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  1. .. and the less said about the "ass gas or grass" conversation, the better
  2. I gave a lift in my car to an American friend of mine a while ago. He climbed into the passenger seat and said "You have a Ford: I apologise for your terrible car" When I asked him why, he told me that Fords are notoriously bad cars and known as "Found On Roadside Dead"
  3. I've been using a Lejonklou Kinki for some time, which is a cheaper alternative to the Gaio if you can find one. Another approach is to go for an Arcam Alpha 6-8 integrated Great value and great fun, with a phono stage that boogies. No idea how the Arcam compares to the Ariston, but I've built turntable systems for my eldest two kids around the Arcam Alpha 6 and I enjoy playing them in my office until the kids take them away.
  4. I love that ITV thinks that listening to vinyl is akin to playing with model trains. I totally agree
  5. I use K600 cores to connect the posts of my Espeks in addition to the Linn plates. This sounds a little more musical than with the plates alone, despite my expectations to the contrary.
  6. Will there be a control app? My understanding is that the player will appear on the network as an AirPlay device, so no control app will be needed.
  7. If connecting over WiFi and you have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz with the same access point name, dropouts can occur when the client switches between the 2.4 and the 5 access points. Try turning one off or giving them different names
  8. If Kazoo reports "waiting for room" then it cannot see a DS. That does not look like an issue with the NAS. If Kazoo is scanning the correct subnet ( and cannot see your DS, then the problem is the route from DS to Kazoo. Do you know the IP address of the DS? Can you ping it from a control laptop? If it pings fine, then the issue is most likely to be something blocking the DS transmissions to Kazoo. You could try turning Norton off temporarily and disabling firewall on one of your laptops. Alternatively, do you have an Android phone? Could you install and run Bubb
  9. I'm not sure how compatible the choke is with minimum bend radius for ethernet cables:
  10. Warm olive oil is my grandmother's recipe. Don't be tempted to add the balsamic though
  11. I don't know why, but the occasional pop and crackle on vinyl does not intrude on my listening. However I know friends who hate every click.
  12. Let's assume that Linn's right to place this as equivalent in importance to the CD12 and first Klimax DS, to figure out just what could make this a seminal launch. What's new? The case - this looks more like evolution and styling than revolution The physical controls - already debuted on Selekt The display - again, evolution The physical architecture - again looks like an evolution from Selekt The analogue board - no idea how this differs, but most likely improvements that build on earlier designs The DAC - this *is* marketed as new The digital bo
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