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  1. Hi Steve, Unfortunately, not for the moment. After you taste the SET flavour, difficult to move in another direction. I'm a tube guy. I had before Manley and VTL monos, but this "poor" integrated sounds better to my years. Of course, you need the right speakers. I don't want to know how could be some NAF monos and a reference preamp. But that's a fortune, even used. 25W are enough for your Sophia's? Good luck!
  2. Wonderful amplifier! Not pleased with the Vitus?
  3. From the new production, one of the best are the Gold Lion ECC82. I never tested the best chinese type (Psvane). But if you want to try some NOS type, there are tons of choices.
  4. A rear side picture will be nice too. Thanks!
  5. Wonderful! What model speakers did you heard with these beauties?
  6. May I have pictures for these? Thanks! Spikes 8 black metal spikes. Can’t remember if they were from speakers or a rack. £10 Spikes 8 gold coloured. No name but look classy. Two adjustable parts at top. £10. Can take pictures.
  7. Hi there, "SME 3009 ser 2 improved tonearm tube and bearing. Fixed headshell. £30" I'm not so sure, this is the complete tonearm or...? If yes, I take it.
  8. Hi there, Sorry, not interested in your amplifier, but in some valves. Last year I bought my first SET amplifier, the NAF 845SE. In the preamp section I need a pair of ECC83 and also a pair of 5687\E182CC type. I have some 5687 tubes, but I would like to try some E182CC pinched waist. Interested eventually in a separate sale? How many E182CC do you have? 1-2 photos will be nice. Thanks! Good luck with your sale, Stefan.
  9. Hi again, Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, the Tk1 is the most common "square getter" made by Mullard. "More than you can possibly imagine." Say a number. I'm in the same sh... Till 5 years ago I never touched an audio valve. And now I have more than 1000 pieces. Bloody hell addiction! Do you have a list of the tubes in your collection? Or at least what kind of tubes you'll put on sale in the near future? Just cannot stop buying tubes... All the best, Stefan.
  10. Hi there, May I know the complete code for the second ECC81 on the list? Before (or above) "B6K", has to be something. Do you have more other tubes (except from what you already listed)? Thanks, Stefan.
  11. I cannot believe what power need these little beasts. Insatiable hunger... P.S. Your integrated is absolutely gorgeous.
  12. Hi Ian, Which Harbeth model do you have? Thanks.