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  1. Its a fairly recent one. I would guess post-2010. But others should be able to confirm.
  2. Get in the zone..... put on "Fly on a WIndshield", crank up the volume, sit back and wait for it!!!
  3. Hmmm.......... Not sure it does. The wine experiment was rock solid but the conclusions were seriously flawed.
  4. If it had been a new piece of Linn or Naim equipment, people would have said it takes a couple of days to a couple of months to "burn in". In this case, it sounds like it was your ears that were "burning in"!
  5. You must play a heck of a lot of vinyl to wear out the stylus in 6 months! Other possibilities include deterioration of/damage to the suspension. The Ace is not an expensive cartridge (by audiophile stabnards) but it's price has doubled over the last few years.
  6. Wow, that's interesting. I would imagine this assembly is a major (if not the major) contributing factor to the sound of the finished cartridge. I guess the magnets and mountings also contribute but I'm still surprised how different these cartridges sound.
  7. You're so luck to have Tom so close. He's ~12 hours away from me and probably the closest competent LP12 tech. Much as I'd like to make the pilgrimage, I can't see it happening.
  8. Well, we all like a bargain. Linn stuff is very expensive and an English Professor (if that's what he is) doesn't get paid much! Moreover, I think he brought to light a potential issue with Linn Lingo 4 motors which, apparently, is more widespread than we would like to think (a couple of well known dealers have confirmed this).
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