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  1. My local has it occasionally. It’s a decent real ale pub. You don’t see it in other places very often now.
  2. Called a brown mix in my neck of the woods.
  3. Just me. I’m an idiot with too much money. Which is reducing as years go by.
  4. I have a Yamaha AS-2100, works well with the same Tannoy speakers. Perhaps similarly voiced Yamaha amps will sound ok.
  5. I’ve got one. It sounds brilliant and the phonostage is excellent.
  6. My mate’s brother had an RD11 in 1975. I had an LP12 which was almost identical. Prior to this I had a Fons CQ30 which I think was almost as good as the LP12. Hamish knew what he was doing.
  7. My Yamaha 2100 is pretty good.
  8. That’s pretty good.
  9. I took this afternoon off work so that I could take delivery of a new AV receiver. I know this is posted in the 2 channel section but this could equally be a new amp or other piece of kit. The point is I deliberately chose today as the delivery day knowing that SWMBO would be out of the house this afternoon and I could box swap and hide all the evidence. She will never realise that one black box has been substituted for another and the amount of cash I spend on my hobby. Does anyone else behave in this disgraceful manner?
  10. I got one of the Tannoy 6c centres from Richer Sounds. Brilliant speaker, the L & Rs are Tannoy XT8Fs. They work really well together.
  11. 1974 or 1975. Pioneer PL12D, Shure M75 ED, Tandberg TA300M, Akai GX36D and Kef Cantors.
  12. I use the 101s as rears. They’re really good.
  13. Try sdZTC-7220 MKII Sorry, posting problems. I use a Beresford ZTC-7220 mk ll for this purpose. I can't hear any sound degradation at all.
  14. It's understood that I'll need a decent single malt as well...and cake!