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  1. I have recently moved from Harbeth 30.1 to Spendor Classic 2/3. I prefer the Spendor 2/3. The Harbeth in comparison sounded a little hyped in the top end. I also auditioned the Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversary and thought they were even more hyped in the top end than the 30.1. I suspect the new XD models will be closer to 40th Anniversary models. Extra Definition may well give a false impression of extra detail and resolution simply by altering the crossover tweeter integration. The Spendor Classic 2/3 is seriously good in all departments, full, textured, and timely bass, beguiling realistic mids, with a balanced sweet and detailed top end. From the reviews I've read online it's been very well received.
  2. Sorry to hear that @bencat A reminder to all to look after our ears. I hope it improves for you. I understand listening to music at low levels can help.
  3. The first thing I do with any new cable in my system is to rest my electrically noisy laptop power cable across it and put my ear to the speaker and listen for any noise/hum/buzz. Anything other than complete silence and the cables gets returned/sold. Try it! It will be interesting to know if audiophile usb, speaker, or interconnect cables conduct any noise from a noisy laptop power cable touching it.
  4. I don't think Rob Watts is saying that. I understand him to mean all CERTIFIED usb cables will sound the same with HIS dacs. That's certainly true in my experience with Hugo TT. Though Hugo TT has galvanic isolation on USB and I use a battery powered energy efficient laptop I've tried a few different certified cables and no way would I be able to tell the difference blind.
  5. Haha I might have tried D7 if my room was big enough.
  6. What is the jewel in the crown of your hifi system and why? The one item you really don't want to live without. For me it's a close-run between my Chord Hugo TT DAC and Spendor 2/3 speakers. Ultimately though it has to be my Spendor 2/3 speakers. The speakers for me make the biggest difference to the sound and the 2/3 are a perfect fit for me and my room. They just sound so natural and effortless. The bass doesn't hang around and times really well, remarkable for a large ported stand mount, the port is very benign. They can sound dynamic and exciting as well as beautiful and beguiling. Vocals and acoustic instruments sound as real as I've heard. Top end is smooth and un-hyped yet doesn't seem to lose any resolution or detail. They are forgiving. I love them.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I've never purchased anything blind from a dealer. I'd love to try it though, sounds like fun. I'd probably feel a little uncomfortable sitting there for hours with a blindfold on. Many dealers don't see themselves as mail order companies yet for me the best way to try and compare gear is in the comfort of my own familiar room. Dealer demos are perhaps best for shortlisting but I wouldn't make a final decision based on it.
  8. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning.
  9. You were right, I emailed and asked him He said his two favourite USB cables are the AudioQuest Diamond and the Curious USB. Favorite computers are Apple MacBook Pro, fav app is Audirvana.
  10. The thing is I actually believe USB cables can sound different. However, I also believe any USB certified cable in my system would sound identical. It depends on the system and the cable.
  11. Not convinced. I interpret the news to be about the dacs. The cables appear to be a promo.
  12. Thanks. Not clear if that is just a shop promo or a recommendation by Rankin himself.
  13. Which one and for which dac? I'm struggling to find anything on the web.
  14. He does state in the comment I posted that USB cables should be tested for compliance. Have Audioquest done that? If they have I would be tempted to buy one. How do you know Rankin uses Audioquest cables? Where did you read that?
  15. It's aways good to read experts opinions. Here are some comments from Rob Watts on head-fi forum: "It's true that standard driverless USB does not resend faulty packets; but with the Chord Windows driver, it does. It's also true that standard USB has extremely low USB errors too, and if you got faulty data, it would sound as clicks and ticks. I have never heard a tick via USB from my mobile phone ever, and that is driverless." "Yes technically Windows is more robust, but the reality is that regular USB data error rates are so low with a certified type 2 cable that it's not something to be worried about - data errors are very obvious as clicks and dropouts whilst doing DSD via DoP. That's something that in practice one doesn't see." "The only time I have heard changes with USB is with audiophile cables that actually create more RF noise, and sound worse. But certified class 2 cables sound the same." "If you use headphones and use Hugo 2 on battery don't bother with USB cables - use a quality type 2 certified cable. If you hear a difference it's either a placebo or the cable has been bodged to create more RF noise giving the impression of more transparency. It's not, it's just more noise floor modulation from the RF noise." "Yes I haven't ever heard a change using certified USB cables; that is cables that have been tested and comply with USB standards. I recall hearing one audiophile USB cable sounding brighter, and was consistent with more RF noise from the cable, so the cable had been "tuned" as an RF generator... Gordon Rankin who's worked on Audioquest DragonFly from Darko Audio: "when we transitioned from Full Speed USB to High-Speed USB DACs. A lot of the really expensive USB cables from audio companies failed miserably; I doubt many of these cables were even tested for High-Speed compliance." I think there is a picture emerging...