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  1. Record grading is such a joke - anything less than "MINT" is basically unplayable! I'd hate to ever buy a record that was graded "VERY GOOD" or, heaven forbid, "GOOD"!
  2. Well, the Valhalla can have the wire connections switched over from 240v to 120v and the Lingos have a voltage switch, so that shouldn't be a problem. However, this one has the Majik PS supply and 50 HZ motor. The PS won't work in the US as we have 60Hz power. You'd have to get a Valhalla ($100-$150), Hercules ($200-$350) or Lingo 1/2/3 ($500 and up) to get the turntable to work (the 50Hz motor will be fine with those). I would also be concerned about shipping to the US - damage/theft in transit, possible US import duty and MA sales tax. Good luck whatever you decide. Edit: Give Goodwins in Waltham a call. They don't have any used LP12s advertised right now but for the cost of the one in the UK, plus shipping/insurance, plus risk, you might be able to get into a brand new Majik LP12 with no worries.
  3. BennyES: Where are you located (Akamatsu is in the Pacific NorthWest)? Put it in your Wammer info.
  4. Wow...... If the rest of your system is on par with the Mac pre, then I'd go for broke on the turntable. You might even consider trading it in on a Klimax LP12.
  5. I guess this all depends on your location and your dealer. I wish people would include the city and country they are located in their profile.
  6. I tried one of these in the 1980s..... destroyed the sound! Don't know if modern digital electronics could do better (?)
  7. Where are you located? Can your dealer demo any of these options or his he just shooting from the hip?
  8. Well, the Argo is fine for now, and for the foreseeable future, so I'm not intending to trade it in (the US trade-in value is $200-$400 off the $2000 Delos). Plus, while I like the clarity and analytical nature of the Lyra cartridges, I just have a hankerin' for that old, lush, Supex sound. No accounting for taste, eh (?!) I was hoping someone had compared these cartridges at some point but I guess that's nigh on an impossibility in this day and age.
  9. It's an Ekos II. I didn't have any problems with the Argo so I expect the Delos would fit, too, were I to go that route. I feel the Kleos is more representative of the Argo i than the Delos and that is just too much money.
  10. Evenin' all. In a moment of madness, I've decided to get a backup cartridge as I won't be able to afford to replace my Lyra Argo i when it finally gives up the ghost. My thoughts are: 1. Used Troika body and get it rebuilt by Goldring 2 Used Akiva body and get it rebuilt by Goldring 3. New Krystal Options 1 and 2 will be about 1/2 of option 3. My inclination is to go with option 1 as I really miss that original Linn/Supex sound, but I wonder if anyone has any experience comparing any pair (or all three) of these?
  11. Can you loosen the screw on the armrest/lift-lower device and rotate it some on the pillar to align the arm with the armboard?
  12. While I believe Tom, I find it very hard to believe Linn's response! Maybe some enterprising dealer/customer can test out this assertion....................
  13. Well, the point of the "upgrade" program is that the parts are (or should be) provided at a discount. So you lose "ownership as a condition of this discount.
  14. I think Tom answered this in the other thread. If it's a trade-in program, the dealer keeps the parts and can sell them on. If it's an upgrade program, the parts are returned to Linn for disposal as they see fit.
  15. I stopped looking at the Linn Facebook page. Hundreds of thousands of "what's playing now" posts don't interest me - can't see the pepper for the fly sh_t!
  16. Ah, thanks for the update. Is that yours or did you find the picture on the web?
  17. LP2 Majik, eh? I think its trying to tell you something ("time for an upgrade")!!! Yes, I know, that's no help. It does sound like an electronic issue - does the sound actually cut out or just get quieter?
  18. Well, I guess a new Kartridge and Radikal are out for the anniversary..................... What next???
  19. Ah, yes, a Linn system. I'm a NAIM guy, myself...................................
  20. You can get a microphone extension cable. Google XLR extension cable. Amazon has loads of them. Don't know if it will do anything to sounds quality, though.
  21. Yes, the set screws I could see. MUCH better than plastic threads..... What were Linn thinking???
  22. Thanks. Yes, I saw that little cut away but didn't know if that's a solution (hopefully it is).
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