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  1. I have a top range Project Phono box (£600 new) collecting dust. Adjustable inputs to suite any MC. Used mine with a Micro Benz - also highly recommended. I brought a Marantz KI Sig Amp with built in phono. If you are interested, ping me.
  2. Without offering a further opinion.......I read some time ago that a respected hi fi jorno had joined a high end cable maker. When asked why he said ( I para phrase) “ I have been persuaded that hi fi source is not a TT or a CD player or a Streamer. It is the mains supply and what follows. Get that right and all will follow.”
  3. I have top of the range Project. ‘Phono Box RS’ which I have just taken out of my system as. Marantz KI Sig with phono stage has gone in. If you are interested msg me.
  4. My test for ‘new’ ancillaries is ‘ do I leave it in?’ This applies to cables, mains leads, Wood blocks, suspension feet etc. I have ( and use) a (Reasonably) cheap Russ Andrews mains block and a cheap (£50) Currys mains distribution unit. I am not sure of any gains or losses but when I installed a mains regenerator that all changed. No more ‘poor sound’ days. The amp runs better straight into the wall. The sources all connect to the regenerator. It is easy to AB. No contest.
  5. I think I detect a little ‘not good enough - not quiet hi fi ‘ among WAM members regarding Marantz. I mean no offence and only make this observation because (1) Marantz is not a Boutique brand and (2) By units sold there must be thousands of Marantz owners out there but very few on this forum. ( and virtually none with current gear) For my part I have, over the years, owned Linn, Naim and Cyrus kit and very good it was too. However, like many, I sought to upgrade. A few years ago I brought a Marantz UD7007 SACD/Blu Ray player to use for CD’s and SACD’s and DVDA’s alongside my Mitchell GyroDeck and Melco. It easily held its own. When I saw a Marantz KI Signature SACD player, less than year old, at half the original price, I brought it. Wow. Astonishing. Blew me away, SQ above any other source and the DAC IMO is better than the Chord QUTE I was using, and so seeing that a few dealers still had the matching amplifier for sale at much less than the original cost, I brought one ‘blind’. I now have the best system I have ever owned and by quite some margin. Speakers incidentally are ATC 19’s. Come on Marantz owners. Don’t be shy. Marantz have the R&D and resources to deliver high quality kit at affordable prices. Anyone done a bake off with Marantz and another brand? The results might be interesting.
  6. I have a Hattor Pre and a separate Hattor valve stage which I will soon be moving on having purchased a Marantz KI Sig amp ( with preamp) The Hattor kit is beautifully built and comes with the best remote I have ever used.
  7. Ok. I caught this late ( and it’s a very long thread). I am coming up to a vi birthday and I am convinced by the thread. Is it possible to send ( or deliver) my upgraded Gyrodec ( all mod cons - Orbe platter etc) for a makeover? And at what cost? PLEASE DAY YES😀
  8. If you don’t get it fixed I too am a Marantz fan I brought a s/h KS Sig ( list £3800) for £2200. I simply can’t envisage anything better ( while accepting that there probably is) Not just a great CD/SACD player but a ‘free’ DAC which I found so much better to my ears than my Chord DAC that I sold the Chord. Oh and I expect it to last 20 years, built like a BS!
  9. Thanks, kinda all on the same wavelength. I would be silly not to listen.
  10. Ok. So most of us settle on a T/T. Mine is a Gyrodec with max official upgrades. Yours may be, probably is, different, but you get to a point where you think. I am here. Now an arm upgrade or a serious stylus upgrade brings the most bang for my bucks. But is that true ? My dealer raves about a Clearaudio ( £15k) saying it was so far ahead of the competition......which included Michell and Project. ( also stocked) A Hi Fi hack has recently changed his long serving SME set up for a USA air driven deck ( I guess £30k plus). Anyone taken either route? Should I change my Michel Arm for an Origin Live or SME or should I bin the lot and get a new T/T?
  11. Excellent feedback but the point remains. How to find good quality re Reissues/remasters amongst the dross. I say again, the Stones remasters are a a marketing tool. Not good. ( the Mono Box is brilliant) I have a particular dislike of the last/latest Floyd remaster which are I M O AWFUL!. I am genuinely worried. Lowest common denominator? Meanwhile the record companies milk ME. Yes, I admit to being conned. Thank you Gyles Martin and Steve Wilson ( and Bob - you know who, vinyl) But I am being robbed. We need either an arbitrator or more likely, a pressure group. Help
  12. Minicoupeman


    Ok. At the risk of insulting some, you need a certain quality of system to appreciate this argument. I have multiple formats. Vinyl, streaming, CD, a Melco NAS. Downloaded hi res copies, I have MoFi LP’s, SACD’s and thousands of ‘ripped’ CD’s, Oh and Tidal.. IMO ( and others I think) the mastering is more important than anything else when it comes to SQ. A recent case in point. Again IMO, the 50th anniversary DOORS remasters are an improvement on the DVD-A’s, the hi res and all previous releases. Great. Thank you. But the Abbey Road half speed Master LP’S of the Stones Post 70’s catalogue is indistinguishable from most other releases. Do the music companies really give a £##k about us quality nerds? MP3 rules OK? Bang out your remasters, your box sets, your anniversary editions and milk us for all we have. Someone, somewhere should give an unbiased opinion on the SQ of these money making issues. Outside of specialist hi fi press who does care? Can it really be that much more expensive to source good masters? Purchasers of ‘hard copy’ ie CD’ or vinyl are dwindling. It’s an age thing. Where are we when streaming starts delivering the lowest common denominator? (Spotify) Help.
  13. As I hope is obvious. I will do sale or return. The ‘fraying’ is the cover where the leads are ( very solidly) soldered.
  14. Yes Qute ex . Not sure how to put photos on but will try.
  15. Being honest ( and a little fed up). I sent this to a Wammer who returned it because it did not work with his Aurilac Streamer. Fair comment, so returned. I put it on the bay and it sold immediately for £500 but the buyer decided that the low voltage lead on the power supply was ‘frayed’, MCRU supplied it like this, and he returned it. Both item are in ex condition. I brought both new. No sensible offer refused. Oh and P&O is £27. I know ‘cos I have done it twice.