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  1. Pity this thread is so negative. It’s an interesting magazine. You are not obliged to buy anything and I agree, some prices are bordering on outrageous and having compared other companies products with RA, I prefer them ( other companies products) but the man has had a positive influence on music reproduction. He clearly believes in his philosophy and is prepared to demonstrate his belief in person. There are enough charlatans out there to aim at. Give him a break.
  2. I have held off commenting for fear of offending but….I own a N1 upgraded to EX. It is a fine machine and I would not be without it but as you have found, given the lack of interest, you are asking far to much for this. Let it collect dust or re advertise at a considerably lower price.
  3. Don’t knock it. Just brought a one box Goldnote amp. Excellent - less cables, less boxes. Does almost everything.
  4. One issue seems to be missing. Big speakers in big rooms…ok but small speakers benefit from Subs because you can tune them. Adjust the volume and crossover points. Try doing that with your average floorstander. My dealer has recently been using a sub in a demo room with ATC40’s as the main speakers. I works.
  5. My very inefficient ATC speakers (19’s) are driven by a Go,denote 125 watt amp ( changing profile now). On a scale of 1 to 100 the volume is around 75. Inefficient speakers require volume.
  6. No apologies. I want to use this forum to express my thanks for their Home Media) superb service. Detail would take to long. They are helpful, informative, give excellent customer service and will NOT try to sell you something. If you are in Kent, you are lucky.
  7. I can’t believe some of the rubbish in this thread. Cables burn in. They sound better after hours of use, get used to it or have your ears cleaned.
  8. I brought a job lot of mains cables from a Scottish warmer ( apologies for forgetting who). It included Russel ANDREWS Isotech and …..hell I can’t remember but I tried each in most bits of kit. IMO the isotech was/ is the best. I wouldn’t buy anything else. Pity I don’t need more. A bargain.
  9. Just watching the Test match and they talked about Chris Woakes ( fast bowler) suffering from a bruised heel. The commentator, ex world class fast bowler, said “we did suffer but then we were told to put sorbothane in our boots. After that we were fine
  10. Back on gra k. I hope. Darkly. Opinionated claptrap. Enough said.
  11. Didn’t know this man but if he thinks CD quality is vg then he clearly doesn’t listen to vinyl.
  12. At a dealers with non dealer HiFi professionals and they all agreed that ATC and PMC make great speakers but supply really bad jumpers. You have been warned. Ps not knitted kind.
  13. After a lifetime of different cables I now have a (very expensive) Tellurium loom. These cables work for me but I fully accept that cables are system dependent.
  14. I have a KI Sig 40th anniversary. It is wonderful. Most Marantz can be repaired if ness. At this price, buy with confidence.
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