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  1. So still no publishable acoustic or engineering evidence then, just vitriol and passive aggression blended with labelling those that agree with our perspective as Trolls. “TROLLS” the pitchfork village chant of the 21st century audiophile. Anyone that disagrees or challenges you is a troll, troll, troll, troll….!
  2. Actually, it’s you that’s made your mind upon the absence of publishable and replicable data and facts that’s not supported by industry, commercial and research labs that use optoelectronic comms but instead of placing your evidence forward, you continue to push subjective claims without a shred of evidence which takes your claims, no matter how stroppy, no further than blind religiosity and when challenged break out in the way angry clerics do.
  3. Bob Stuart - the chap who peddles the guff that is MQA, no thanks. Interesting that optoelectronics are used in high speed commercial-industrial and research digital communications and data transfer, including places such as CERN where subatomic transitions take place in orders less than a femtosecond with excellent signal fidelity over hundreds of metres of optics without a Naim power supply to be seen yet audiophiles seem to be able to perceive differences when listening to Dark Side of the Moon over a couple of metres of Toslink versus Coax digital +/- power supply ‘upgrade’
  4. Can all these posts not be resolved by simply taking the optical out from the Innuos streamer to a DAC - that way there will be no transmission of electrical or perceive electrical noise….
  5. Can it be repaired and serviced by Linn?
  6. Yes. I saw that Steve Guttenburg video and you get the impression that despite DCS, MSB etc… this sits at the summit of digital replay. They seem to be a manufacturer that takes servicing seriously so if the laser died a decade from now, they’d sort it out. I’d love to get this Denon and Luxman in a room and do a comparison over a few hours to see what the extra £13,000 would get me.
  7. This Denon looks amazing and again the use of discrete components. A more affordable £2800.
  8. Thanks to forum, just discovered Luxman. Good God, look at the build quality and use of discrete components throughout. The CD mechanism on this looks superbly engineered. The only downside is the price of £15,000. 4mins 45secs
  9. What is the spare parts availability?
  10. After many months of research, I’ve decided that an excellent SACD/CD player is what I’m after. I’ve got loads of classical SACDs and like the sound over regular CD. The classical studios seem to record in DSD. I’ve narrowed it down to Marantz, Denon and Yamaha. My concern is spending thousands on such a machine for a board or laser fail after a few short years, only to be told that the parts are no longer available… Does anyone know how these manufacturers compare with respect to spare parts availability and fixability please? How long are parts available between these makes?
  11. Whilst audiophiles were arguing amongst themselves about minutiae that mattered not one jot such as (tubes, cables, powersupplies, chips, clocks, FLAC vs WAV, night and day-veil lifting-blacker than blacks, jitter levels, isolation feet) the rest of the world were in musical bliss listening to music on their smartphones and sound-docks.
  12. Speaker sonic characteristics and its interaction with the room are by far many orders of magnitude the greatest variables. Get the speakers right. Sort its interaction with the room either passively or using room compensation or preferably both and you’ll be on a solid foundation to finely resolve the smaller differences from different amps. Invest the bulk of your budget on the best speakers you can afford before you fart around with audiophile, blacker than black, PRAT inducing, veil lifting, night and day, giant killing, overengineered, valve powered, magical cable lifting, bespoke silver transformered, tube rolling, r2r nos, magic sauce, bling boxes....
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