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  1. It's been 6 months since I placed (and paid for) my NAIM 252/SC/250 service/DR upgrade. Still haven't got it. "Supply chain" eh?
  2. Bought my LS3/5As in 1981, LP12 in 1982, my Naim amp/pre-amp in 2003, Lyra Argo in 2008 and my HDX in 2011. That'll see me out of this world!
  3. Yes, this was right when AR got themselves a new distributor in the UK and they dropped their prices dramatically. I bought a pair of AR7s from WA Brady & Son on Smithdown Road, Liverpool (I lived in Derby Hall at the time!) and I must say, they were probably my favorite speakers ever (they replaced a pair of B&W DM3s). Sadly, they were damaged when I moved to the US. I replaced them with ADS810s, ADS Sub/Sats, Harbeth LS5/12As, Aerial 5Bs, Harbeth P3-ESRs, and Rogers/Spendor LS3/5As. The LS3/5As have lasted the longest but I really miss those little AR7s!
  4. Interesting. My original V15/III had an elliptical stylus. There was also a spherical stylus option. The HE stylus must have been a later addition(?)
  5. Wow, I got my first V15/III in 1973! I wonder how a ~50 year old cartridge is holding up in 2021?
  6. I don't know what those guys on the You-Tube videos were measuring, and I suspect they don't either. Here's a good summary of powerline networking: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/everything-you-need-to-know-about-powerline-networking/#:~:text=Powerline networking works with all,is useful for network management.
  7. That's interesting that the recommended oil is 80-90 weight. Anybody know what Linn "Black" oil weight is?
  8. I'd be a little leery of using a heavy gear/differential oil in my LP12 and suggest getting through to the Linn help line to confirm. Having said that, I'm sure their response will be "get it from your dealer".
  9. From The Vinyl Engine: Unless otherwise stated always use Linn black oil. CODE: SELECT ALL Bearing Housing Color Bearing Liner Color 1. Silver Black 2. Silver White 3. Gold White* 4. Black White (1984) 5. Black Black (1987) serial no.(Approx.) -70,000 6. Black Black: CIRKUS kit serial number 90582 and up * Use this bearing housing with a light mineral machine oil. Black Oil can cause it to seize.
  10. Are you referring to "flutter" (higher frequency speed variations), vs "wow" (lower frequency speed variations/stability)?
  11. Its a fairly recent one. I would guess post-2010. But others should be able to confirm.
  12. Get in the zone..... put on "Fly on a WIndshield", crank up the volume, sit back and wait for it!!!
  13. Hmmm.......... Not sure it does. The wine experiment was rock solid but the conclusions were seriously flawed.
  14. If it had been a new piece of Linn or Naim equipment, people would have said it takes a couple of days to a couple of months to "burn in". In this case, it sounds like it was your ears that were "burning in"!
  15. You must play a heck of a lot of vinyl to wear out the stylus in 6 months! Other possibilities include deterioration of/damage to the suspension. The Ace is not an expensive cartridge (by audiophile stabnards) but it's price has doubled over the last few years.
  16. Wow, that's interesting. I would imagine this assembly is a major (if not the major) contributing factor to the sound of the finished cartridge. I guess the magnets and mountings also contribute but I'm still surprised how different these cartridges sound.
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