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  1. Didn't ever hear the 570ES but I would imaging it was just a "refresh" of the 550ES. They are 30 year old electronics so I would expect some of them to require a service. Worth it? Depends on what the problem is and how much it would cost to repair. With labor rates in the US, I could almost guarantee it wouldn't be worth it, but you might find someone in the UK who can do this for a reasonable price,
  2. You'd be hard pressed to beat the SONY ST-S550ES, which is available for peanuts these days. It's one of the best sounding tuners I've ever heard. You might even be able to stretch to a SONY ST-S707ES which is even better but much rarer. An equally good one is the Technics ST-S8, although these, too, are pretty rare. I've owned all of these tuners at one point and can strongly recommend them.
  3. Interesting. So are you using European system components designed to run at 240v/50Hz?
  4. Impedance matching is MUCH more critical with SUTs than head amps. The difference with an SUT is staggering - matching a ~40ohm Denon 103 series MC cartridge with a 3 ohm SUT results in a dull, bass-heavy, bloated, unlistenable sound. Matching a ~3 ohm, Linn MC cartridge with a 40 ohm transformer results in a lightweight, treble-rich sound which, while listenable, soon gets tiring. Mismatched impedances with a head amp are much more subtle.
  5. In my journey over the years, I've had several combinations that shouldn't have worked well. Perhaps the most obvious was a Thorens TD125 with an SME 3009 arm/Denon 103D cartridge combination in the late 1970s. The arm (super lightweight) and cartridge (medium/low compliance) should never have worked well but they just did. I don't think I've heard a better combination since! Sadly, the 103D wore out and were no longer made so I couldn't replace it.
  6. "How to get into an epos es22 speaker?" A bit late coming to the party but, as Austin Powers would say, "you can start by buying it a drink"!
  7. Sounds like the lift mechanism leaked its silicone damping fluid (although that stuff is pretty thick, not like motor oil). Also don't know why it would render the arm unplayable(?) Given the age of the table, you should let your dealer handle it.
  8. You must have known Gene Rubin - my Linn Naim dealer in Los Angeles. That's about the time I was a customer of his (1981-1986) and where I got my first LP12.
  9. Wait, no, isn't that the potting shed in the Outer Hebrides where the first LP12 was conceived???
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