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  1. Prefer Millard or telefunken thanks
  2. Withdrawn. I must be stupid for even contemplating selling the Dulci for what equates to £190. It is much better than that.
  3. These are an absolute bargain. They are only or sale due to going abroad for who knows how long. I have been very impressed with the Ducli. Silly money for what you get. It is 5.5 wpc. Drives my Kef coda 3 with 87db sensitivity to more than ample volume in a 4.5 x 4.5m room Similarly with my ref 3m de capo i Built by firebottle (AOS). It was converted to SE and the build thread is on AOS if you hunt for it. All new capacitors, etc. I have been using a lot since i got it, and it hasn't put a foot wrong. And sounds excellent. The tisbury passive is the mk2 version. It is in excellent condition. These are £280 collected from Grantham for a quick sale. They have to be collected saturday at the latest. £280!
  4. Onkyo A9010 integrated amp. Euro spec with digital inputs. Excellent condition. 2 remotes. Boxed. Very well reviewed and sounds great. £130 BT. Collection from Grantham or please arrange your own cheapie courier. Thanks.
  5. Hi, not sure why i bought these as i am just about to go to Austria/France or a couple of months. As well as the ref 3m de capo i and stands, i also have - Firebottle dulci el84 single ended amp (5.5w) Tisbury passive pre mk 2. I paid 220 and 90 respectively or the above. I think the dulci sounds great with the ref 3m. And it is actually a cute little thing. Much nicer than the photos would suggest as it is small and mechanical looking. I was quite surprised. It took me a long time to decide to buy because of the looks, and then it arrived and i really liked the looks. Go figure. Anyway, All yours for £860. So the dulci and tisbury would only be 260. Philip