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  1. I doubt that the above list is the least bit accurate! Why? Many recording consoles have polarity switches on each channel. Some of the components in the recording chain may invert polarity from input to out put. These is seldom any effort by the recording engineer to track absolute polarity.
  2. I know of two great providers, but they are an ocean away. Stick with pro-audio, TV, industrial providers.
  3. From the US government: The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it is asking states to temporarily halt using Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine after six people in the U.S. developed a rare blood clotting disorder. The FDA said the recommendation is “out of an abundance of caution.”
  4. The Kentucky Derby is just two and a half weeks away and the qualifying races have been full of surprises.
  5. 75 Ohms is the nominal designed impedance. But for short cables, any coax with a RFCI of 50 to 125 Ohms will be fine. At 10 meters or longer, stick with a 75 Ohm cable. Digital transfer systems don't have sound quality differences in the analog sense. They have data errors and if the system is bad enough, the data error correction system gets overloaded.
  6. a] That 75 Ohm value is the Radio Frequency Characteristic Impedance and it's only valid at frequencies above 1 Megahertz. b] S/PDIF is a robust low frequency digital interconnect system, so: For short cables (with short being 5 to 10 meters, or less) any coax with a RFCI of 50 to 125 Ohms will be fine. Yes, for 1.5 meter cables, the RFCI is of no concern.
  7. I wonder if the US race in Texas will happen? The State of Georgia recently passed a massive voter suppression law. Major League Baseball just cancelled the All-Star game in that State. Texas is preparing to pass a similar law.
  8. What do you mean 'don't worry'? Andromeda Galaxy is heading towards us at 100 kilometers per second.
  9. If the copper conductor has 5% greater cross-section area, then their end-to-end resistance will be the same. If the aluminum conductor has 45% greater cross-section area, then their end-to-end resistance will be the same. That's how conductor electrical properties work.
  10. So I tuned in to watch another F1 parade and a car race broke out (actually two car races). Meanwhile in the US, the Saturday & Sunday dirt track races were delayed to Monday by two deadly major storms.
  11. Any interesting news from Bahrain? Meanwhile in the US, NASTAR is going to have a dirt track race on a banked track. First time in a half century that the top class has races on dirt. They trucked in a huge amount of dirt. Up to 3 meters deep at the bottom of the bank. Last weekend they had trial races for other types and classes. 1400 vehicles raced.
  12. First not all cables are good cables (far from it in fact) and there are different levels of cable goodness. But if a cable A/BX test finds differences, the cause is: overlooked uncontrolled variables defective or damaged cable poorly designed cable cable poorly chosen for the task at hand
  13. good AC mains blocks are about robust mechanical construction, using high quality bits & pieces and following good engineering practices. Ignore anyone that reports this block sound this way and that block that way.
  14. there are much better items to A/BX test, than spinning your wheels testing cables.
  15. The people that promote these devices have a vested interest in the devices not being examined in a logical way.
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