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  1. How true, how true! Don't think that they will measure differently in any meaningful way.
  2. Braiding doesn't cause high capacitance. It's the number of opposing conductors and how close they are to each other that causes high capacitance and with it low inductance. Low total inductance might increase high frequency response in a few speakers. While high total capacitance should not be a problem in any modern amplifier.
  3. There's not much difference between braided and twisted cables.
  4. No reason to think the the cable with black & white wires will sound and different than the cable with all white wires.
  5. Are those great old Ben Duncan articles available on-line anywhere?
  6. For all of those 10 million stars that are more than 100 light-years away, if they pointed their antennas towards Earth, they won't hear anything either.
  7. If the two speakers are an identical model, they can be wired is series or parallel depending on the resulting impedance.
  8. four decades ago, stacking speakers was a big thing. But that was then and this is now. Two dynamic tweeters separated by that much distance are not going to work well.
  9. Major cable manufactures (like Belden) have been making 75 Ohm coax cable for much more demanding applications than digital audio for over one half century.
  10. Everywhere on Planet Earth, the connection to Planet Earth is there for safety during unusual events! Planet Earth is not a sink or sump for bad electricity. To repeat myself: the connection to Planet Earth (neither clean nor dirty) is never beneficial in day-to-day AC mains power quality.
  11. Quickly find a different 'sparky'. While a separate AC mains circuit can sometimes be beneficial, while the connection to Planet Earth (neither clean nor dirty) is never beneficial in day-to-day AC mains power quality. That' Planet Earth thing is a century old misunderstanding that will never go away.
  12. Try removing all the tubes.
  13. Speedskater


    Oh dear, oh dear.
  14. Speedskater


    yes, coax is short for co-axial cable. All and I do mean all, RCA unbalanced, single ended analog interconnects should use a co-axial cable. anything else is an invitation for the ingress of noise or interference.
  15. It won't be a turn on problem, but an un-powered amp might cause this type of problem if left un-powered during the listening session.