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  1. TP Link Archer MR 400 £90 - 3yr warranty and unlocked so can use with any provider Smarty SIM - £12 for 50GB / month or unlimited £20 / month - no contract
  2. I use a TP Link 4G router (cost £85) for my internet connection. This is like a normal router in the sense that it has conventional RJ45 ports for hardwired connections and can support dual band wifi for up to 64 devices. Most mobile WiFi/Mifi devices can only support a small number of wireless connections.
  3. I have the RM-05 ... that design has been out a few years now. TAD / Technics / Pioneer all part of the same group I think
  4. The older SB-C700 was a better looker ...
  5. If you can achieve the sound you want and achieve hifi minimalism then why not ... it can be quite liberating. You could always avoid clutter by hiding things out of the way although I guess your valve amp won't take too kindly to being in a cabinet! And as @Nopiano mentions, there's two power cords and an optional interlink cable between the KEF LSW II speakers.
  6. I posted the URLs earlier so hopefully he can use those. Don't need VPN in that case.
  7. No idea what this is but it's supposed to have some "audiophile" chops?!! 320kbps and several genres to choose from. https://www.hionline.eu
  8. Just open in a browser (I had to set VPN to USA) and inspect page This is the stream URL: https://haradioblues-rfritschka.radioca.st/stream or http://haradioblues-rfritschka.radioca.st:8389/stream Only 128kbps
  9. Can I politely make a suggestion re: the two aluminium plates securing the power connector? Can you not make a flat plate which is shaped like an L to fit the profile of the void where the old power supply was? The top part of the L should widen out a bit. Secure the plate with the same four screws as the original PSU PCB. Bend up the top part of the L so that it sits flush with the inside wall of the case at the power switch cutout. That should be strong enough to hold the power connector and there will be no protrusions outside the case i.e. no need to bolt a clamping plate from the outside which could scratch or damage the case. Rough sketch:
  10. Just found this topic … I use Deezer and previously the lack of support on Linn products was a deal breaker. I’m now considering a move to a used Sneaky / Kiko as a result of the added Deezer support.
  11. t1no

    7" Singles

    If you can be bothered, rip them to digital file. Then put them back in the loft to hopefully appreciate in value … or maybe not.
  12. Benchmark say "If we hear something, we go back and figure out how to measure what we heard. We then add this test to our arsenal of measurements." We say "If we hear something we'll mention it on a forum cable topic and argue about what we heard. We then add the argument to the arsenal of similar arguments on every cable topic" I like Benchmark's approach
  13. Designed and Engineered in the UK Made in China Priced as if still made in the UK
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