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  1. The power -on sequence for pros is: 1] sources (like pre-amps) 2] controls (like consoles, EQ's and crossovers) 3] power amplifiers turn-off is the opposite.
  2. Do you turn the pre-amp on well before turning on the power amp?
  3. What is important and not important in cables is: RCA interconnects. With a 10 000 Ohm load the center conductor is not at all important. It could be very small but then it might break. The interconnect should be a coax cable type with a heavy braided shield. With modern output stages, capacitance & inductance are of no importance. XLR interconnects. Symmetry of the two central conductors is what is important. Their cross-section area needs to be identical, their insulation needs to be of the same diameter. Their placement inside the shield also needs to be symmetrical for the length of the cable. With modern output stages, capacitance & inductance are of no importance. Speaker cables. Low total end-to-end resistance of the cable is important!. With modern output stages, capacitance is of no importance. Inductance is only a factor with a few loudspeakers.
  4. While AC mains, DC asymmetry (aka offset) can cause hum/buzz, so can high line voltage. Take the amps to a friends place and see what happens.
  5. Speedskater

    30cm XLRs

    Look to pro-audio suppliers/vendors for interconnects such as these.
  6. any links to the forms? about what time of day will the Oaks and Derby be run?
  7. Step one: plug everything into the same AC mains outlet. Step two: if it's only one channel, there is probably an interconnect problem. Swap interconnect cables Left to Right one stage at a time.
  8. I hate watching U-tube technical stuff. But Audioholics have a long list of good research papers (almost 400 total). Heck the list is 29 pages long! (almost 400 total papers) But the list doesn't make much sense by category. What I did is start at page 29 by date and work forward. https://www.audioholics.com/av-research/page/29
  9. 2 hours of the English Oaks & English Derby are going to be on US TV Saturday morning. What do I need to know?
  10. Speedskater

    Baseball 2019

    The US might be back in almost total lock-down by July 23rd.
  11. Zero problems with PVC conduit. But a pro-audio system installer (arenas & stadiums) reports that some amplifiers are not happy with long speaker cable runs in metal conduit.
  12. On a 13 Amp 230 Volt circuit, it won't output 5000 Watts for long.
  13. There have been times in the past where 3 pin XLR connectors were used for purposes other than balanced interconnects. Purposes like low voltage DC or low voltage AC or for loudspeaker cables. So using it as a quick connect unbalanced interconnect is not a far stretch.
  14. Risks: burns from valves exposed high voltage broken valves by children or the cleaning staff.
  15. There is an increased risk factor to others who don't understand the dangers.