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  1. At a late Summer evening parking lot car show, one of the cars was that yellow. Every bug in the parking lot was on that car.
  2. That all the insignias off the car and you would never guess that it's a Ford (from most views), let alone a Mustang.
  3. That's not real stereo. It's multi-miced pan-potted mono.
  4. A digital crossover is a much more powerful tool for a home audio loudspeaker designer. But it's not plug-n-play. It's far from a simple retrofit for an audiophile.
  5. You missed the point. The point is, those very high frequencies never get to the audience.
  6. I doubt that orchestral recording made with the microphones at typical audience positions, would have any meaningful very high frequency signals.
  7. If one hears differences in AC mains cables, one should investigate to find out what system problem causes these differences.
  8. There are countless good coax cables with heavy braided shields that will sound and measure the same. So it comes down to: which cables are easy to mount in Eichmann Bullet RCA plugs and are readily available at a reasonable total cost.
  9. They are the largest identifiable group, next comes young adults, the third group lacks easy access or just needs more encouragement. Encouragement may come in the form of a free beer or paid time off work.
  10. Meanwhile in the US, interest in getting vaccinated is diminishing. The age limit is now 16 and above (this may be lowered to 12 and above) but still daily jabs have dropped from almost 4 million to 1 million. There is now a stockpile of about 70 million doses.
  11. Roman Grosjean is competing in some of the US IndyCar races. IndyCar is a mix of oval and road races, so far he has only done the road races.
  12. I don't know how the sprint races will work with the current equipment rules. In the olden days, they had spare cars ready to race. All they had to do was add fuel and put on race tires.
  13. Actually, in theory they got it upside down. In AC mains wiring, in a circuit breaker box, the heaviest loads are connected closest to the input supply. But in real world loudspeakers there is zero difference!
  14. The first stage of Sail GP 2021 happened last weekend. They used the one design 50 foot catamarans. Much, much better racing than the A Cup.
  15. Surprisingly demand for jabs in the US is diminishing, even thou they just opened eligibility to everyone over age 16.
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