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  1. These have been claimed ( provisionally) . thanks for all the intrest.
  2. Ok, I'm holding out as you know but not for too much longer.. iv bought a brand new bass/mid for the left speaker from proac, anyone who claims these speakers will now have to cover that cost £220 . They have plenty of drivers available if the right one was to let go at some point..
  3. High mass loading and a bit of leaf diffusion
  4. Never had 'audiophiles' round ( other than audio designers and dealers etc) , I'm not massively intrested in ripping out my hifi and swapping kit out all day but a diffrent front end or pre amp might be considered.. generally if any folks would find it pleasing to sit on a spare bean bag, drink beer and listen to some tunes I'm amenable to that anyone intrested let me know and we can nail down a date... Cheers thomas
  5. I love this album, sounds fantastic near reference quality ..,
  6. I love Trentmoller.., the amazing bud Powell volume one..,
  7. I buy all my music on Amazon, well 98% . I do frequent the local record shop now and then.. The blue note stuff is consistently good. In general I'm constantly amazed at how good my old jazz recordings sound, they only seem to lack dynamic impact but frankly who cares..
  8. Bought these but they clash with my trip to New York . Playing at the marble factory Bristol on the 19 March.. brilliant band.
  9. As your going active it's highly likely ( assuming you don't make a hash of it ) imaging will be fantastic and possibly the best you've had at home.. Congratulations on this undertaking, sadly I'm too dense to attempt anything like this. Making your own actives is such a fantastic thing to do. Some kind of wave guide might be benifcial to you
  10. I have a krell fpb300c floating about I don't use, if you fancy it drop me a message. It's got the oomph you seem to want.
  11. What's wrong with the quad setup? That's great kit..
  12. Nice one flak! You going sealed or ported? If you put some beefy class d amps in there and using dsp I should think you could achieve decent SPL with a sealed cabinet..
  13. I did the whole bi wire thing a Few times.., complete waste of time and money. You will just be endlessly chasing your tail, keep the wire you have and look at other areas. id look at your amp and speakers or speaker stands as potential gain areas.
  14. I find this whole album spellbounding, they've done a good job of the production/mastering etc too
  15. A lot of systems struggle with it, it's demanding.. Can be a sluggish mess and often sounds dead and congested on a 'poor' setup. You know a jazz trio or most of the stuff audiophiles 'test' their systems with are not demanding at all! Stuff like Kyuss and infected mushroom sorts the wheat from the chuff.. Dont take it round to the homes of audiophiles unless you got a fire extinguisher handy
  16. Great option! I'd bit his hand off
  17. I like the I very much pianist on this Christian sands
  18. These two have a magic when playing together and are two of my favourite jazz men...,
  19. Unless you need more power it's a total waste of time, just another box, power cable and interconnect etc.. If your system powers through Kyuss without sagging then your set for life.
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