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  1. Wow.....didnt expect so much replies...thanks guys!!! My current set up is... Roksan Caspian Integrated amp Roksan Caspian power amp Roksan caspian CD player As mentioned im pretty clueless to streaming hardware, but as it seems to be getting more and more common I think its time to get online with it . Like everyone I just want the best sound available for my budget and current system. I dont need millions of functions, just the ability to stream music via Tidal £2/3k budget Chris...
  2. chrismckay

    Streamer Q

    Dont really know whats available or what does what but can someone tell me if this is possible and also recommend me some hardware to acomplish this. I would like a streaming device to play Tidal through my existing amplification in my 2 channel system Is there a device that does not come with its own amplification that will do this?...I dont want to spend on amplification as my system makes a decent job of this and a device with no amp for my allocated budget should in theory spend the money on better internals. I would like to purchase something around £2/3k Chris....
  3. Purists, is music Just look at the emotion on Nina Kraviz.....feeling it!!!...
  4. The best album I have heard in a long time. For me, when Roger Waters performs I listen to the lyrics intently. The interesting thing is that he cant sing, not in the traditional sense, but what he does works.There are other artists that dont sing textbook style but have the same effect on me, such as Nick Cave, Bill Callahan, Johnny Cash.....all quite mono tone, all highly addictive listening Chris...