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  1. Setting aside musicality comparisons, there are some important feature differences. Assuming that everyone knows the feature set of Linn DSMs: Källa is solely compatible with Apple Airplay and appears as an Airplay Speaker on the network, via ethernet connection. This is the sole mechanism for sending music to Källa. It is tuned for optimum quality playback of streaming services rendered via Apple iOS devices and AirPlay, such as Qobuz, Spotify, Radio Paradise etc. It can be used with any Apple iOS compatible app that plays audio via AirPlay (including AppleTV). There is no Lejonklou or Källa control app. The Apple AirPlay approach makes installation extremely simple, and configuration is pretty much limited to choosing a static IP address (by default it connects via DCHP). Feature-wise it is more like a DS than a DSM, without any inputs other than ethernet and with no digital volume control. Output is analogue (RCA) only. I have not heard it myself, although I intend to audition it some time this year, but it has made a very positive impression on owners of Linn streamers and (shock!) LP12s
  2. I don't know the answer to that. I used the DAC in the Kinos at the time, and it was better than the DAC in the AV5103, but now I'd just use the analogue output of a USB DAC into the Kinos
  3. I agree: it's a really good pre amp, especially the blue display DTS version. I had both versions. The Kinos however can be had for not much more and is significantly better than the AV5103
  4. I'm using Linn Espeks. They stuck with me through all the amp changes. I'm very fond of them
  5. My journey started with majik-i, I added an Lk100, then a Kairn, then klouts, then Av5103 pre, then c4200+c2200, then Kinos, then KCT. Now I have a Lejonklou Boazu integrated. Everyone recommends based on their experience, and my recommendation would be to consider a Boazu. Brand new it's over your combined budget for pre and power amps, but used it's probably cheaper, though rare. In my view you'd have to go to klimax level to get a more musical amp. You have a lot of choices for external DAC, but if you're using a PC you can use a USB DAC. I'm using an ESI Gigaport HD+. These are hard to find, but the ESI Gigaport EX is almost as good. The components you use for your PC, hardware and software, have a big impact on musicality. There's a lot of information here: https://www.lejonklou.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10
  6. That sounds very plausible to me. Quadraspire offer a 'bronze' upgrade that places downward facing bronze spikes that connect to the upright columns. I think I will probably end up buying the Quadraspire parts, and dispensing with the extra shelf.
  7. I tried another experiment, this time with my streamer. I screwed downward facing steel spikes into a 35cm x 35cm x 8mm birch ply and placed it under my streamer, unsecured on the shelf on small pucks. There's nothing to stop the subsidiary shelf from sliding around on the quadraspire shelf, and resistance between the shelf surface and the pucks is pretty small, so it slides easily. I suspect this is bad. This set up made a much bigger difference than my previous experiment and was unequivocally a step backwards. Tonally noticeably harsher and instantly out of tune.
  8. I've tried two experiments with my spare Q4 shelf. First I placed 3 isolation cones on the top shelf, pointing upwards, with the spare shelf on top. This sounded like a step backwards. I went back and forwards a few times, and overall it sounded less engaging, and at times little discordant. I used these: I added some threaded inserts and downward pointing spikes with pucks placed on the stand upright columns instead of the shelf: This sounds as engaging as without the extra shelf, and brings a bit more apparent detail. I am wary of tweaks that bring more detail, as they tend to be fatiguing and ultimately a backwards step. This one is not a big difference. I'll spend a few days listening to hear how it beds in. Right now I want to keep playing, but then again it's one of my favourite LPs...
  9. I have a spare Quadraspire Q4 shelf and I plan experimenting using it with downward facing spikes on top of my Quadraspire rack to support my turntable, which is currently on the top rack. My thinking is that the spikes will further isolate the turntable from vibrations transmitted by the rack. The turntable is pretty well coupled to the shelf by three cylindrical feet with inset circular rubber pads. The rack already stands on spikes, but I can feel the shelves vibrating at high volumes.
  10. Have you considered mounting the spikes on the plywood shelves so that the point sits directly on the steel frame, with a 1mm drilled recess to locate the spike? That way the spike disperses vibration from the frame. With the spike upside down won't it amplify vibrations from the frame to the shelf?
  11. With recent tuning of my set up I am finding music that was previously missable and unengaging is now surprisingly emotive and compelling. I found myself enjoying a David Gilmour solo track!!!! With each significant improvement I find I can enjoy more music that previously was boring.
  12. It's probably the next generation, building up their collection of 'vinyls'. My kids (hmm they're in their 20s now...) are gradually adding classics to their collection of discs. Sadly this means I have contrived over my lifetime to buy some albums more than 5 times over, on different media. ... as an aside, I'm a convert to calling them 'vinyls' now. To my mind the new name emphasises what is unambiguously unique about the medium.
  13. Have you come across an explanation for this? I'm curious as it seems to make a worthwhile positive difference.
  14. I recently changed my power set up, inspired by the advice published by Frederik Lejonklou. My HiFi alcove has 8 wall sockets, so originally I plugged each device into a wall socket. All components are now connected to a cheap basic 4-way mains distribution block (no light or switches), plugged into a single mains socket, in this order: 1) Hakai (streamer), 2) Axis, 3) Kinki (phono pre), 4) Boazu (integrated amp). This brought a surprising (to me) and pleasant improvement. I haven't experimented with the order on the distribution block. I'd love to know what's going on to cause these differences ...
  15. Another candidate, tuned using the Tune Method, are Lejonklou Tundra (stereo or mono). Worth considering auditioning against Solos, and more budget friendly than Solos.
  16. According to the news articles I've seen Santa will be dropping down the chimney with a legally licenced concealed handgun, so y'all better show appreciation whatever lands under the Christmas tree
  17. If I remember correctly, my MG Montegos were a delight accelerating and cornering to the left and a nightmare to the right, tho it could be the otherway around ...
  18. Ahhh the Maestro. When they came out I thought they were ugly and dowdy. Modern car design trends seem brutish in comparison and now the Maestro looks almost elegant. But then I owned two MG Montegos (one red and one black) so I clearly had no taste ...
  19. Is the outer conductor connected to the circuit of the inner conductor, such as via earth?
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