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  1. And I thought it was me. As recently posted I changed an Audioquest USB cable £40 - for a Tellurium Black £300. This was a MAJOR upgrade in SQ. No, a VERY MAJOR upgrade😂
  2. Thanks one and all ( Bottle of wine on ice)😇
  3. Like many audiofiles I have listened to a lot of music over the last couple of months. Today, for the first time in a couple of months, my system sounded off. Bank holiday evening? Grid problems? Hey I don’t know but I would welcome suggestions. This happened (to often) before lockdown when Sunday am definitely gave the best SQ. Answers on a postcard etc.....
  4. Sorry. I can’t remember to Audioquest model but it cost me £39 and I think I have seen it cheaper. Oh and I attended an Audioquest demo at Bristol. They make some great cables with clearly definable benefits. The Tellurium cable cost £300. I spend all day yes today revisiting music via a Melco with my ripped CD collection on and Gidal from the same. More detail ( I didn’t think possible) more dynamic, more ‘real’. One of my best ever upgrades.
  5. To get back to the beginning of this Post. ......This morning I received a Tellurium Black USB cable that replaced a £40 Audioquest cable that I had been using for a few months ( New DAC/CD player, different input) In short this is a big grin, laugh out loud upgrade. Nuff said. Music calls😀
  6. Talk to Colin at Nord. He is very agreeable and knowledgeable ( and has one of the best systems I have heard). As noted elsewhere he is a real gentleman and won’t try to get you to buy or ‘up sell’. Indeed I have a single block stereo ( N500?) because Colin told me that in his opinion I did not need mono blocks. He also advises on op amps, again, without bias. Needless to say I have no connection with the man other than as a customer.
  7. Forgot to update profile. I have had the Nord’s for a while. They are way too powerful for the AE1’s which had to go. A friend has ATC active 40’s ( and a big room). I wanted what he has in a much smaller space. I got it in spades. ps will update profile
  8. In the old days😀 the closer on an album was as important as the opener. At the risk of bringing this thread down, check our Elton John’s early albums, Pink Floyd, Stones, oohhh running out of room.....
  9. Re ATC’s I have 19’s driven by NORD in a smaller room than yours. Very successfully. I have heard 11’s at a show in a bigger room, also excellent. I used to have AE1’s and a REL sub. The sub is now redundant. Closed boxes in small rooms are the way to go.
  10. Brilliant with ATC. A marriage made in heaven. Lots of welly from a detailed amp. I think I am the only ATC owner who would not swop for actives😀
  11. Excellent. Some sensible comments. I have read Hi Fi News for more than 40 years. I wouldn’t miss Ken Kessler’s column. Stereo file has had some very very good articles. Everything is subjective. Accept that and I can’t see the beef.
  12. Re ATC’s 11 or 19’s. I brought 19’s about six months ago and run them from a Nord Amp through Hattor Pre plus valve stage in a small room. Approx 11 x 9 feet ( sorry about old money). They sound great. These are the first sealed boxes I have owned in over 40 years of listening. Unless or until I get my system into a room that is at least 15 x 18 I am sticking to sealed boxes. A late lesson learnt.
  13. I recently stripped my system down and moved it. Putting it back I found I was a cable short (XLR). Routing around I found some Van Damm XLR and put this in. Two days later I found my Tellurium XLR’s and so put them back into the system - pre to power - I can honestly say that I heard little difference. Note I am pro cables. Speaker and mains cables do make a considerable difference. But not these
  14. The man is right. Peter Belt was/is the gold standard😀😀😂
  15. A friend recently brought Mission Speakers (£200 odd) from Richer. He last brought hi Fi when Maggie was in No 10. I implored him to get decent cables and recommended Chord. He emailed me when the cables arrived . He said “ The cables arrived this morning. I did an A/B comparison. No one likes a smartarse” nuff said