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  1. If your source is vinyl then source first ideology is valid and was the mantra 30 years (started by Naim and Linn who wanted to flog record players) but go and listen to a handful of streamers or CD players. There is a marginal difference between them and what you pick will be more to do with the flavour of sound you like (NO veil/skirt lifting, musical PRATTY, musical night and day differences). Follow the evidence base path and do what studios and acoustic engineers do, not moneyed middle aged dudes with OCD. The distortion figures of the digital sources will be down to 0.0001% whereas a loudspeaker distortion can rise to 10% and that’s before you’ve factored the room into the chain with its distortion and artefact nodes. Spend the bulk on speakers, aesthetically sympathetic acoustic panels, room furnishing and a DIrac/Lyngdorf box before splashing out on racks full of willy waving blingy boxes, power supplies, power conditioners, regenerators, uni/omni directional fuses, cable lifters, magic feet, magic weights, cryogenically frozen cables made by Nordic gods, upsamplers, magic audiophile Ethernet cables and switches, ultralinear power supplies and capacitor banks weighing 25kg…
  2. Don’t want to throw a spanner in your decision making but of course your dealer would say you need a new box. Your speakers are the weakest link and always the weakest link. You should start where all studios, acoustic engineers start and (not box swap like dealers or audiophiles). Start with the room and the speakers, which make the biggest contribution to sonics entering your ears and not another box swap. Investigate and read up on the basics of good passive room treatment (absorption and diffusion panels that blend into your room aesthetics), speaker positioning, then upgrade your speakers to the most you can afford. Once you’ve done that reappraise the next step. After that I’d go for a Lyngdorf which incorporates room correction or a Dirac room correction solution.
  3. Are you confident you’d hear a difference blind folded over version 1? Suspect you the difference would be highly marginal. For £12000 I’d want to hear the difference from the hallway before I’d reached the listening room.
  4. Beolab 28. Active. Room correction. Thermal protection. Being discussed on the Naim forum of all places (believe it or not…)
  5. £5000 to spend. Why don’t you start with your room and speakers as they are the biggest contributor to sonics that arrive in your ears?
  6. Done extensive tests and optical wins out every time. Complete galvanic isolation as well if this is an issue.
  7. This is the recurring issue. It’s great he’s put himself out there and shown us his system but the problem yet again is that new entrants to the audiophile world get the impression that one needs to buy lots of expensive boxes and this is where the hobby starts and finishes. Go to any respected recording studio and serious music venue/concert hall and it always starts with room acoustics and high quality passive treatment and if this not possible the next step is active room compensation technology in less than exhaulted environments such as one’s living room. As fancy as his system is, it would sound orders better, with some simple room treatment - rugs, cushions, books, acoustic panels disguised as art, ceiling treatment etc… for a fraction of the cost of one of those boxes. THIS is where the video should start IMHO.
  8. These are THE grumpiest old men postings ever. I chuffing love it…!! Did some cretin mention streaming’??!! I don’t believe it.
  9. This is a Werther’s Original advert in the making.
  10. Has anybody experienced this machine or Luxman disc players in general. This is one of the most emphatically positive reviews by Steve. Is this the pinnacle of digital? Hefty price tag of $16,500. Is this twice the player than say a Marantz-sa10 or Rega ISIS valve?
  11. A.S.

    Hifi pet hates

    More pet hates: the word ‘artisanal’ used to describe dubious manufacturing.
  12. A.S.

    Hifi pet hates

    More pet hates: Those that insist hifi not hifi unless it has tubes and point to point silver wiring.
  13. A.S.

    Hifi pet hates

    You mean the plinky plonky female vocal jazz tripe?
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