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  1. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Well done Danni Ric, drove a good race, in fact both Macs were good today, easily a notch up over the Ferrari’s imo… So, either Max hit Lewis on purpose, or he’s never going to give reasonable way on a corner, like others did today. Even Christian Horner was very subdued on the incident, I was half expecting him to accuse Lewis of trying to kill him, as per his usual rants.. I thought the stewards summing up of the incident was very rounded and considered imo. Max needs to mature a bit more if he’s going to win the title, they’ve got the best car this year, and that knowledge is pressuring him into making some errors of judgments.
  2. Xhaka’s fine when the opponents are weaker and he’s not under any pressure, but falls apart when the going gets tough. I’ve not seen him play as well for Arsenal as he did for the Swiss, but then that might be down to how he’s (not) managed??
  3. Inexperienced owners, inexperienced management, unguided players, equals the current situation at Arsenal. Who in their right mind would renew Xhaka’s contract? But looking at some of the other signings over the past few years someone thought it was a wise move lol.. I can’t think of anyone who’d want to buy it or manage it in this state, Conte would be mad to take this on in its current situation, can only think that Fat Sam, might save us from relegation lol.
  4. https://apple.news/AzPR8LtiTR1a3dIATK-dPyA Cant sell the seats either for a top game…
  5. Agreed, there seems to be no plan B whatsoever! No physical presence or leaders on the pitch, an easily bullied defence, and a transfer policy that no one outside of the club can understand at all.. The only good news is that we’re such the underdogs at the moment, any point will seem a positive going forward…
  6. Well played Brentford, a great start to your Premier season… I haven’t a clue where Arsenal can go under the Kroenke’s, apart from further down tbh..
  7. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Oh this is interesting, according to freely available gps data, Max was going faster through Copse on the first lap, than he did in qualifying! Equally, while Horner has accused Hamilton of a "red-mist moment" and allowing the pressure of the occasion to cloud his judgement, questions have been raised about Verstappen's driving, too. Beyond the question of whether he should have allowed Hamilton more room given the Mercedes had a substantial part of his car alongside the Red Bull on the entry to the corner, there is the matter of Verstappen's entry speed to Copse on the first lap of the race. This, according to GPS data available to all teams, was 1.5km/h faster with Hamilton on his inside than it had been on his fastest qualifying lap the day before. Copse is taken flat-out in qualifying - but certainly not on the first lap of the race with a full tank of 100kg of fuel, even when a driver is on an ideal line, which Verstappen was not. Asked about this, Horner said: "I think that would be physically impossible" and "I can't believe [it] to be true based on all the analysis we have looked at prior to the hearing". The data is the data, though.
  8. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Good news, the case brought by RB has been thrown out.. Unfortunately it seems that ‘additional allegations’ raised by RB has been ‘noted’. It’s a shame that RB has run this agenda, when in 99.9% of other similar situations the decision of the stewards has been broadly accepted, and not contested after the event.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/58014629
  9. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    In which case CH should be telling Max to keep his ‘elbows in’ for the rest of the season!
  10. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Many thanks for your thoughts, the rest of the season could be very close and hard fought, if the last race was anything to go by..
  11. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Ian, out of the two, who do you think is the quicker driver at the moment (given equal machinery)?
  12. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    I think we’ve also got to the stage where given equal machinery Max is a quicker driver than Lewis. Whether he can sustain that over a long distance is another matter, but the differences between them lap-time wise must be very small..
  13. Devil

    Formula 1 2021

    Imo, Max was just as much to blame for a couple of reasons.. First off he squeezed Lewis to the inside wall restricting his ability to hit the apex in a reasonable manner. Considering the approach speed etc. Consequently, Max did not enter the corner from the outer edge of the track, and therefore left no room for himself to complete the turn, if another car was inside him.. Anyhow, as everyone has said, the boot’s on the other foot now, and Lewis is having to adopt some of Max’s tactics to keep up.. imo… ymmv.. etc.
  14. Good goal Chelsea! Nice to see your owner in the stadium, wouldn’t have been able to do that if the final was at Wembley!
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