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  1. thats even more drawn out that my wank protocal... i leave it running.. come home turn up and drift out to freedom.
  2. got a pair of real tdl in my loft. one broken tweeter free or anyone who fancys them. good with quad.
  3. i put mine in the oven mains plug end faceing the oven door... then its into the freezer. i wind them tight for the freezer mains end in center of the coil. job done audio bliss!
  4. prob wont be an out right winner.. boils down to what u like on ur chips and were ur eating them. i find a wooden fork makes them taste better lol
  5. my biggest regrets, krell kps20il sounded great. sent to a guy to fix the optical input got it back. would not read cds... 2k down the loo. a rotten pair of second hand vivid audio b1s from a dealer. rubber all perished on bass drivers, got repaired free of charge but the new drivers have warped after few months of use now vivid are being cocks about it. oh and had to get mid range reskined only to discover all O-rings were rotten also. they sent some but not enough to replace all that needed. total nightmare.
  6. hi if your still looking to sell pm me. cheers
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