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  1. Then a battery or power bank seems to be the best option ... £50 as opposed to £500. "The DC input of the ADI-2 DAC also allows for the use of a rechargeable lead-battery or LiPo instead of a power supply, for completely independent mobile operation and ground isolation. A matching connection cable (power jack to terminals 6.3 mm) is available from RME. Special power banks in the range of 10,000 mAh and up can be found equipped with a 12 V output. These offer a perfect solution for mobility as well as ground isolated operation, for small money."
  2. There's lot of EQ options and filters on the RME that perhaps could have resulted in a similar sound to that which you heard with an external power supply. Thus saving yourself several hundred pounds. Worth a try?
  3. So for 5 minutes of a 5:48 track the stock RME DAC was ok? Perhaps it was the splashy cymbals around that time were the reason?
  4. My lockdown purchase is repaired with some time wraps and a lot of fiddling ... those switches are a pain ... almost lost the spring contact as it fired across the room
  5. You've just reminded me I have an original NAD 3020 box ... I might advertise on the WAM for someone who actually has that amp.
  6. Thanks for the info. Currently not using Tidal with my SBT but have done so before.
  7. Looks my £10 "bargain" has a little more than I bargained for ... 1 broken power switch ... probably damaged in transit ... oh well job for the weekend ...
  8. If you go for one of the Panasonics I mentioned earlier, you can add any AllPlay or Chromecast speaker in another room and stream your CD around the house. Yamaha Musiccast, Denon Heos offer similar functionality.
  9. Best trawling used sites for one of the older Denon or Teac mini hifi systems if you want something around £70
  10. What is it that you want to stream ... any particular functionality you need?
  11. Panasonic HC 1020 or HC 2020 or HC 302. I got the Panasonic HC1020 for £50 factory refurbished from Panasonic outlet and it was like new. This links into the Panasonic multiroom (Allplay) system. I bought a DAB / FM telescopic aerial for £6 to replace the standard wire antenna. The HC2020 has Google Chromecast built in for streaming which might be useful. The HC302 doesn't have internet streaming All have DAB, CD, Bluetooth.
  12. That's some impressive test report @Tony_J Well done!
  13. Exactly ... my fuel saving has been quite substantial ... so I feel quite ok blowing a meagre tenner on my lockdown purchase.
  14. My Wadia 151 PowerDAC ... great little amp. I quite like the Bel Canto and mInt Wyred4Sound class D amps