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  1. My car’s got the odd scrape on it. All provided by Mrs W. Everytime I spend time polishing the shite out she immediately replaces it. That’s annoying.
  2. I bought a really long belt from a tall/fat perons shop and used to wrap it ‘round my turntable to ensure the little darlings couldn’t lift the tt lid.
  3. Don’t try listening to Classical Music. It’s a bloody nightmare. The usual metadata shite!
  4. Mrs W and two of the kids have kicked me out of the music room tonight. There’s a projector in there so they’re watching films. I’m sitting here enjoying a few glasses of scotch and listening to a stereo pair of the echo devices with a small sub. As soon as I dialled the bass down a bit I must say it’s surprisingly good. Definitely not hifi but ok.
  5. I’m with you 100% on this. Someone I know decided to go for a pint a few days ago. Not a risk I would take. He said he walked in, looked around, no details of customers being taken, no social distancing. He just walked straight out. Complete madness.
  6. We’re still isolating. We have no access to internet banking because I don’t have a current account with Nationwide. I’ve been out a couple of times to shuffle money about. I have an eye procedure to treat PCO on 18th September. I must admit I’m anxious about visting the hospital.
  7. Ed Sheeran. However, I don’t think a system exists which would make the twat sound ok!
  8. Whatever you decide even if you go down the digital/streaming path, I would keep my LPs. My decision was made for me, I’d left my LPs in my old house which my elderly uncle lived in. When I decided to retrieve them I found that he’d had a leak seeping through the old wooden window frame in the room the LPs were stored in. Result, mildew all over my records. I got pissed off and threw 700 LPs into a skip. If I still had them I’d happily still be experimenting with them. I had an LP12 but I always feel a bit jealous of people who have high end regas etc. and can try lots of different turntables. I must say I’m delighted with what I hear but keep your LPs, fun in the future perhaps.
  9. I bought a umik a while ago and bought a minidsp last night, prompted by this thread. I also have REW. All the pieces will be in place but might need some assistance to work it all out.
  10. I made my own wi fi extender once. I used a tin can and an n-connector. It worked!
  11. Ha ha, my first grant at university paid for hi fi kit.
  12. My local has it occasionally. It’s a decent real ale pub. You don’t see it in other places very often now.
  13. Called a brown mix in my neck of the woods.