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  1. Looks like something out of "A Clockwork Orange"! Remember the transcriptors hydraulic turntable (pre-LP12)?
  2. The younger generation "who love music" only care about MP3 files and streaming with Amazon echos (Sonus, if they're lucky). And if they get on the vinyl banwagon, it'll be some cheap turntable that has bluetooth connectivity. I have to agree with Phobic, the future doesn't look good for the high end. Maybe it deserves to die(?)
  3. Two factors predominate in high end audio gear sales (especially upgrades/updates and repeat sales) - publication/internet reviews and forum buzz. Linn shot themselves in the foot when the dumped the forum. Their arrogance has/had no bounds!
  4. "An anonymous source on the inside" - sounds like US Presidential politics!
  5. I guess its mostly cosmetic. On an expensive turntable like the LP12 a big black ugly bolt head would detract from the overall appearance.
  6. Thanks Tom: So, how does the latest Majik/Karousel/Krane/Adikt sound? I've got a feeling it's going to be closer to the Akurate than Linn would like!
  7. Yes, the Valhalla board is centered under the turntable spindle (main bearing). Give it several minutes after unplugging it for the Valhalla capacitors to discharge!
  8. More likely the Valhalla is the problem. The motors are pretty indestructable. How old is the turntable? EDIT: Just read your original post. I see it's a very old LP12 (pre-valhalla, unless it's been updated). If it has the original motor, it will have the the long plastic bearing cap on the bottom of the motor. These can sometimes be problematic. Try removing the bearing cap and see if that changes the noise. Also, try a little light sewing machine oil on the top of the spindle (just below the pulley - with the bearing cap in place).
  9. Sounds like you hit the jackpot! I think you have arrived at the "sweet spot" for the LP12 (Karousel, Kore, Lingo4). The Basik Plus arm will get you through the pandemic and then you can start to look upgrades to the arm and cartridge (when the pain of the current purchase has worn off)! You have two very nice, classic front ends (the LP12 and the DP55V) and clearly abide by the "source first" philosophy. Enjoy and keep posting when your "baby" arrives!
  10. The first and last pages seem to work but nothing in between.
  11. OK, in the spirit of "Desert Island Discs" (note plural now - 6 disks allowed): Gong - Time is the key Humblebums - Open up the Door Renee - Reaching for the Kky Genesis - Trick of the Tail Keef Hartley - Halfbreed Santana - Santana III These are not necessarily my favorite records but they have plenty of "WOW" moments in one regard or another.
  12. A kind of "Desert Island Disk" (note singular) post. Just can't do it - I have too many and couldn't choose between them. Play 'em all - you won't be disappointed!
  13. I guess much will depend on your ultimate goal - Majik+ level, Accurate level, Klimax level? Personally, I have a ~Accurate level setup with an Ekos 2 arm and Lyra Argo i cartridge. I say ~Accurate level as I have the Majik subchassis, Karousel bearing and soon-to-be Lingo 4 P/S. My turntable started out as a 1997 Cirkus/Valhalla/Ekos and has been periodically updated over the recent years. This will be my end-product as I can't justify the added cost of Radikals, etc, given my gradually declining hearing (normal, but age-related).
  14. Yes, I understand that Linn didn't archive this. Not sure who "they" are either but I just wondered if everyone else was seeing the same thing I am.
  15. Went back to the old Linn Forum Archive site, but can only pull up a handfull of posts: The error messages say "this page is not yet archived". Is this a problem with my browser or did they never archive but a handful of posts?