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  1. Yes. The advert is using one of my old photos. Avoid!
  2. I am after the Michell Argo HR preamp. It will say so on the front unless the letters have rubbed off. The led visible on the front may be yellow/gold instead of red. Which type of psu it comes with is not essential.
  3. I have amended the original wanted post. Apologies for being overly optimistic.
  4. Hi Andrew. Tnanks for the heads-up! Much appreciated. Tom Evans said he can upgrade both mk. i + mk. ii. I surely want to get hold of the version that may keep the boards. I wonder if the Michell Argo came in versions i and ii? Or is the verison ii the same thing as Michell Argo HR? EDIT: Tom advises to buy the HR if possible.
  5. I am looking only for the Michell Argo HR. My budget is too limited to be able to swing a Tom Evans The Vibe. Michell Argo HR: If the unit has already been upgraded to higher specs by Tom Evans - no problem whatsoever. You must be prepared to ship the unit to Denmark at cost.
  6. When I stated that my set-up is 99% there I did not refer to sound quality. I meant that with the Paradise phono stage on its way to me, I expected to have the best I can get. The rest would mean me doing fun things. But since that post things have changed as my wife was laid off after 25 years at her Danish upper-secondary school. This means that I will let the Paradise phono stage go to someone else, and I will probably want to sell off the SME 10 tt and the EAR 516 at some later point in time. We are not in any immediate threat of bankruptcy but I feel I would send the wrong message to my wife if I added the two box Paradise phono stage to my kit now. So that is off the books.
  7. I am very close to completing a long, long hifi journey that has taken me from Naim Nac 62S, Naim Nap 140, Thorens TD 160 Mk. ii (supered) + Morch UP4 tonearm, Denon 103R + Mission 737R speakers, via Naim Nac 252/SC/2xNaim Nap 200 + Linn Tunebox + Linn Ninkas and too many boxes and configurations to count. It is only in the last two years or so that I finally managed to make everything gel after I decided what to make the centrepieces of my set-up and then managed to sell some kit that I could not get to sound right: DIY DCB1 buffer pre with Rod Elliot mm - which sounds extremely transparent and musical in my system. Bought last year to replace EAR 802 and Herron VTSP2a. EAR 516 - bought in 2018. It had to go to EAR in the UK for a service and repair not long after I bought it. Tim de Paravicini spent more time returning it to spec than he cared for (7-8 hours) but told me that it is a perfect match for my Quad ESL-57s. I have to agree. SME 10 turntable + Kuzma Stogi 9" + Denon DL-103D + Ortofon T-20 mk. I finally got the vinyl playback mojo back with the Stogi and Denon 103D that I bougt this year. It feels like I have come home. Can the next item on my list improve on this? Paradise Phono Stage - coming in the near future when Simon has finally received the last bits for it from the US. Line Magnetic 502CA DAC - I have upgraded the three valves in it and may upgrade the opamps to Burson V5 Dual opamps. I find the valve output stage to be very musical and sweet. I feed it from a Win 10 PC with JRiver Music Center via a Nuforce U192S usb to spdif (coax) converter powered by a linear psu. Since I bought it, I have struggled to have vinyl playback as good as through this DAC. But now I am there. Bang & Olufsen Beocord 6500 cassette Deck Leak Stereofetic FM Tuner Quad ESL-57 - with One Thing Bass Panels. I bought these in 2018 and I have placed them on top of book shelves leaning out somewhat. The effect is that of giant headphones in my small study. -------------- When I receive the Paradise phono stage, I feel that I am 99% where I want to be. I have spent way to much money along the way but I have also had the priviledge of listening to some much coveted gear during that roller-coster ride. It has been both fun and nerve-wrecking. So what next? (1) An inexpensive 12" unipivot arm on an external armpod: The Wand 12", a Morch UP4 12" or a Stogi S 12" tonearm. Just to hear what 122 tonearms are all about. (2) To complete a DIY Poul Ladegaard air bearing tonearm project that I have all the parts for. (3) A Magnepan DWM woofer (or two) to make the base a little more solid. (4) An inexpansive cart to go with the 12" unipivot tonearm.
  8. On hold for someone with an Orbe.
  9. The SME V in full play - the preamp shown is a DIY DC B1 buffer pre based on the Pass B1 original - just to correct myself: Swaps still welcome for the SME V tonearm.
  10. For £2000 - in a straight sale ... I will also order a complete new tonearm box (inner foam, inner box and despatch carton) at a cost of £142.00 new, so the arm can be safely shipped to the UK in it. So you will get a full funtioning SME series V tonearm, complete with the VTA key, HTA screw, alignment protractor and spindle bush, original manual + an extra copy of the manual as well as a complete SME V box (in three parts). I will only order the shipping box after a full payment has been made, so expect a short delay for SME UK to ship the box to me in Denmark and for me to ship it to you. Payment - PayPal free/family or add 4%. In any event I should receive no less than £2000 into my PayPal account.
  11. I might just be tempted to go for a decent phono stage or mc head amp in part swap. If I do this, I will still need another decent arm.
  12. Sitting on the plane back from Tenerife, I am very close to simply keeping the SME V. So if you are interested in this 2007 tonearm, get in touch.