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  1. Evenin' all. In a moment of madness, I've decided to get a backup cartridge as I won't be able to afford to replace my Lyra Argo i when it finally gives up the ghost. My thoughts are: 1. Used Troika body and get it rebuilt by Goldring 2 Used Akiva body and get it rebuilt by Goldring 3. New Krystal Options 1 and 2 will be about 1/2 of option 3. My inclination is to go with option 1 as I really miss that original Linn/Supex sound, but I wonder if anyone has any experience comparing any pair (or all three) of these?
  2. Can you loosen the screw on the armrest/lift-lower device and rotate it some on the pillar to align the arm with the armboard?
  3. While I believe Tom, I find it very hard to believe Linn's response! Maybe some enterprising dealer/customer can test out this assertion....................
  4. Well, the point of the "upgrade" program is that the parts are (or should be) provided at a discount. So you lose "ownership as a condition of this discount.
  5. I think Tom answered this in the other thread. If it's a trade-in program, the dealer keeps the parts and can sell them on. If it's an upgrade program, the parts are returned to Linn for disposal as they see fit.
  6. I stopped looking at the Linn Facebook page. Hundreds of thousands of "what's playing now" posts don't interest me - can't see the pepper for the fly sh_t!
  7. Ah, thanks for the update. Is that yours or did you find the picture on the web?
  8. LP2 Majik, eh? I think its trying to tell you something ("time for an upgrade")!!! Yes, I know, that's no help. It does sound like an electronic issue - does the sound actually cut out or just get quieter?
  9. Well, I guess a new Kartridge and Radikal are out for the anniversary..................... What next???
  10. Ah, yes, a Linn system. I'm a NAIM guy, myself...................................
  11. You can get a microphone extension cable. Google XLR extension cable. Amazon has loads of them. Don't know if it will do anything to sounds quality, though.
  12. Yes, the set screws I could see. MUCH better than plastic threads..... What were Linn thinking???
  13. Thanks. Yes, I saw that little cut away but didn't know if that's a solution (hopefully it is).
  14. I wish! Sadly, most of those dealers wouldn’t know an LP12 if I bit them in the a$$. Edit: Put in “any” instead of “turntable” and you get the same number. This is just “any” Linn dealer in the US.
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