugo TT dac (not the new TT 2) playing back lossless CD rips on MacBook. I preferred Hugo TT. Smooth, detailed, and just more natural and real sounding. Not listened to SA-10 but I very much doubt it would be significantly better than Ki Ruby. Hugo TT is a bargain on the second hand market, or if you got the cash TT 2 but there is a long wait due to demand.
  6. How about a brand new Cyrus X Power? £1049 at hifix. Measures well, class ab, UK made, small form factor, and decent power 82w into 8 ohm. Could always make your own, no soldering required, Audio Science Review rate these class D amps very highly: https://www.diyclassd.com/product/nc400-mono-kit-complete-kit/24 https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-hypex-nc400-diy-amp.5907/ How about this piece of Shiit: https://www.schiit.com/products/vidar
  7. I'm happy trading with any friendly nation state that share our values. That would include China if the Chinese Communist Party changed their ways. One day, the good people of China will say enough is enough and the CCP will be no more.
  8. Don't you care where the money goes or what it's used for? Much of the money poured into China by the West goes to the Chinese Communist Party. Don't you care that they do not respect free speech? Democracy? Human rights? Don't you care they create artificial islands in the Pacific for their military, now one of the world's most powerful, or send weapons into space that are perhaps pointed at us, considered to be adversaries?
  9. A useful tool that can help identify a fake ad is a reverse image search at https://tineye.com It can tell you where else on the web the image exists.
  10. I also try to avoid Amazon where I can because they don't pay their fair share of tax. It's good to consider where we buy from. Perhaps as consumers we should be more ethical. I'm sure it makes a difference.
  11. China is fast becoming the world's richest superpower, potentially overtaking the US, and it has an authoritarian regime that does not respect human rights or democracy. The West has helped create this monster. Goodness knows what the Chinese military are doing in space and in other parts of the world such the Pacific islands they created especially for military occupancy. We are mad, literally mad for enriching such a regime and making them so powerful. A price will be paid.
  12. I'm not allowing politics to decide if a product is well designed and manufactured. Products made in China can be as well designed and made as anywhere else in the world. However, I do not want to help enrich an authoritarian regime like that which rules in China. I require an Apple MacBook for work. Many things I own are made in China. Where I do sometimes have a choice, such as in luxury hifi goods, I will make a conscious decision not to buy Chinese made.
  13. Hi Folks Quite a few great well known hifi brands now manufacture their hifi gear in China. There is no question that goods manufactured in China are of excellent quality and are second to none, just look at the Apple iPhone. However, I avoid hifi products that are made in China. Not because of any quality issue but because of politics. I watch what is happening in Hong Kong and feel good about not enriching the authoritarian regime in China (Chinese Communist Party) where I can. The people of China do not have free speech, the right to protest, criticise, and change their leaders. Information in China is censored by the state. There is no opposition to the Government in China. The West has enriched the authoritarian regime in China by exploiting cheap labour but have we created our own monster? What are your thoughts? Are you happy to buy Chinese made hifi products and all the consequences that might occur from that?
  14. The demo pair I had went back to Spendor at the same time my new pair were delivered. I'm aware Hi-Fi Corner in Scotland had a pair and they are normally obliging for home demos.
  15. If you want a speaker that is more or less perfectly flat and accurate then you need studio monitors such as Neumann KH310A. That doesn't mean they will sound more enjoyable or real than other speakers. I have listened to both. Spendor 2/3 frequency response is actually pretty good, so a fairly accurate speaker that is more forgiving. I prefer this presentation for listening enjoyment. If I were a studio engineer I would probably buy the Neumann's as a tool for work then when I got home I would listen to the Spendor's for pleasure.