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  1. Kef coda pro ac D1 pro ac D15 Elac B5 Vivid Audio B1 Vivid Audio G3
  2. Drink the kool aide..... most audiophiles do these days.
  3. Yea but..., those 1's and 0's have got to be happy, feel loved , respected and recognised else they won't let you hear the real foot tapping and swinging music! You buy a expensive digital interconnect and they will reward you with the 'real' 1's and 0's .. those damn 1's and 0's are either female or union members, nothing is ever straight forward with them!
  4. atomic606


    I would think along with the sensible and obvious reasoning of in house skill sets being focused in other areas mentioned already , any audio electronics company who advocates cables to make their products sound better would be admitting to a design fault in their product as all good sense would suggest the cable makes little difference . If i made audio electronics and managed to develop a range of cables proven to influence the sound of my products I would want to know what was wrong with my designs that ment a humble cable could make my amps perform better... a good designer controls the understood and proven ( observable) parameters in order to influence his/her design ambition and performance goals.. cables dont fall into that category.
  5. atomic606


    In regard to the esoteric obsessive from Japan , Self indulgence taken to a nauseating level. I find it uncomfortable to watch if I'm honest, knowing I once was that guy too. The term Audiophile these days seems just a cover for other mental ailments, if you find yourself worrying about what type of wood to put under your amplifier or stressing out about the quality of your mains supply and driving your self mad with thoughts of all the music your missing out on because of 'noise' seek immediate medical attention/ assistance 'help' with your mental health.
  6. This is great, I'm not a big fan of compilation albums but this is worth a go.