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  1. Somewhat reluctantly selling my PH1 phono stage. Brief technical blurb: The PH1 caters for MM, low output MC and high output MC cartridges. The power supply of the PH1 is provided by 10 NCR18650 batteries charged via a 24V power adaptor. The PH1 must be fully charged prior to use, a simple process with all necessary information clearly displayed. In full use conditions, the batteries can be charged up to 10,000 times with each full charge lasting for up to 8 hours. Further information here: https://www.ybahifi.com/product/genesis-ph1-phono-preamplifier/ I'm reconfiguring my vinyl set up, and am selling this as well as a Hashimoto HM7 SUT. Location = Colchester. Price = £975 £950 plus postage.
  2. I bought this in May direct from Mr Isao Asakura, CEO / President of SoundTradition in the States. Price was $1900 including shipping, and unfortunately there was import tax to pay on top of that. Such is life ...... It's called a Live! MC-907, weighs 1,850g and measures 18cm x 15.2cm x 11.3cm. Mr Asakura told me that they use WBT-0201 RCA sockets, and all internal hookup wires consist of Oyaide PCOCC, PCOCC-A, and 7N copper wires for the best sound quality. I have been very pleased with it (it replaced an Ortofon ST80 SE), but I'm taking my vinyl set up in a different direction. I am therefore selling this, and my YBA Genesis PH1 phono stage. Some technical data here: http://www.acoustic-dimension.com/hashimoto/hashimoto-mc-stepup-transformers.htm Location = Colchester. Price = £1150 plus postage. I'll post it in the box it was shipped over in, which is several times the size of the SUT, but I'd prefer it to be well protected.
  3. I bought these new in August, used them for literally no more than 2-3 hours, and then packed them away. My intention had been to seriously start listening to music through headphones again, but it's just not happening. They come with the 4.4 cable, and also a Focal 6.3. Location = Colchester. Price = £1475 plus £15 postage within mainland UK. Further photos available on request.
  4. Bought two of these cables on 10th September to connect an M Scaler to a TT2. Without exaggeration they have had less than 10 hours use, as I am moving the Chords on in exchange for an Aqua Formula. The seemingly endless quest for audio nirvana.......... Location = Colchester. Price = £70 per cable plus £4.85 postage within mainland UK (1st Class Signed For). ONE NOW SOLD, ONE REMAINING
  5. There's a Warranty section on their website, but I don't know any more than that.
  6. I bought this in May direct from Audio GD. In my system and to my ears this is a stunning DAC, and I have owned both the Aqua La Voce S3 and the Wyred4Sound DAC2V2SE. Hence I am selling to fund the purchase of the Audio GD TOTL DAC, the R7 HE mkii. This is essentially the same as the DAC I'm selling, but with an inbuilt regenerative power supply. At 20 kgs it is quite a hefty component. Be aware that this R7 weighs 15kgs with dimensions W43 X L43 X H10 cms. Further information here: http://www.audio-gd.com/R2R/R7MK2/R7_MK2EN.htm Review here: https://soundnews.net/sources/dacs/audio-gd-r7-2020-version-review-r2r-done-right/ The total cost of this was something over £2100. I'm looking for £1500 plus postage. I'll have to investigate courier costs, as it'll be a fairly big and heavy box (I have the original shipping box). Location Colchester. More photos are available on request. The one below does show part of my gin collection in the background (I went through a bit of a phase), but I barely touch the stuff these days.....
  7. Bought earlier this year, but due to a reconfiguration of my system they are no longer needed. Location = Colchester. Price = £35 plus £3.50 postage within mainland UK.
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