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  1. Good goal Chelsea! Nice to see your owner in the stadium, wouldn’t have been able to do that if the final was at Wembley!
  2. That’s great… 👍 You must be feeling well chuffed!
  3. Or they could have a surgical procedure called Strapadicktome.
  4. I loves a bit of metal lurgy, I do..
  5. Devil

    The pen

    That looks really fabulous! Using keyboards most of the time, means I’ve virtually lost the power of handwriting.. lol..
  6. Devil

    The pen

    Funny, I’m left handed, writing tennis etc, but anything I do two handed I do right handed, golf, cricket, shooting etc.. 😜
  7. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Well Lewis can, but Bottas is still in a lower league, imo…
  8. All so predictable….. First off, whoever replaced Emery with Arteta, needs to go now (Kroenke??). Secondly, Arteta needs to resign now, for taking a job that was far too difficult and challenging for someone with absolutely no experience! Bring back David Dein to sort out the executive mess, and get the transfer policy sorted out now, Edu needs to go also. Pathetic display by the team last night, they’re so lucky the fans weren’t in the stadium, imo..
  9. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Bottas starts third or fourth, seems to be a predictable result… lol
  10. Exactly, but he doesn’t even have the balls to apologise personally, claiming it’s ‘The Board’. No doubt they’re lining up some fall guy to carry the can for this debacle.. On a lighter note, I wonder if Tottenham can now afford to sack Mourinho after loosing all the extra cash from the ESL, lol.. 🤣
  11. I’m afraid that time has run out for the apprentice ( and the rest of the management team), there’s a goodish squad in there (somewhere), but the same old frailties pop up every other game.. To see a totally disinterested Aubamayang, Pepe, Partey, Gabriel, was criminal, thankfully he didn’t bring Willian on! Only Odegaard showed any fight, and he’s a decent player that’ll soon get ground down by the micro-management style. God knows what he was learning from Pep, but he didn’t bring any of it with him.
  12. Good call on the new 1 class, I bought one last year and it’s been superb! The infotainment system fitted is the best currently out there imo..
  13. Let’s look at that again at the end of the season..
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