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  1. Hi all I've put my question in this forum as I'm more interested in stereo than surround. We've moved house and I'm rejigging the hifi, and I'm having my turntable in my study and re-fitting a Denon 7.1 amp for the front room. I've previous used some Monitor Audio Silver RS1 as part of this set-up in stereo mode, with some other cheap satellites for when I'm using the amp in surround mode- the Monitor Audio will now be in the study and I'm after some bookshelf speakers for the front room as replacement. These need to be very compact, smaller than the RS1 as space is at a premiu
  2. Hi all We've moved into our new house and I'm looking at setting up our surround sound. A problem is (1) the space isn't huge for a receiver and (2) my old Denon AVR-x2000 can't do 4K passthrough (pre-dates HDCP 2.2) which will limit capability of new TV. Hence, I'm after a new receiver. Is there an obvious choice in the same sort of category (£280ish in 2014), which will be used for PS4 as bluray and BT Sport UHD? I'll be playing my record deck (rega P1 plus - so can use line-in so no phono stage required) and would like ability to stream tidal (either directly or through app on
  3. I went for the Ceol N10 in the end as I wanted to include streaming, another £100 but it's going well so far - ta to all for advice. The sound is OK but the spotify standard is a bit weak - assume I would be able to stream lossless from Deezer Hi-Fi or Tidal? I might sign up to free trial to give it a go.
  4. I wasn't initially looking too much at a compact all-in-one, but it's starting to become a lot more attractive now it's been suggested - I've a load of CDs which we play through PS4, for which the quality, reliability and user experience isn't great. I hadn't thought too much about streaming as previously just went through PS4 but again this isn't ideal - the M41 has bluetooth streaming, not sure what the N10 adds above this other than proprietary HEOS for multi-room? Does it allow direct access to e.g. spotify or deezer through the device itself (assume M41 would require a connected device
  5. I'm after a replacement amp for a large Denon AV receiver with digital and analogue inputs, and the M41 was recommended in another thread. Would this be a good bet for driving a set of Monitor Audio Silver RS1 speakers? I'm wondering if the Denon will be better bet than something like the NAD 3020 V2 for this mix of digital and analogue. I've seen it for just under £200 in a few places which seems a steal compared to other options I was looking at, will try to have a listen before buying but it might have to be purchased from internet which limits opportunity to try it out.
  6. Cheers for comments, will take a look
  7. Quick update - the project was kaput, sadly - the clip holding the tonearm had broken off and it's all a bit of a mess I bought a Rega record store day (a rebadged Planar 1 plus, if I follow correctly) as it has an internal pre-amp so I can run through the Denon in short term - 10% discount for shop demo so pretty much same as standard Planar 1. The shop assistant recommended the new NAD 3020 V2 as a decent stereo amp that can handle a bunch of digital inputs, is this worth a look? It seems to hit quite a few requirements, also has a phono in although I don't actually need that with the
  8. Ta for suggestion - we're not really struggling for space for the equipment, it's just that there were two separate systems in two separate rooms in the old house and now I have to condense to one setup, and neither amp really does the overall job. The NAD amp is an old 3020 with no remote so not ideal for tv/film, and the Denon is wasted in (and not that great for) stereo mode.
  9. Hi all, ta for comments, will check out suggested options. In terms of budget I was looking at spending around same as Denon - around £300 or so - which might limit choices. (ETA - no reason I couldn't do 'quick fix' now and save pennies for higher quality options later) I may also take opportunity to upgrade turntable - it's an old project debut, just got it down from loft and it's taken a beating during last house move (possibly more likely me being clumsy putting it up in loft!) so will check all works although I don't have NAD amp to test (that's in storage). I note the rega pl
  10. Hi all I currently use a Denon 7.1 amp but only have the two stereo speakers in new flat - the Denon used to drive some Boston acoustics 5.1 speakers but we've no room for surround or desperate cinema and hifi in new flat. I used to have my turntable through a separate old NAD stereo amp and monitor speakers but now want to combine due to lack of space- have only one amp and speakers (the monitor audios rather than Boston acoustic 5.1) but run turntable, PS4 and virgin TV through this stereo setup. I thought it might be easier just to change amp than use Denon 7.1 in stereo and have
  11. Hi all It's my brother's birthday and I was thinking of getting him a set of headphones, ideally wireless but would consider wired if options are better. He's most likely to use with an iPhone and has a 2-channel amp and speakers for his TV so the ability to use both cable and bluetooth would be useful. I think the amp is a Yamaha AS-301 (I can't easily check without giving the game away - it's definitely a yamaha he bought from Richer Sounds for less than £200 and accepts an optical input from his sky box) which I don't think has native bluetooth. He usually listens to indie musi
  12. Apols, missed this post - I ended up getting a set of Monitor Silver RS1s of a board member, but ta for offer.
  13. Just a quick note to say I went with the Behringer, all works well and sounds good - ta for advice!
  14. I was hoping to run both amps (the AV and the turntable) from the same source as they are in adjacent rooms and it would be good for parties etc - which I suppose I could do from file anyway, but rather removes the immediacy! In saying that, I'm not sure if the stream would run perfectly in-phase with the source in any case.
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