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  1. I bought this direct from Merlin. Technically I ordered a 1 metre cable, but I've just measured it and it's around 90 cms for some reason. There is a small area where the black paint has come off: please see the top edge of the 7th socket in the photo. Total load not to exceed 25 amps. Location = Colchester. Price = £30 + postage.
  2. Two 4 way metal clad mains distribution blocks, bought new from British Audio. Each fitted with a 1 metre length of Supra LoRad 2.5 cable and an MK toughplug. They were built pretty substantially: each one weighs nearly 1.8 kgs. 32A maximum. I'm pretty sure that they have surge protection built in, but I don't know the rating. Location = Colchester. Price = £50 for each block, + postage.
  3. Less than 6 months old, and I bought this (new) to connect my Cyrus CD transport to my DAC. The Cyrus is now up for sale, and so I don't need this cable anymore. Location = Colchester. Price = £285 + postage.
  4. I bought this new in 2018 or 2019. I have rarely used it, as I rip all my CDs to my music laptop and listen to that instead. I have also just started a Qobuz subscription, and will have an Innuos server arriving in the next few weeks. So I very much doubt that I will use this again. I have the original box / packaging / remote control (unopened and unused). Location = Colchester. Price = £950 + £12 postage to mainland UK. Happy to take more photos if anyone wants them.
  5. I imported these new from Japan, and have had them a couple of weeks. Certainly the most comfortable headphones I've ever had, but I also have a pair of Kennertons which I slightly prefer. Supplied with two cables, one 6.3mm and the other XLR. Location = Colchester. Price = £695 + £12 P+P (mainland UK). I can send more photos to anyone who's interested.
  6. I have had this for a couple of years (I bought it direct from Airlink), as I have Japanese preamps and power amps. I'm only selling it now because I have bought one of Airlink's conditioning balanced power supplies for these amps, which hopefully should arrive later this week. I'll be able to post this when the new one has arrived. When turned on it emits a slight hum. It's done this since it arrived, but it's not loud enough to disturb even very quiet pieces of music, so it's never bothered me. Just mentioning it for the sake of completeness. Tech specs: Model UK-JA2000
  7. xDuoo TA-20 Balanced Tube 12AU7 Headphone Amplifier. I bought this directly from the xDuoo store on 12th April. Very nice headphone amp when paired with my LSA HP-3 (= Kennerton Magni) headphones. I'm only selling now as I have a vintage preamp (Yamaha CX2000) arriving soon which has a headphone socket, and this will be enough for my needs. I rarely listen to music through headphones. This will come with the stock valves (unused), and the original box. Location = Colchester. Price = £250 + £12 postage to mainland UK. The TA-20 won an award from Headfonia for best headphone
  8. I bought this from Inspire together with my Monarch 2.1 turntable, in January of this year. Works extremely well with my cart, which is an Ortofon Quintet Black S. I'm only selling as I may experiment with Hashimoto SUTs, although the MC phono stage on my preamp (a Sansui C2301) is very good. I seem to have mislaid the box, so apologies for that. It will be packed very safely for shipping. Location = Colchester. Price = £695 650 + £12 postage to mainland UK. Blurb from the Ortofon website: Recommended cartridge impedance < 10 Ω Gain 27 dB at 1
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