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  1. Love that. Lucky chap. The professional stuff is built so well. Honest and solid engineering. I’ve heard DCS, CEC, Audio Note, Esoteric and the differences are marginal and more about sonic flavours. Sensible prices.
  2. https://www.denonpro.com/index.php/products/view3/dn-500bdmkii https://tascam.com/int/product/cd-6010/top I’d recommend these units. Built for years of 24-7 trouble free service. Jitter many magnitudes below human hearing threshold.
  3. Are you saying that audio dealers buy gear from manufacturers for less than 40% and their margins are even bigger?
  4. If equipment is bought at a price by a dealer and distributor which is typically 40-50% of RPP what is a classified as a bargain? The dealers need to make a living. What is a bargain and when does the margin get so low as to make it untenable to run an online/remote sell business?
  5. I was wondering what was going here. Makes sense now.
  6. He’s making a specific point about IMD in faster processors vs. slower ones. Aside from Innuos peddling this story and it being gobbled up by dealers and audiophiles which strikes me as ill considered (to use your phrase) what I’m asking for is anything to back up the claim of IMD waveforms (easily measurable) and publish this. How is it that peddling ideas fed by manufacturers and dealers, where there is a conflict of interest, is fine and dandy yet when a consumer asks for justification it’s ‘ill considered’....do you believe everything a salesman and manufacturer tells or are you like a at all inclined to do some due diligence...
  7. Are you an Innuos dealer? IMD - do you have any proof using faster than N4200 processors creates IMD or is this just what they Innuos told you and now you are telling us?
  8. If upsampling either into PCM/DSD helps DACs push noise well away from the audible band, prevent brick wall filtering and to a good proportion sound better than not, why would it matter given that inbound and outbound signals are filtered in the Innuos? I can’t but help think part of the reason to use low powered chips like N4200 is because they are very cheap and increase the margin on the product.
  9. What the cheapest Roon Core solution if you don’t know how to build a computer?
  10. Just read that 4Gb RAM that Innuos speak of in their advertising blurb is not used and there is no caching of the music before playback in Roon. Seems a shame.
  11. I hadn’t even thought of that. Spending £1000-3000 and it not having enough ‘grunt’ to make use of all the features of Roon....
  12. I am interested in buying a streamer from Innuos and wondered how often they release new models. How long did the mark 1 and 2 models stay in production and how long has the mark 3 been out please? I don’t want to buy a mark 3 unit only to find a few weeks or months later that they’ve released a mark 4... Thank you.
  13. I took the photos before I sold the house to you allowing me to upgrade to something a little bigger. 😂