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  1. A bit more than air … but not much more
  2. Euro 2020/21 bump 0-3⯈ 1-1 0-1⯈ ⯇3-0 ⯇1-0 ⯇3-1 ⯇3-2 0-2⯈ 1-2⯈ 0-0 0-3⯈ ⯇1-0 0-1⯈ 0-2⯈ ⯇3-0 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
  3. That's maybe where I'm headed (well probably the Pearl Akoyas) Everything else I have is is from mid 2000s (speakers) to the present day (latest is a used Cabasse Stream source)
  4. Don't forget you have 2x legs and 2x shelves:
  5. Really? That's the price for the frame only. Don't forget to add all the bits on .. I estimated around £25. Did you say it was in good or worn condition? No hassle really ... I was in and out in 10 minutes... it was on my way home from work.
  6. It’s credit to spend in store but there is no expiry.
  7. I'm taking back two old Besta cabinets tomorrow to Manchester Ikea. Declutter and get paid for it!
  8. Hi @DIB ... if no-one here takes it, you can take it back to IKEA using their buy back scheme. In good condition you will get back 40% of it's value. You probably have about £25+ worth there ... £4 for 2 sets of legs, £2 for the support leg, another £4 for the shelves, and about £15 for the frame.
  9. Is that your end of the world/ zombie apocalypse bunker?!? Looks like the front ported Triangle Borea BR03 could work there. May be too tall @ 380 x 206 x 314? Or my bottom ported Sonus Faber Chameleon Bs (315 x 185 x 283) that I might be persuaded to part with.
  10. bump Updated to include Asus Clique R100 wireless streamer which can be used as a Spotify Connect device. SPDIF Optical Output or Aux Line Out. https://origin-www.asus.com/Wireless-Bluetooth-Audio/Clique-R100/
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