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  1. t1no

    Amp building services

    Spoke too soon ... left channel tripping the speaker protection relay, so disconnected that amp board for now and it's 2/3 working. A £350 amp bought for £90 and refunded so total £0 + blood, sweat and tears. I'm sure building my own or a kit one for the OP would have been easier
  2. t1no


    Thanks! PS they seem bit pricier than the previous model.
  3. t1no


    Congratulations, you must be one of the first to get hold of the new AS 1200/2200/3200 range. Can't seem to find any prices for them here in UK
  4. t1no

    Amp building services

    Don't know about building one, but I managed to repair one this evening which was DOA when delivered. I got refunded in total and was told not to return it. It was too good to bin, so I decided to have a go repairing it and discovered a litany of faults: Blown main fuse Detached connector from DAC board Headphone output connector of PCB completely detached - dry joints resoldered Loose power supply connections to logic board Cost 3 hours labour, two fuses and an injured finger trying to prise off a fuse cover.
  5. Also Yamaha WXAD 10 mentioned above is a bit of a swiss army knife streamer, sounds good and is good value for what it does. Analogue output only though.
  6. t1no

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    I wonder if it'll get to the point where mains cables / aux leads just aren't shipped with hifi gear anymore. I will save cost and packaging and less likelihood of damage.
  7. I use a Asus Clique 100R. Got mine for £12. Is has combined 3.5mm aux / optical output. Uses AllPlay multi room streaming platform but is equally happy as a Spotify connect device. Then there is a similar Goodmans Wifi connector. For about £18 Also you will find a Robert's RS1 which does Spotify Connect and internet radio. For £20. And I also use a Panasonic SH-ALL 1c which you can find for about £20-£40. That does hi res and also Spotify, Deezer, Tidal.
  8. t1no

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    I keep all those plastic plug protectors and always put them on whem moving anything as those pins are quite vicious and they always seem to catch on something as you have found. If I send anything I separately wrap the plug in thick cardboard and bubble wrap for good measure! To date I have had 2 damaged amp cases and one active speaker scratched to bits.
  9. t1no

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    Pet hate warning: Even though standard British 3 pin plug might make a nice electrical connection they can cause so much damage when they fly loose inside packaging. I recently received an order for some equipment where there was no cover on the prongs of the plug and it caused scratching and dents to the equipment inside It's got to the point now that if I order anything on fleaBay I either say don't send the plug or make sure it's packaged separately for delivery and very well wrapped. Even if order something new there's a 50/50 chance of a loose lead wreaking havoc. Am I just unlucky?
  10. I just read the instructions off your remote. It says enter a 5 digit code. If you can find out what yours is then you can look it up at this website to find out the actual make and model of the manufacturer that Supratek emulated. https://codesforuniversalremotes.com/5-digit-universal-remote-codes-tv/
  11. I have a Vivanco UR Zap 2 and the inside from what I can see looks very similar to yours. Same X1 component and electrolytic capacitor next to it. The buttons are very similar except it has an extra "Scan" and "1" and "TV" / "SAT" buttons. It's a very basic TV remote and you have to set up the code before you can use it. Does your manual state what the code number is you should enter? If you know it then I can look it up on the Vivanco manual. Unfortunately Supratek isn't there.
  12. Never understood why Linn never offered a storage / server option inside the streamer. Maybe they'll do that on this new box?
  13. t1no

    making a hi-fi rack

    Take a look at this thread ...
  14. I assume it could be adapted in software for turntables that already have strobe markings like this: